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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUMMIT

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Astrology, 159:at the same time conquer this last remaining summit. That which is of the densest materiality andAstrology, 167:from the mountain top of Capricorn, once that summit has been reached. It is at the TransfigurationAtom, 41:rising from the utter bottom of biology to the summit - formative faculty - 'auto-determination,'Autobiography, 48:mountain peak and - at the moment of gaining the summit - suddenly there stretches before one aAutobiography, 49:then there would be the terrific climb to its summit - a feat seldom accomplished. So it is withBethlehem, 60:and the Crucifixion were enacted on the summit of a mountain or hill, whilst the second initiation,Discipleship1, 510:Build in your garden an ivory tower and from the summit of that tower survey your life each day.Discipleship1, 513:and colorless. Enter your tower and climb to the summit and then release the light which is in you;Discipleship1, 519:and fair - within the world of thought. The summit of its tower pierces the world of souls and,Discipleship1, 626:In you the head dominates, and you sit on the summit of your tower, whilst all the time the call ofDiscipleship1, 634:time I am training C. D. P. to stay up on the summit of her tower? But yours has been a tower ofDiscipleship1, 677:the greatest resistance and thereby reaching the summit of the mountain; pain is the smashing ofDiscipleship2, 192:[192] and have also added a circle at the summit of all three. What, my brother, does this mean? ItDiscipleship2, 192:of the Hierarchy. The sphere at the summit of the cross portrays the "place of the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 371:star are pyramids of ascension and, at the summit of each point - hidden within the emanating raysDiscipleship2, 502:with a fresh impetus and to a still higher summit of attainment? Shall he demonstrate the power ofDiscipleship2, 546:a distant peak or pyramid and on its summit there shines a clear pure light of great intensity.Fire, 894:course of evolution, and finally we find at the summit of the column, and surmounting all, thatFire, 1036:the diamond is cycling up and down between the summit, and the irradiated portion. At the sameFire, 1221:this is the mountain with a goat standing on the summit, and again an astrological sign, that ofFire, 1221:All hard places can be surmounted, and the summit reached by the "Divine Goat," symbol of theFire, 1268:the victor then is swiftly projected to the summit of the crest, and thence to that vibrating diskHealing, 146:petals and then slowly turn upwards "towards the summit of the rod," as it is called in the OldHealing, 154:new earth. Then humanity will have reached the summit of its evolutionary goal on this Earth. TheHealing, 672:note also that one temptation takes place on the summit of a high mountain; from that elevationHercules, 90:steadily on until he finds himself on the summit of the mount in Capricorn, the birth not theHercules, 127:way that he desired. [127] Down from the snowy summit of the mountain high came Hercules, rejoicingIntellect, 49:the senses; and the upper face, which is the summit of the soul, is in eternity and has nothing toIntellect, 111:the wonderful wisdom of God... Man rising to the summit of his mind is exalted God." - Pfeiffer,Magic, 98:The lunar orb rises from the center to the summit, and is transformed into a radiant sun of light.Magic, 533:the greatest resistance and thereby reaching the summit of the mountain; pain is the smashing ofMagic, 535:- what does that lead to? Straight to the summit of achievement, to the fulfilment of cyclicPatanjali, xi:path which "leads up hill all the way" to the summit of the Mount of Transfiguration. How is thisPsychology1, 153:which eventually land them at last on the summit of the Mount [154] of Transfiguration. From thatPsychology2, 168:By the light of a tiny candle, carried upon the summit of his head, he dimly sees. He gathersPsychology2, 169:passages, in steady progress, led upward to the summit. There a wide window stood, open unto thePsychology2, 169:silence reigned... Through the opening on the summit of the pyramid, dropped from the blue ofPsychology2, 171:far distance stood a mountain blue, and from its summit issued forth a voice which said: 'ComePsychology2, 171:'Come forward to the mountain top and on its summit learn the invocation of a Savior.' To this
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