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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUMTOTAL

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Healing, 462:soul, as it seeks to withdraw and dissolve the sumtotal of the combined energies of the ethericHealing, 475:makes itself felt. The dense physical body, the sumtotal of organs, cells and atoms, is steadilyHealing, 587:world. The energy and the forces constitute the sumtotal of all that is. This is another basicHealing, 609:cooperation with the Spirit of the Earth - the sumtotal of all the lunar lords and of the threeHealing, 609:it will be because the elementals which are the sumtotal of the personality elemental have reachedHealing, 628:what are called the hormones. The interrelated sumtotal, which is the divine manifestation of theHealing, 634:at the same time an intrinsic part of the sumtotal of all atomic substance. This physical vehicle -Healing, 634:lowest form of pranic energy) is the life of the sumtotal of the atoms (of which all outer formsHealing, 635:spirit of the earth, which is the life of the sumtotal of all the atoms which compose all forms. ToHealing, 635:all the atoms which compose all forms. To this sumtotal of living substance, of elemental life,Healing, 638:of manifested existence. [638] The life of that sumtotal which is the elemental life of the fourthHealing, 638:of the life of the spirit of the earth. The sumtotal of the life which is innate in atomicHercules, 7:greater Whole, and that knowledge of the divine sumtotal can alone reveal the vaster purpose. TheseHercules, 19:loving disposition have their place in the sumtotal of the characteristics [20] of the aspirant,Initiation, 10:of the Hall of Learning. It might be termed the sumtotal of human discovery and experience, thatInitiation, 39:The three esoteric Buddhas, or Kumaras, are the sumtotal of activity or planetary energy, and theInitiation, 45:for the term of several root-races. He is the sumtotal of the intelligence aspect. The presentInitiation, 47:as synthesized by the Mahachohan, make up the sumtotal of the fifth principle of mind or manas.Initiation, 133:fiery energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal of all that is. He is literally bathed inInitiation, 219:of Brahma" amongst other names. They are the sumtotal of intelligence and of wisdom. Within theInitiation, 223:seven planes. These are great devas who are the sumtotal and the controlling intelligence of aIntellect, 12:has been laid upon the mechanism, upon the sumtotal of cells, which constitute the body and theIntellect, 57:is also another body which is composed of the sumtotal of all emotional states, moods and feelings.Intellect, 181:Unknown Purpose" which can be recognized as the sumtotal of all forms which express the Life, ofIntellect, 193:back to God. The arcanum of the mind is the sumtotal, as it were, of all the divine good and divineIntellect, 195:consciousness, but it is so identified with the sumtotal that all sense of separateness disappears.Intellect, 202:be as vital a contribution [202] to the sumtotal of spiritual endeavor as any effects which may beIntellect, 204:we are welding into a coherent unity that sumtotal which constitutes a human being: the mental,Intellect, 212:upon here. Three: When the personality - the sumtotal of physical, emotional and mental states - isMagic, 42:Each of these has its own life which is the sumtotal of the life of its atomic structure and isProblems, 59:beauty to the world and of right thought to the sumtotal of human thinking; he will be encouragedRays, 5:[5] consciously to the plan. They are the sumtotal of the "units of inertia" just as the humanRays, 9:he (if the personal pronoun can be used) is the sumtotal of the physical, astral and mentalRays, 17:in the realm of the anima mundi; of this great sumtotal the human soul and the spiritual soul areRays, 57:when fused and blended , present a unified sumtotal, animated by desire or aspiration, by plan orRays, 82:those with initiate consciousness. Fire is the sumtotal of that which destroys form, producesRays, 96:composed of a vital or etheric body, a sumtotal of emotional states and a mind, plus thatRays, 97:through Humanity, thus forming part of the great sumtotal of manifestation. It is to these majorRays, 104:principle of form, of desire and of thought, the sumtotal of creativity, based upon magnetic love)Rays, 106:- individual, group or planetary - to the sumtotal of manifestation. All that remains is a point ofRays, 244:with the divine thought along this line. The sumtotal of the highest phases of human thinking alongRays, 353:which shines behind them. They constitute the sumtotal of illusion. This "door" is formed by theReappearance, 8:Certain Avatars also express in Themselves the sumtotal, of human achievement [9] and of racialReappearance, 65:this church of Christ? It is constituted of the sumtotal of all those in whom the life of Christ orReappearance, 74:Master Jesus. This Spirit of Peace is not the sumtotal of an emotional and static calm, bringing toReappearance, 101:bequeathed and left [101] in some safe place the sumtotal of His emotional-intuitive nature, calledReappearance, 130:"astral plane" is simply the name given to that sumtotal of sentient reactions, ofSoul, 21:traits of mind, where mind is defined as 'the sumtotal of human experience considered as dependentSoul, 97:is but the manifestation of Prana. The sumtotal of all force in the universe, mental or physicalSoul, 100:or atoms of the third type of energy, and the sumtotal of that atomic energy is called Kundalini:Soul, 131:of expression, the threefold lower nature, the sumtotal of psychical and mental states. ThroughTelepathy, 64:(from the point of view of the Eternal Now) the sumtotal of the states of consciousness of the "OneTelepathy, 81:it is this titanic effort which is made by the sumtotal of all the living processes and entitiesTelepathy, 119:In the larger and wider sense, it is that sumtotal of the ocean of energies in which "we live andTelepathy, 124:between the beings or the lives who make up the sumtotal of our manifested universe; they areTelepathy, 135:makes the individual an intrinsic part of the sumtotal. There is one aspect of the Science ofTelepathy, 148:through the mass of forms which, in their sumtotal, constitute our planet - as we know it. AllTelepathy, 179:the system, and of all that constitutes the sumtotal of these separated living forms. The factor
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