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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUMMER

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Autobiography, 17:my guardian but my sister and I spent every summer with her in her Scotch home for years and, untilAutobiography, 20:it all over the world with me, it was stolen one summer when I was away from our house at Stamford,Autobiography, 25:myself: "What now?" Up at 6 a.m., rain or shine, summer or winter; practicing scales for an hour orAutobiography, 27:I presume, specially for small children. On summer days my sister and I used to take it out,Autobiography, 29:I have earlier spoken. We used to spend every summer with her and she was - as I look back - one ofAutobiography, 61:I had met up at the practice camp during the summer) asked me to go down there every evening toAutobiography, 68:or six thousand feet up and were, of course, summer stations. From May till September we becameAutobiography, 72:5000 feet high and is very hot and dry in the summer and 45 below zero in the winter. Yet, in myAutobiography, 89:Evans came to a show-down. It had been a hard summer there. We had opened the new Home and I hadAutobiography, 98:there all through that winter and then in the summer I went up to Chakrata to run the Soldiers'Autobiography, 111:is really lovely, though very hot and dry in the summer. However, I felt completely isolated,Autobiography, 116:her recovery. I remember so well a blazing hot summer's day, during that dreadful time. Ellison wasAutobiography, 135:the children indoors or read to them. If it was summer time, I would take them down to the beach.Autobiography, 173:convention of 1920 took place in Chicago in the summer. I had never been present at any conventionAutobiography, 185:When I was in Europe and Great Britain in the summer of 1946 I got direct first-hand informationAutobiography, 191:our part in it. This group met steadily from the summer of 1922 until the summer of 1923. In theAutobiography, 191:met steadily from the summer of 1922 until the summer of 1923. In the meantime I was continuing toAutobiography, 192:and when I do I shall need no keyhole. In the summer of 1922 I went away with the family for threeAutobiography, 205:of humanity. [205] We seldom went away in the summer as this house was on the Sound and had its ownAutobiography, 223:hied themselves to the Italian lakes during the summer. Some day the place will be cleaned up andAutobiography, 224:that was going on and got no harm. The first summer at Ascona we stopped with Olga in her own homeBethlehem, 61:one of the twelve. Then later there is (17) Mid-summer Day, the 24th June, dedicated to the birthDiscipleship1, 273:this time of a personal nature: Rest much this summer; be much out of doors and lay [274] theDiscipleship1, 291:and all is well. "As birds fly together to summer realms, so souls unite in flight. Passing throughDiscipleship1, 545:and this climaxed in the illness of the past summer. This I know you realize. Such tests produce anDiscipleship1, 616:swift reaction to it when it appears. Late last summer [617] and early in the autumn, you veryDiscipleship1, 646:you, therefore, if you would do so, to take this summer for careful and serious study of all theDiscipleship2, 4:and intent to the work which began in the late summer of 1936. I have sought - with the knowledgeDiscipleship2, 535:rare, unknown and beautiful flowers have this summer appeared to excite interest and investigationExternalisation, 554:autumn and winter; it will take the entire summer for the needed assimilation by those engineeringFire, v:through all the world; To the God Who is in summer plants and in the lords of the forest; To thatHercules, 68:phrase of "the dog days" in the middle of the summer, when the heat is supposed to be greatest.Hercules, 89:a manger. The manger is found in the sign of the summer solstice, the constellation Cancer, whichMeditation, 32:Spring has been experienced, the full verdure of summer has succeeded, now must be felt theMeditation, 101:their reactions on the sons of men. During the summer months - as that great cycle comes around inMeditation, 346:is clear and white, limpid as a pool on a still summer's day. In fitting the mental body forProblems, 16:Has France learned from her collapse in the summer of 1940 that the values of the spirit must takePsychology2, 167:satisfied enquiry. All is removed. The light of summer enters in and the darkened crannies of the
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