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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUN

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Fire, 157:every grade and type of atom - a solar system, a sun, a planet, a plane, a ray, the body of theFire, 177:as if the earth were in the position of the sun, the center of the solar organism. Under the régimeFire, 188:every atom of substance. - S. D., II, 710. The Sun is the heart of the system and sensationFire, 207:Chains: The seven Heavenly Men - Form, the sun and the seven sacred planets. - S. D., I, 100, 155.Fire, 207:seven sacred planets are: Saturn Jupiter. Mars Sun (substitute for another). Venus Mercury. MoonFire, 212:Sirius and sent to our system from that radiant sun. One of its purposes is for use in emergencies.Fire, 212:This logoic Rod of Power is kept within the Sun, and is only recharged at the beginning of everyFire, 219:you will see that the power that resides in the sun is represented as the three-sided Vedic power,Fire, 219:therefore the creative song of the Devas in the Sun. Yajus the song of preservation and Sama theFire, 219:Sama the song of destruction of the Devas in the sun and construction of the Devas in the moon. RikFire, 224:The manifestation of the Son through the Sun and its attendant spheres, or the solar system in itsFire, 224:What is the relationship of the Son to the Sun? What is evolution and how does it proceed? Why isFire, 225:I. What is the Relationship of the Son to the Sun? This question brings us primarily to aFire, 227:In terms of the subjective, it produces the Sun, as the sum total of [228] the qualities of lightFire, 228:the subjective point of view, is a miniature sun distinguished by the qualities of heat and light.Fire, 228:is the case and each Son of God is a perfected Sun, characterized by perfectly expressed light andFire, 229:the greater Son of God, will be the perfected Sun. The system will then be characterized by aFire, 229:as the totality of the solar system, the Sun and the seven sacred planets. Second, that the SonFire, 229:qualities of light and heat, as does the solar Sun. Third, that the Son is the product of theFire, 229:of perfecting. The Son, manifesting through the Sun and its sphere of influence, is yet in a stateFire, 230:From the cosmic point of view, as we know, our sun is but of the fourth order, and on the lowestFire, 230:cosmic plane. When the Son has, through the Sun, attained full expression (that is, perfected HisFire, 230:the physical sense, just as we are told that the sun and the planets esoterically are considered asFire, 230:Son of the Father, and of the Mother, is to the Sun the same as man's relationship to the vehicleFire, 234:Man of the Heavens. He manifests through the Sun and the seven sacred planets, each of whomFire, 235:the conscious logoic Ego evolving through: The Sun and the seven sacred planets each embodying a:Fire, 243:[243] Objectivity, or the manifested Son or Sun. Evolution itself. The development of quality. TimeFire, 255:included within the sphere of influence of the Sun. The Sun holds a position analogous to theFire, 255:within the sphere of influence of the Sun. The Sun holds a position analogous to the nucleus ofFire, 255:making the ten of logoic manifestation. The Sun is the physical body of the solar Logos, His bodyFire, 258:of influence, or the magnetic attraction of the Sun to other lesser bodies which it holds inFire, 262:with the objective forms, corresponding to the sun and the seven sacred planets. But the exotericFire, 266:planets. The one final synthesizing planet - the Sun. Seven added to two added to one make ten.Fire, 276:that holds the form together. The note of the Sun, for instance, holds in just attraction theFire, 276:bodies together, being to them as the central sun to the planets. Primarily, nevertheless, it mayFire, 277:be considered as one complete revolution of the Sun in space, with all that is included within theFire, 311:etheric matter. It is the plane of the flaming Sun, just as the first plane is that of the fireFire, 312:to restore the disturbed equilibrium." ..."The sun is neither a Solid nor a Liquid, nor yet aFire, 347:owing to its tremendous distance away. The sun "Sirius" is the source of logoic manas in the sameFire, 369:seven planets, centers, or schemes: Vulcan (the sun, exoterically considered). Venus. Mars. Earth.Fire, 369:Uranus. Neptune. Saturn. The One Resolver - The SUN. I would caution you here against attaching anyFire, 369:position in relation to the central planet, the sun, or to each other. Only two are to beFire, 372:brief period He will shine forth radiant as the Sun in His glory; then the kundalinic fire willFire, 375:system of the Pleiades, The system of which our sun is the focal point, making, as we will haveFire, 378:system is negatively polarized as regards the sun Sirius, which influences our entire systemFire, 381:of the astronomical and orbital relation of the Sun to the planets. The systemic triangles willFire, 386:earlier imparted concerning initiation and the sun Sirius, we will have a clue to the triple cosmicFire, 405:flash in the cosmic universe which we call a sun, and results in light or objectivity. Within theFire, 442:of the main transmitters of radiation from the Sun to the system and has a close connection withFire, 449:three parts of the veda-verse that