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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUMTOTAL

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Astrology, 36:to the nature of Agni, the Lord of Fire, the sumtotal of systemic vitality. Much light can come toAstrology, 38:liberated Hierarchies are in their totality the sumtotal of manas. It is the Hierarchy which is theAstrology, 48:vitality. Therefore, these Hierarchies are the sumtotal of the vital lives and the substratum orAstrology, 49:in the scheme, and to realize that upon the sumtotal of these vital bodies is gradually gatheredAstrology, 113:the embodiment of the physical planet and the sumtotal of the form life in all the kingdoms ofAstrology, 207:past lives and experience that which is the sumtotal of all instinctual tendencies, of allAstrology, 207:Dweller on the Threshold. This Dweller is the sumtotal of all the personality characteristics whichAstrology, 241:his experience upon the wheel of life from the sumtotal of energy, to the service of the Whole.Astrology, 424:the human atom to the great Lives Who are the sumtotal of that which is manifested. The analogyAstrology, 427:Triangles of Energy - Constellations Within this sumtotal of active, qualified energies, we haveAstrology, 517:obvious position and in such a manner that the sumtotal will appear in a blinding light of surety.Astrology, 598:not with human consciousness but with the sumtotal of that undertaking which makes matterAtom, 21:all units and all groups, until you have that sumtotal of manifestation which can be called Nature,Atom, 50:by the solar Logos, the Intelligence Who is the sumtotal of all the lesser lives. [53] Atom, 58:animal kingdom, and in the human kingdom. In the sumtotal of all forms you have the totality ofAtom, 91:of a greater Man, who is the synthesis or sumtotal of all the lesser units. Perhaps that synthesisAtom, 91:of our planetary manifestation, and Who is the sumtotal of the group consciousness. I suggest thatAtom, 92:as the planetary consciousness, which is the sumtotal of all the states of consciousness upon ourAtom, 158:a plan, and infinitesimal portions of a gigantic sumtotal. Perhaps, therefore, when we come back toAutobiography, 253:made in my name nor will they ever be made. The sumtotal of all these activities has been good; theAutobiography, 284:of the physical nature, vital activity, the sumtotal of emotional states and feeling, and the mind.Destiny, 57:of a man, a nation or a race; it is the sumtotal of the desire tendency at any one time; the mentalDiscipleship1, 80:share and his special quota of energy to the sumtotal of available etheric energy and doing thisDiscipleship1, 183:simultaneity and the synthesis produced by the sumtotal of the similar thoughts, desires and plansDiscipleship1, 386:anent the aura. I would define it simply as the sumtotal of the attractive forces in the field ofDiscipleship1, 387:of the life's thought-form (this being the sumtotal of all the formulated ideas which have governedDiscipleship1, 395:group need and problem (which is formed by the sumtotal of the needs and the problems of all itsDiscipleship1, 700:the lives" (as The Secret Doctrine puts it), a sumtotal of forces and a controlling energy, then heDiscipleship1, 753:range of awareness which finally constitutes the sumtotal of consciousness. I cannot here enlargeDiscipleship1, 785:has been definitely effective and useful. The sumtotal of the useful work accomplished is whatDiscipleship1, 786:made in my name, nor will they ever be made. The sumtotal of all these activities has been good;Discipleship2, 47:by you not to do, and yet the Dweller is the sumtotal of all personality holds and defects, allDiscipleship2, 68:of small importance. They pass and, in the sumtotal of the soul's attitudes to the personality,Discipleship2, 132:of the group life will be an expression of the sumtotal of the seven types of energy as eachDiscipleship2, 248:upwards to the Monad. It does not concern the sumtotal of the petty moods and feelings of theDiscipleship2, 279:civilizations and among them can summarize the sumtotal of human knowledge at any one given time.Discipleship2, 330:and usefulness of an Ashram is that of the sumtotal of all that its members can contribute, plusDiscipleship2, 371:generated in the planetary centers) with the sumtotal of the means of expression. These centers areDiscipleship2, 377:"holy" or "set apart" and segregated from the sumtotal which the Divine Thinker, Sanat Kumara, hasDiscipleship2, 656:with confidence and surety. This is the sumtotal of my brief word to you today; it will, I know,Discipleship2, 665:of fact pointed out by me, for in their sumtotal your future integration, development and serviceEducation, 19:life of the soul. The higher Self or Soul is the sumtotal of the consciousness of the Monad, againEducation, 19:or soul is, for our purposes, as much of that sumtotal as any one person in any one life can useEducation, 86:beauty to the world and of right thought to the sumtotal of human thinking; he will be encouragedExternalisation, 218:objectives is wrong; a nation is but the sumtotal of its people. To refuse to think because of theExternalisation, 293:tendencies, the accumulated limitations and the sumtotal of the selfish habits and desires whichExternalisation, 294:may be succumbing to the influence of the dread sumtotal of his evil and material desires or he mayExternalisation, 528:forty-nine Masters of the secondary Ashrams. The sumtotal of the secondary Ashrams. Third PlanetaryExternalisation, 528:ray types. The new group of world servers. The sumtotal of humanitarians, educators and men ofExternalisation, 690:that is true of the planetary Logos (Who is the sumtotal of all lesser forms within His manifestedFire, 7:by the solar Logos. The solar Logos is the sumtotal of all the states of consciousness within theFire, 38:the objective solar system. They are the sumtotal of logoic kundalini, when in full systemicFire, 38:of the Logos. This fire may be regarded as the sumtotal of the sparks of mind, the fires of theFire, 42/43:prana and similar terms. 