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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPERFICIAL

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Astrology, 135:transmutes itself into the service of humanity. Superficial and selfish activity which changes intoAstrology, 135:of these keynotes changes from a petty and superficial nature to one of deep purpose and profoundAstrology, 135:upon the Mutable Cross manifests through a superficial self-awareness. This matures in Leo andAutobiography, 100:my troubles and worries but they were basically superficial. I was doing work that I loved and IAutobiography, 157:Little by little, however, we discovered how superficial this harmony was. Little by little weBethlehem, 46:that must be trodden. This leads away from the superficial and the material, from the world ofBethlehem, 109:by Dr. Selbie, p. 228.) This calls for more than superficial consideration. Humanity itself is atDestiny, 11:as it is in reality. You are seeing what is superficial, temporal, ephemeral and entirely concernedDestiny, 17:the best of them) were not so undeveloped and so superficial in their judgments and their vision,Destiny, 35:subjective causes are considered instead of the superficial objective reasons, then real progressDiscipleship1, 325:of graciousness and of loving-kindness mark the superficial (occultly understood) outer expressionDiscipleship1, 366:To prove to you that your failure is basically superficial I am asking you to do for me a definiteDiscipleship1, 526:and to your environment are those of a superficial fluidity; it is not basic or fundamental, forDiscipleship1, 637:problem for it leads you to be devoted to the superficial phenomena which you regard asDiscipleship2, 109:the case. In the last analysis, it indicates a superficial sense of false values, and seventy perDiscipleship2, 318:you much, for they are not what they seem upon superficial reading, and the effort to understandEducation, 41:emerge into expression. The above statement is superficial and of so general a character that itEducation, 58:that which is new and modern, and that which is superficial and relatively worthless, is so vastEducation, 74:him the rudiments of civilization - a certain superficial [75] attitude and form of manners whichEducation, 75:behavior has been enforced or imposed which is superficial, and which is not based upon theEducation, 75:of misunderstandings on the part of loving but superficial and well-intentioned parents, a longExternalisation, 64:for they can be overcome or rendered entirely superficial with a very little effort. ImpatienceExternalisation, 64:physical failings and personal ambitions of a superficial kind are present in several members inExternalisation, 74:the awakening consciousness and not upon the superficial movements. This awakening goes on apaceExternalisation, 195:that the apparent distinctions are essentially superficial, then [196] future generations willExternalisation, 201:close at hand and the differences are relatively superficial. The new world religion is nearer thanExternalisation, 252:concerned purely with the forces - subterranean, superficial and aerial - of our planet, theExternalisation, 545:reader as relatively unimportant. This is a superficial point of view and one which meets withFire, 100:The subject has necessarily to be handled in a superficial manner, and only outlines and scatteredFire, 363:considering, and it will be apparent to the most superficial student that in these thoughts liesFire, 472:withheld owing to the danger arising from superficial knowledge, unaccompanied by wisdom and theFire, 580:working out of the law is not so apparent to the superficial observer. On the path of involution itFire, 946:accomplished. What has been said above is very superficial, and only that has been imparted whichFire, 1148:detrimental to the surface calculations of the superficial student. When this is the case, theFire, 1151:seems great, and out of all proportion to their superficial worth. A realization of these factorsFire, 1151:a cosmic scope. It will be apparent to the most superficial student that the gradual emergence of aGlamour, 211:These often closely resemble each other on a superficial examination. They must be in a position toHealing, 9:surface of things (note I do not use the word "superficial"), and the hour has struck in whichHealing, 126:to psychological cleavages, both deep seated and superficial. The goal of all development isHealing, 310:the hypothesis of hidden cause except those superficial ones such as, for instance, that worry andHealing, 382:as amelioratives only by the Masters, and as superficial in time and space. Such diseases will beHealing, 597:of what has been previously given, and its most superficial meaning and the one of the most use toHealing, 610:might [610] sometimes appear to the casual and superficial thinker. That is entirely incidentalHealing, 698:and of Patient It will be apparent to the most superficial reader that the variation or theHercules, 122:without synthesis, may be very misleading and superficial. Alice Bailey was wont to say, with aHercules, 188:humanity, is that you will see that, in spite of superficial disturbances and dire happenings, theInitiation, 9:thing before all else is apparent to the most superficial student, and that is, that the magnitudeInitiation, 51:and more important than may appear upon a superficial reading of these pages. Certainly we areInitiation, 204:The heart. This might be interpreted by the superficial reader as an injunction to the celibateMagic, 583:These four requirements may sound at the first superficial reading as easy of accomplishment, butMeditationbeen written, some too abstruse and some too superficial to satisfy the average educated man. TheMeditation, 173:Therefore you will see from even the most superficial study of the above three lines how apparentPatanjali, 92:men who can see, hear and touch each other. A superficial form-recognition is the result. ButPatanjali, 125:symbolism will be apparent to even the most superficial thinker and the beginner upon the path ofPatanjali, 366:of this sutra which is not clear even to the superficial reader is the significance of the wordsProblems, 115:altered and the solution would be entirely [115] superficial; although the Jews have gained theirPsychology1, 210:of Ray: Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgments, self-opinion over-indulged.Psychology2, 55:and which eventually subordinate the more superficial and obvious energies (which have worked theirPsychology2, 144:rocks of fanaticism, and the dangerous shoals of superficial desire - train the world thinkers soPsychology2, 175:simple way [175] and would then connote to the superficial student the simplest achievement of thePsychology2, 510:to you the complexity of the subject. The superficial student or the mystically inclined person isRays, 32:It might, presumably, lead to unhappy outer, superficial interplay, but basically it leads to anRays, 124:- Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation Rule Six A superficial reading of Rule VI would give theRays, 148:angle. They are not susceptible of casual and superficial analysis. I realize that only those whoRays, 197:seeker is defended from making too rapid and superficial progress. It is depth and a profoundRays, 354:symbolism are not easy to see, even when the superficial meaning is apparent, because thatRays, 354:superficial meaning is apparent, because that superficial meaning hides and veils a universal
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