invokes the sun. Each part He milked from one Veda. WhosoFire, 449:creatures by our radiant Father in Heaven, the Sun)." - Unknown. There are specific formulae, knownFire, 449:that which we call the "Conscious Son" or Sun. Upon the mental plane they are sounded by the LordFire, 475:of the mother aspect, and of the effect of the Sun upon substance. The unity of life will be aFire, 507:with the Logos when she speaks of the visible sun being the seventh principle of the Brahma aspect,Fire, 514:analogous to the planet furthermost from the sun, becomes vibrant likewise, and the two otherFire, 520:are to be found the esoteric planets and the Sun, viewed as the center of the buddhic principles,Fire, 525:whilst those whose being is irradiated by the Sun of Wisdom, and who bask in the rays of solar heatFire, 568:planets revolving around our central unit, the sun; that holds the lesser systems of atomic andFire, 573:the ten arms emanating from a central blazing sun, we might have some idea of the thought-form thatFire, 602:the sumtotal of the Gods. He is Vishnu and the Sun in His glory; He is the fire of matter and theFire, 603:of the radiance which veils the Central Sun. Only as He is recognized as Fohat, the energy ofFire, 604:spoken of in the Veda, namely, Surya, the sun, representing the solar fire; Indra (and sometimes,Fire, 607:Dynamic. Coherence. Synthesis. Central Spiritual Sun. The Solar System (etheric and dense). SecondFire, 607:Rays. The seven types of Mind. The Heart of the Sun. The seven Rays manifesting through the sevenFire, 607:The seven Fires. The Akasha. The Physical Sun. The seven Planes. [608] Each of these three aspectsFire, 608:fire. Spirit Will. The Central Spiritual Sun. Egoic fire. Solar fire. Consciousness Love-Wisdom.Fire, 608:Consciousness Love-Wisdom. The Heart of the Sun. Personality fire. Fire by Friction. Physical Man.Fire, 608:fire. Fire by Friction. Physical Man. Physical Sun. Each of these fires can also be studied in aFire, 624:we generalize by calling it by the name of the sun Sirius. Sirius-kama-manas - the cosmic astralFire, 627:this plane the true inner significance of the "Sun" is apprehended. More I cannot say, but carefulFire, 628:Agni Electric fire Spirit Central Spiritual Sun Energy Surya Solar fire Vishnu Heart of the SunFire, 628:Sun Energy Surya Solar fire Vishnu Heart of the Sun Light Brahma Fire by friction Physical visibleFire, 628:Light Brahma Fire by friction Physical visible Sun Fohat As electric fire the Logos manifests asFire, 629:the seven Rays of manifestation of the Spiritual Sun. In time and space these seven Rays of LightFire, 634:the nerve plexus in the: Solar system. (Physical Sun) Planetary scheme. (Dense Planet) HumanFire, 637:Brahma, and is prana, issuing from the physical Sun, and working under the Law of Attraction. ThatFire, 664:carefully in this connection: [664] The physical sun, and its relation to prana and the ethericFire, 664:to prana and the etheric body. The subjective sun, and its connection with the astral plane, withFire, 664:and the astral body. The central spiritual sun, and its relation to the Spirit or atma in man. (S.Fire, 664:in man. (S. D., II, 250, 251.) The heart of the sun, and its relation to the lower and higherFire, 664:that the force which flows from the heart of the sun, works through a triangle formed by theFire, 664:formed by the Venusian scheme, the Earth and the sun. That another triangle was also formedFire, 664:of occult cycles. They originate in the central sun of our particular group of solar systems. ThisFire, 673:Pillar to the West upon whose face the rising sun of thought eternal poureth forth its mostFire, 678:of a plane; this emanates from the "Heart of the Sun" and is peculiarly potent. All the planes areFire, 684:23 for their energy comes from the spiritual sun, in the same sense that the energy of the pranicFire, 684:of the etheric body comes from the physical sun. This energy of the Agnishvattas manifests on theFire, 692:into manifestation [692] of the physical Sun and the physical planets. Though this, from ourFire, 714:all, irrespective of caste and creed even as the sun shines for all. - Some Thoughts on the Gita,Fire, 714:and their relationship to each other and to the Sun, the polarity of the solar system and itsFire, 741:"Heavens will melt with fervent heat," and the Sun becomes seven suns. (See S. D., II, 746, 747.)Fire, 741:to destruction, it becomes a tiny sevenfold sun owing to the radiation and activity of theFire, 741:activity of the spirillae. So with the physical sun of the system; it will in a similar mannerFire, 763:of the circle, resembling the rays of the sun. The nine petals are fully unfolded, forming aFire, 765:the higher radiance; the egoic body is the Sun of the lower system, and its bodies reflect itsFire, 765:as the moon reflects the light of the solar sun. Similarly the egoic Sun, - through the interactionFire, 765:the light of the solar sun. Similarly the egoic Sun, - through the interaction - shines with everFire, 781:Fire Dhyanis, and emanate from the Heart of the Sun." - S. D., II, 96. Read the words of theFire, 782:a position relative to that which the physical sun holds to the substance of the system. It is theFire, 784:pulsation at the center which characterizes the sun, the planet, and the various vehicles of all
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