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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUN

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Rays, 652:- he becomes aware of the "Central Spiritual Sun" and the Way of the Higher Evolution which leadsRays, 653:glory. The way to the Central Spiritual Sun is therefore revealed to him, and he knows that heRays, 657:is the relating factor between our Earth and the Sun, between the various planetary Logoi and theRays, 687:Source of our entire planetary life, the sun Sirius, and to the Lodge of Divine Beings Who workRays, 692:of Those advanced Beings Who, from the distant sun, Sirius, the seat of the true Great White Lodge,Rays, 727:the initiate closer to the Heart of the Sun wherein all things are known and felt, and throughRays, 728:occult and esoteric books "the Central Spiritual Sun." He realizes for himself that those wordsRays, 728:of the solar system, just as "the Heart of the Sun" revealed to him the quality of the solarRays, 728:planet has a unique relation to the Heart of the Sun. There are many hints for you in what I haveRays, 732:of its inherent life - into the light of the sun. The fear of death is one of the greatRays, 737:important angle of life - but Hierarchy, linking sun with sun, star with star, solar system withRays, 737:angle of life - but Hierarchy, linking sun with sun, star with star, solar system with solarRays, 756:found in the Gayatri where the people invoke the Sun of Righteousness in the words: "Unveil to usRays, 756:"Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disk of golden light, that we mayRays, 761:through the night becomes the child of the sun, and enters within the portals of that radiant orb.Rays, 769:Three times the fire envelops, three times the sun recedes; at time the fourth the work is done,Reappearance, 29:word is "end." The word used is the Greek "sun-teleia," which means the end of the time period,Reappearance, 79:spiritual interpretation of the passage of the Sun through the signs of the zodiac. Yet, in The NewReappearance, 79:worship which distinguished the time when the sun was "in the sign of Taurus, the Bull," as it isReappearance, 79:was the Teacher of the new period into which the Sun was entering, the period of Pisces, isReappearance, 80:Aquarian Age, in the next sign into which the sun would enter. Prior to His "disappearance," HeReappearance, 80:symbol for the sign Aquarius (into which our Sun is now entering) is that of the Water-carrier, theReappearance, 80:man with a pitcher of water. This passing of the Sun into the sign Aquarius is an astronomicalReappearance, 81:away as a religion with the movement of the sun out of Aries into Pisces. He, therefore, presentedReappearance, 153:planetary lives, moving within the orbit of the Sun and the still greater circle of spiritualSoul, 66:to radiant energy, even to light from the sun and the most distant stars discovered. It is theSoul, 92:in every body, is not touched. As the one Sun illumines all this world so He that abideth in theSoul, 96:the solids; it is the Akasha that becomes the sun, the earth, the moon, the stars, the comets; itTelepathy, 23:activity. It is quite impersonal, like the sun, of which the heart is, as you know, the symbol. ItTelepathy, 131:was paralleled by a secondary energy from the sun Sirius, thus accounting for the dualism of
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