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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUN

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Fire, 785:which circulates the vital force or prana of the sun. A similar linking up with the force concernedFire, 794:they draw their "life" and substance from the sun, but owing to their relative insignificance, theyFire, 797:beat of the "central heart" or the "central sun" of any organism (solar system, planetary scheme,Fire, 815:irradiated by the beams of his own central sun - the egoic light divine. The problem may again beFire, 831:of the highest order into the Heart of the Sun; they will be directed outward again in anotherFire, 833:energy - Mother. Solar fire - radiant energy - Sun or Son. Each of these two last aspectsFire, 839:the altar. The four lines glow and burn. The sun applies a ray; the solar Lords pass it throughFire, 843:energy or streams of force from the heart of the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrested andFire, 843:force from the heart of the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrested and directed elsewhere, whileFire, 872:the third aspect. It is latent in the physical sun. The mystery of Polarity, or of the universalFire, 872:second aspect. It is latent in the Heart of the Sun, i.e., in the subjective Sun. The mystery ofFire, 872:in the Heart of the Sun, i.e., in the subjective Sun. The mystery of Fire itself, or the dynamicFire, 872:aspect. It is latent in the central spiritual sun. These three mysteries which we have touched uponFire, 878:which involves the "rupture between the sun and the moon" as it is called. This results in theFire, 878:Pitris return to the heart of the subjective sun, or to that inmost center of the system fromFire, 878:central jewel) straight to the central spiritual sun, there to abide until another kalpa calls themFire, 920:is an emanation from the central spiritual sun in the first instance and from one of the threeFire, 921:of these groups passes through the physical sun, and from thence they sound the Word for theFire, 924:other functions they produce the warmth of the sun and of all bodies; they are the cause of solar,Fire, 924:cosmic or systemic. They originate in the sun, and are closely related to the logoic and planetaryFire, 937:that which failed to radiate. These three, the Sun, the Moon, and the Mother, produce that whichFire, 954:human being as the planets vibrate around the sun, will tend to approximate a group center. ThoughtFire, 964:the light of the moon, so that the rays of the Sun may be reflected back" is the occult way ofFire, 974:by a stream of energy from the central Spiritual Sun to a point in the center of the physical Sun. Fire, 974:Sun to a point in the center of the physical Sun. Fire, 982:system of which each human unit is the central sun, for under the Law of Attraction he draws toFire, 984:Sanskrit the word Maga meaning a priest of the Sun, but this was evidently a later borrowing fromFire, 986:that energy which streams from the "Heart of the Sun" until (when he becomes a Buddha) he canFire, 986:somewhat the force emanating from the "Spiritual Sun." Therefore, the heart center in the BrotherFire, 986:by the moon. White magic is ruled over by the sun. Black and white magic arose during the greatFire, 987:manipulates primarily the forces of the physical sun. This is the reason why he achieves many ofFire, 996:their very appropriateness: "The Brothers of the Sun, through the force of solar fire, fanned to aFire, 996:friction.' The Brother of the Moon ignores the sun and solar heat; borrows his fire from all thatFire, 996:await, and lunar fire dies out. Then neither sun nor moon avails him, only the highest heavenFire, 1022:solar forces. As the planet passes around the sun different types of solar energy are contacted,Fire, 1024:of vital force emanating from the physical sun. RULE XIII The magician must recognize the four;Fire, 1033:solar system is concerned) can be traced to the sun Sirius. These impulses find their analogy inFire, 1041:the constellations, and their relation to the sun are better understood, and as the effect of thoseFire, 1041:are either attractive to, or repulsive to, the sun) are understood, much will be revealed. LittleFire, 1045:Son in incarnation, through the medium of the Sun, pursuing its own inherent cycle, yet spiralingFire, 1047:are called: 9 [1047] The central spiritual sun (essential). The sun (subjective), called 'the heartFire, 1047:The central spiritual sun (essential). The sun (subjective), called 'the heart of the sun.' TheFire, 1047:The sun (subjective), called 'the heart of the sun.' The physical sun (objective). and the sameFire, 1047:called 'the heart of the sun.' The physical sun (objective). and the same thought can be carriedFire, 1048:group, the solar atom. 9 1. The Names of the Sun mentioned in the Secret Doctrine are: Marttanda. -Fire, 1048:D., II, 47. Apollo. - S. D., II, 6,129. 