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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUM

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Psychology1, 5:mechanism, the mode of his thinking and the sum total of complexes, psychoses, neuroses, instincts,Psychology1, 6:question whether it is an integrated energetic sum total brought into existence through the fusionPsychology1, 10:the responsibility of adding their quota to the sum total, and that this is done every time theyPsychology1, 27:it constitutes His heart and brain, so does the sum total of analogous evolutions within the entirePsychology1, 27:regarding the environment as composed of the sum total of all lives, qualities and appearances, -Psychology1, 48:of the two major rays. These three are the sum total of all forms or appearances, the givers of allPsychology1, 54:counterpart of the physical body. This is the sum total of the soul of the atoms constituting thePsychology1, 55:"Soul" also is a word used to express the sum total of the psychic nature - the vital body, thePsychology1, 56:The personal soul or the subtle coherent sum total which we call the Personality, composed of thePsychology1, 57:as he swings consciously into the rhythm of the sum total of which he is a part. When more advancedPsychology1, 57:the form not only constitutes an aspect of the sum total (which has always and inevitably been thePsychology1, 58:system and the interplanetary forces. We might sum it all up in relation to man as follows: Man'sPsychology1, 59:and Plan of the Soul? The seven rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of thePsychology1, 60:self-conscious and group-conscious; They are the sum total of the universal mind; They are "awakePsychology1, 60:of God to completion. They are therefore the sum total of all the souls within the solar system,Psychology1, 70:Quality - balance. Thus the three major rays sum up in themselves the process of creation, ofPsychology1, 90:this selective process and as constituting the sum total of the responsive and discriminatingPsychology1, 91:day and hour. Of what does this speak? Of the sum total of the united cell life; of the environingPsychology1, 132:in [132] the heavens. The planetary light is the sum total of the light, dim and uncertain, to bePsychology1, 150:is a blend of many energies, for life is the sum total of the energies of the seven solar systems,Psychology1, 158:rays. The three great rays, which constitute the sum total of the divine manifestation, are aspectPsychology1, 160:aspects of the personality ray which produce the sum total of the physical, emotional and mentalPsychology1, 182:but a Deity of essential life, who is the sum total of all energies; the energy of life itself, thePsychology1, 192:yet, and only emerges occasionally; though the sum total of characteristics in any one life isPsychology1, 194:intellects a planetary life which is the sum total of all known forms. Each form is a universe inPsychology1, 217:a unique and specialized quota to the sum total of evolutionary products, and the unique productionPsychology1, 235:the part is seen to be integrated in the [235] sum total, in a manner different to that which canPsychology1, 237:is an entity, and (from its form side) the sum total of all forms constitutes that entity's body ofPsychology1, 314:stable and in the manger of the world. In the sum total of the general accomplishment will thePsychology1, 343:which is never absent. The ray which governs the sum total of the human kingdom is the fourth RayPsychology1, 391:the nation or the planetary life, and is the sum total of the desire tendency. The mental pattern.Psychology1, 402:which is dominated by the ray governing the sum total of the atoms of that body. The emotionalPsychology1, 402:the soul ray begins to work in and with the sum total of the three bodies, which constitute - whenPsychology2, 4:that these lives are in themselves the sum total of all the potencies and energies whose will is toPsychology2, 7:personality. Man, the average human being, is a sum total of separative tendencies, of uncontrolledPsychology2, 7:personality. Man, the Solar Angel, is the sum total of those energies and forces which are unified,Psychology2, 28:the fabric of God's ideal as it underlies the sum total of the manifested processes, even upon ourPsychology2, 64:is beyond the average comprehension. 5. The sum total of the nerves, with the millions of nadis orPsychology2, 65:center also passes the conscious life of the sum total of the bodily cells, which are, in theirPsychology2, 66:the advanced aspirant. There they merge with the sum total of energies, using the three pointsPsychology2, 69:all kingdoms, and therefore man is regarded as a sum total of five energies, and not of sixPsychology2, 101:to the whole, and greatly enriches the sum total. The units of divine life and the atoms ofPsychology2, 201:being the intelligent mechanism. As being the sum total of the conscious reactions of the cells ofPsychology2, 294:life of the organism. These constitute the sum total of the available energies, organized into thePsychology2, 312:call it. The Dweller can be defined as the sum total of the forces of the lower nature as expressedPsychology2, 374:to all God's children - there swept over Him the sum total of the dilemma of the world disciplesPsychology2, 406:consists of the physical outer form, [406] the sum total of vitality or the etheric body (whichRays, 26:and ideas. But they are not so simple. To sum up, therefore: these Rules are to be read with theRays, 79:evolutionary systems and are in Themselves the sum total of the great Divine Sacrifice as itRays, 107:you again that we must seek to understand the sum total in the light of the part, the Macrocosm inRays, 244:This is all that can be said as we attempt to sum up the fixed desire and the pattern or purpose ofRays, 277:upon the physical plane in the three worlds. The sum total of the relation and of the relationshipsRays, 352:You can call this energy, if you so choose, the sum total of all the glamors; a glamor isRays, 431:would be most difficult to explain. I will sum up what I have to say in the form of three basicRays, 469:all that Is. The disciple becomes aware of this sum total in increasingly vivid expansions ofRays, 506:- fades out and the causal body disappears. The sum total of memory, [507] quality and acquirementsRays, 529:and to Decision (at the sixth). [529] To sum up. We have carried our study of the esoteric aspectsRays, 540:and that with which he can fuse and blend this sum total of his achieved development. The potencyRays, 557:the septenate of energies which compose the sum total of all the existences within our planetaryRays, 564:the periphery, or to the imprisoning form (the sum total) in which the planetary Logos has chosenRays, 565:his soul, fusion in consciousness with the sum total of the integrated ashrams which form theRays, 573:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations To sum up what I have said: The energy of the seventhRays, 583:love which streams forth from the soul." Let me sum up what I have said anent the effect of sixthRays, 618:Ray of Love-Wisdom. As far as humanity as a sum total is concerned, the conflict of ideas and ofRays, 619:The heart center of humanity is created by the sum total of the hearts (symbolically speaking) ofRays, 648:the masses of men everywhere, constituting the sum total of the world disciple, will eventuallyRays, 711:the three worlds of his past experience. He, the sum total of that past, faces new spiritualRays, 720:where at each initiation He expresses the sum total of all past attainment. His entire past isReappearance, 9:the descent (as it is called) of an Avatar. To sum up, therefore: the doctrine of Avatars isReappearance, 101:nature, called by some the astral body and the sum total of His knowledge and His thought, calledReappearance, 157:is ready, and for this the Earth waits. To sum up therefore: on the basis of the fundamental truthReappearance, 178:and seek to serve His cause gave at least a tiny sum of money each year, there would be adequateSoul, 19:"As for the Self or Soul, it is merely the sum total of the hereditary character and the acquiredSoul, 51:he comes into the world and his mechanism is the sum total of him. He can improve it or misuse it,Soul, 74:"Third, the soul is treated as a function or the sum of the functions of the brain; thus Pierre J.Soul, 76:I, pp. 35. Aristotle regarded the soul as the sum of the vital principles and as being to the bodySoul, 88:and he assigned to the brain the chief soul, the sum of the animal spirits, whose functions wereSoul, 99:principle of God, Who, we can predicate, is the sum total of all forms, and of all states ofSoul, 152:of this truth and his expression of it will sum up for us the results of our study and will be a
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