9, 10, 11 It is the sumtotal [44] of that which is active, animated, orFire, 44:expression and in one peculiar occult sense the sumtotal of existence. It provides the relationFire, 44:Second, as the Elementals of Fire, or the sumtotal of the active expression of thought, showingFire, 44:one esoteric angle; esoterically, they are the sumtotal of the logoic quaternary, plus the logoicFire, 45:correspondence to fire by friction. This is the sumtotal of individual kundalini; it animates theFire, 48:it must be noted that they demonstrate as the sumtotal of the vital life of a solar system, of aFire, 61:this fire in its triple manifestation as the sumtotal of the essential fire, or life activity ofFire, 63:planet, and of man's material forms. He is the sumtotal of the Past. The Lord of Cosmic Love nowFire, 63:of time, embodies all the Present. He is the sumtotal of all that is embodied; He is consciousFire, 69:Therefore He is God S. D., 1, 167. He is the sumtotal of the energy of the seven Spirits, Who areFire, 69:of the energy of the seven Spirits, Who are the sumtotal of the Logos. S. D., 1, 169. 24 ChohanFire, 91:of repolarized or remagnetized emanation to the sumtotal of the planetary aura. 39 S. D., I,Fire, 111:to the three cosmic Logoi Who are the threefold sumtotal of the logoic nature, can pass the boundsFire, 136:fires of mind results in the energizing of the sumtotal of the atoms of the matter of the body.Fire, 136:active. It is the synthetic head center, and the sumtotal of all the other centers. The stimulationFire, 143:source from which it came. These forms are the sumtotal of all spheres or atoms within the solarFire, 144:We have the correspondence to this in the sumtotal of the effects brought about in the second andFire, 168:an occult significance. Just as the Monad is the sumtotal of all the three aspects, and of theFire, 237:- S. D., I, 178; S. D., II, 251, 500. He is the sumtotal of the many involutionary lives upon aFire, 239:The solar Logos is more than man, for He is the sumtotal of all the evolutions within the entireFire, 255:of all life. 3 These Heavenly Men are: The sumtotal of consciousness - S. D., I, 626, The CreatorsFire, 256:on all the planes of the solar system; He is the sumtotal of all manifestation, from the lowest andFire, 270:(the Vishnu or Dragon of Wisdom aspect) is the sumtotal of existence in this the second system. TheFire, 273:are precosmic. - S. D., I, 470. They are the sumtotal of solar and lunar entities. - S. D., I, 152,Fire, 286:which is concerned with densest objectivity, the sumtotal of facts connected with the five lowerFire, 290:any particular planetary [290] Logos is the sumtotal. This carries them to the seventh InitiationFire, 301:been computed by the Hindu students and are the sumtotal of time as we understand it or theFire, 301:for instance, it must be remembered that the sumtotal of human and deva units upon a planet makeFire, 301:the body vital of a planetary Logos, whilst the sumtotal of lesser lives upon a planet (from theFire, 302:the planet, or the planetary entity, who is the sumtotal of the elemental essences in process ofFire, 317:Necessity," and Brahma or active purpose are the sumtotal of intelligent consciousness, and are (toFire, 336:speak of Brahma, that cosmic Entity Who is the sumtotal of logoic active intelligence. For lack ofFire, 337:of manas. Nevertheless - as They are the sumtotal of the third or Brahma aspect - Their main sphereFire, 397:existence - S. D., I, 467. The ten are sumtotal - S. D., I, 428. Six - The six-pointed star. TheFire, 400:with the synthesizing one are in Themselves the sumtotal of manas, the Brahma aspect, orFire, 400:manas, and only as the six-pointed star (or the sumtotal of concrete mind in its various divisions)Fire, 404:Builder, and the fivefold aspect of Brahma. The sumtotal of manas is pure deva essence, and it isFire, 414:is essentially dual in its nature, being the sumtotal of a male and a female chain. This is aFire, 426:four minor Rays, which, with the third, make the sumtotal of manas, and see wherein their influenceFire, 439:seen, - human and deva manifestation forming the sumtotal, and always will energy and qualityFire, 443:is as much an aspect of Fohat as Brahma is the sumtotal of Fohat. The Heavenly Men are, by virtueFire, 444:and evolution of the kingdoms of nature. Sumtotal: Fire by friction. The mother. The Brahma orFire, 444:rays. Seven types of deva and human monads. Sumtotal: Solar fire. Vishnu aspect. Subjectivity orFire, 444:men. Seven qualities. Seven hierarchies. Sumtotal: Electric Fire, the one Life. Mahadeva. Spirit.Fire, 460:of one or other of the Heavenly Men; the sumtotal of humanity (the fourth Hierarchy) being found,Fire, 460:the fourth or earth chain. This latter is the sumtotal of the [461] lowest human principle, if weFire, 462:by human magnetism or radiatory energy. The sumtotal of the domestic animals - the animal units
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