2. The Sun in the S. D. is used in the three followingFire, 1048:following connotations: The Central Spiritual Sun. - S. D., I, 519, 520, 700, 736; S. D., II , 120,Fire, 1048:S. D., II , 120, 249, 251. The visible physical Sun. - S. D., I, 628. The three secondary Suns. -Fire, 1048:statements. - S. D. I., 574. In the Cosmos - The Sun is the kama-rupa, or desire body of AkashaFire, 1048:necessity.' - S. D., I, 74. In the System - The Sun is the sixth principle, buddhi, and itsFire, 1048:ether, our buddhic plane). As an Entity - The Sun is the seventh principle of Brahma, or the aspectFire, 1053:a sacred planet, as has before been stated. The sun Sirius. Fire, 1056:either side - nearer and farther away from the Sun. The moon's influence is exceedingly strong, andFire, 1056:the planetary scheme via the great center, the Sun. It will be apparent to any student [1057] whoFire, 1058:the Heavens. It deals with the revolution of our Sun around a central point and with its relationFire, 1058:this Treatise: The Great Bear. The Pleiades. The Sun Sirius. These three groups of solar bodies areFire, 1068:one thing by adaptation. The Father of it is the sun, the mother of it is the moon; the windFire, 1077:[1077] Ego and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth are symbolically allied. Enough hasFire, 1082:stage, Points of lunar origin, Sons of the sun, Devas of the fourth degree, Flames fromFire, 1083:upon its axis, and that it travels around the sun. One of the truths less recognized, yet withal ofFire, 1084:the wheels of the fourth dimension, of which our sun is one and all that is of lesser force andFire, 1098:cosmic mental levels via the central spiritual sun, and through what is called in esoteric parlanceFire, 1115:which form the sevenfold heart of the physical sun, and which are located within its shelteringFire, 1115:from the heart of the central Spiritual Sun, so that we have a direct graded chain of transmittingFire, 1115:energies. The Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. The sevenfold heart of the physical Sun. TheFire, 1115:Sun. The sevenfold heart of the physical Sun. The buddhic devas to The central circle of petals.Fire, 1122:name sometimes given to it of "the body of the Sun." It is the envelope which holds the fires ofFire, 1123:preceded him along the Path: "Then shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings."Fire, 1130:life, darkness gives place to light, and the Sun of Knowledge arises and dispels the darkness ofFire, 1131:is a spiritual creator, and who is himself "a Sun of Healing Radiance." These are the objectivesFire, 1131:under the influence of the rays of the blazing sun, then the setting likewise [1132] gleams andFire, 1142:radiation, magnetic pull, heat and light of any sun, solar system, or constellation. Many of themFire, 1144:and interplanetary, in connection with the Sun, and in connection with the planetoids. All workFire, 1155:[1155] 23 The rising and setting of the Sun symbolizes manifestation and obscuration. - S. D., II,Fire, 1155:system revolves. - S. D., II, 251, 581, 582. The Sun is the kernel and matrix of all in the solarFire, 1155:but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit." The Sun is governed by the same laws as all otherFire, 1157:sevenfold divisions of the logoic Heart," or the sun in its sevenfold essential nature, as it isFire, 1166:the water, it in fostered by the warmth of the sun, it blossoms in the air. Macrocosm The mud - TheFire, 1168:second reflected groupings, The heart of the Sun, The second Ray force. 3. The Law of Sex. This isFire, 1171:Spirit that which is to it what the rays of the sun are to the vegetable kingdom. It governs theFire, 1172:emanates in the first instance from the physical sun and the heart of the Sun. The finalFire, 1172:from the physical sun and the heart of the Sun. The final synthesizing forces which might beFire, 1172:law, emanating from the central spiritual Sun. The one is purely systemic, the other a cosmic law.Fire, 1173:one. This final one is eventually merged in the Sun, producing in this prolonged process, and overFire, 1180:system in two ways: Through the medium of the Sun, which is in an occult sense the physicalFire, 1182:from the logoic lotus via the heart of the Sun. Five of them are more "alive" than the other two;Fire, 1182:and the lowest. The words "the heart of the Sun" must be understood to mean more than a localityFire, 1182:later in Occult Chemistry by Mrs. Besant. The Sun is heart-shaped, and (seen from cosmic angles)Fire, 1182:cycle. From the sevenfold great Bear. From the Sun Sirius. From the Pleiades. It must be rememberedFire, 1183:which pour forth through the medium of the Sun from the egoic lotus and which are in realityFire, 1186:LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. Central Spiritual Sun. Cosmic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2.Fire, 1186:Causal Body. Lotus (two petalled). Heart of the Sun. Cosmic Love (The Son). Solar Fire. Harmony.Fire, 1186:Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. The Physical Sun. Cosmic Activity (Universal Mind). Fire byFire, 1196:will be the twelve signs of the Zodiac with the Sun at the center, synthesizing all of them. TheFire, 1196:emanated from the Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. 32 It is the Son of God Himself, the FirstFire, 1203:of duality, of the Son as He vitalizes the Sun. The fourth is the hierarchy of human Monads who areFire, 1205:great cosmic centers: The central spiritual Sun. The heart of the Sun. The physical Sun. The heartFire, 1205:The central spiritual Sun. The heart of the Sun. The physical Sun. The heart center of theFire, 1205:Sun. The heart of the Sun. The physical Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated onFire, 1205:literally a correspondence to the "heart of the sun." The monadic point is a reflection in the
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