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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPERFICIALLY

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Discipleship1, 612:to produce has engaged your deepest attention. Superficially you cooperate, basically you do not.Discipleship2, 156:are of very deep import and are not superficially apparent. I challenge you to penetrate, throughDiscipleship2, 276:today. The hints such as I will give you are superficially easy to understand and have anDiscipleship2, 683:making the object of the love feel comfortable superficially. If I induced that reaction in you, IFire, 478:that the transmuting process, when effective, is superficially the result of outside factors.Healing, 123:fundamentally good and spiritually conditioning; superficially and in its outer effects -Healing, 237:related to the physical body; we have dealt superficially with another which is a product of theHealing, 386:may appear simple but are not so by any means. Superficially, they may appear to deal withInitiation, 202:Ability to work in harmonious relation. Superficially, this may appear one of the easiest of theMagic, 527:out in greater detail for yourself, but even superficially it will be apparent to you that whenRays, 82:This means more than its obvious significance. Superficially it can mean that when the initiateRays, 381:of the wickedness of mankind. This is only superficially true and is an instance of a man-made
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