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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPERHUMAN

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Astrology, 47:from above downwards, whilst in the worlds of superhuman evolution, it is [48] the fifth countingAstrology, 94:of the Fixed Cross. Life in the five worlds of superhuman evolution. The unfoldment of soul throughAstrology, 557:strictly human levels of activity and the two superhuman, i.e., the lower trinity and the SpiritualAtom, 19:(even if it may not be demonstrated) to be superhuman consciousness. The next question which willAutobiography, 289:the subhuman kingdoms, the human family and the superhuman lives which stretch beyond the strictlyBethlehem, 140:display qualities and characteristics which are superhuman. The question might justifiably arise:Bethlehem, 206:Man triumphs through death and sacrifice. That superhuman Spirit, Christ, did this perfectly. InDestiny, 113:and have done so, whether it is the idea of a superhuman state, empire or nation, or some responseDiscipleship1, 70:its turn, a bridging kingdom between the three superhuman kingdoms and the three subhuman. Again,Discipleship2, 158:find their consummation in humanity, and the superhuman kingdoms their opportunity, and through theDiscipleship2, 158:opportunity, and through the human kingdom all superhuman lives have at some time passed. This youDiscipleship2, 406:of the energies of the five planes of human and superhuman evolution. This synthesis precedes theDiscipleship2, 459:will not make them susceptible only to superhuman influences and inclusive of soul conditions, butEducation, 145:later in the other two worlds (making five) of superhuman expression. The consciously creative manExternalisation, 49:nearing the stage of demonstrating that which is superhuman and the lowest is separating itself (byExternalisation, 57:(and always have) blocked man's approach to the superhuman world. I doubt that it will be possibleExternalisation, 163:higher states of planetary consciousness, the superhuman states and the subhuman kingdoms. ThusExternalisation, 473:and awareness - subhuman, human and superhuman. This inclusive development enables them to workExternalisation, 497:of soul powers and the development of the superhuman consciousness will engross the attention ofExternalisation, 509:They will train human beings in the knowledge of superhuman physics so that weight shall be forExternalisation, 535:of human evolution and the remaining two of superhuman unfoldment, provides a situation to whichFire, 145:way back through the matter of the two planes of superhuman evolution, till it is merged in its ownFire, 163:The animal kingdom, The human kingdom, The superhuman, or the spiritual kingdom, and will haveFire, 488:of the central life, subhuman, human or superhuman. The black Magician attains results through theFire, 535:We have dealt only with those likewise which are superhuman or human, with those who have been orFire, 1032:the second aspect as it concerns the human and superhuman kingdoms, or as the Manasaputras andFire, 1137:for consideration: 1. 2. 3. Three groups of superhuman existence: The group forming the FatherFire, 1141:and evolutionary) and individuals (human and superhuman) which enables the Lords of Karma, and theFire, 1142:in, and the passing out, of every Life, divine, superhuman, solar and human, and it is through aFire, 1151:the plan. The coming into manifestation of the superhuman lives (such as greater liberatedFire, 1152:of the Trinity. The deva Ruler of a plane is a superhuman Entity Who comes in under a great cosmicFire, 1167:self-realization; whilst in connection with the superhuman aspect it may be stated that this law ofFire, 1185:bring together those lives (human, subhuman, and superhuman) which have earlier been associated,Fire, 1205:from above downward whilst in the worlds of superhuman evolution, it is the fifth counting fromFire, 1209:[1209] psyche, or second aspect, of every life - superhuman, human and subhuman - and only when theFire, 1212:laws of group unity for all the three groups, superhuman, human, and subhuman. Above him standFire, 1212:receiving and holding vibrations from superhuman lives and of transmitting them consciously to theFire, 1213:In establishing group relation with the superhuman kingdoms, man has not so erred, thoughFire, 1216:form of atomic life, whilst the object for the superhuman lives is the establishment of a universalGlamour, 221:kingdoms of nature know no astral plane; the superhuman kingdoms have surmounted it and discoveredGlamour, 266:the three and five worlds of human and so-called superhuman evolution - has now the full gifts ofHealing, 81:the Lemurian race, the five planes of human and superhuman expression, the five stages ofHealing, 154:of mankind. It is the task of relating the three superhuman kingdoms to the three subhumanHercules, 157:of people the feeling that there exist superhuman men who assume the attitude of directors orHercules, 173:the Sign This is the sign of the goat; it is a superhuman sign, a universal and impersonal sign.Hercules, 174:no relation to himself whatsoever. He works as a superhuman being in a human body. The great stagesHercules, 192:"Let us be truly human" before we attempt to be superhuman. We are now only emotional, watery,Initiation, 10:out of the definitely human kingdom into the superhuman. Just as he passed out of the animalIntellect, 13:sure they were human before setting out to be superhuman." - Babbitt, Irving, Humanism: An Essay atMagic, 21:found in every kingdom of nature, subhuman and superhuman. This is as yet practically unknown butMagic, 222:potent desire, purified and intelligent, of all superhuman Lives, including those of the occultMagic, 327:of the laws of nature which control the superhuman realm and the supernatural stage of theMagic, 334:of soul powers and the development of the superhuman consciousness will engross the attention ofMagic, 377:In the hands of a large number of devas of superhuman evolution. These in their aggregate, form theMagic, 392:forms and consciousnesses which we call the superhuman. Personality is that state of awarenessMagic, 535:and intuition into illumination. When the superhuman consciousness is evoked these two - intuitionMagic, 536:is tending towards a concrete manifestation of superhuman powers? Man's consciousness is beingMagic, 537:through scientific research, the world of [537] superhuman endeavor, and investigating the manyMagic, 614:awareness of any other kingdom - subhuman or superhuman. Meditation, 229:kingdom. The human kingdom. The spiritual or superhuman kingdom. The seven rays or hierarchies. TheMeditation, 238:in contacting other evolutions, subhuman or superhuman; in definite work of destruction or ofMeditation, 319:far as may be in his contact with subhuman and superhuman evolutions, and teach him to wield thePatanjali, 33:This is equally true of the great Lives or superhuman Existences in which man himself "lives andPatanjali, 34:up of form, of some kind (human, subhuman and superhuman), which expresses the life of hosts ofPatanjali, 43:following this way the five planes of human and superhuman evolution are dominated and atma [44]Patanjali, 94:and know himself one with God and with all superhuman existences. Patanjali, 250:of oneness with all souls, subhuman, human, and superhuman. Group consciousness somewhat expressesPatanjali, 271:put him en rapport with the second aspect in all superhuman forms. Thus it concerns the subjectivePatanjali, 273:his being which is one with the soul in all the superhuman kingdoms. In connection with this, twoPatanjali, 342:the five vibratory spheres in which man and superhuman man are found. These five planes have eachPatanjali, 378:the entire scale of man's evolution, human and superhuman. The goal of the true aspirant is thePatanjali, 395:lives of our system (those existences who are superhuman and human) is this desire to be, thisPatanjali, 408:solar system, the macrocosm for man and all the superhuman stages. All these forms, with allPsychology1, 27:kingdom a self-conscious awareness, and in the superhuman world a synthetic inclusiveness. AllPsychology1, 43:and has included the subhuman, as well as the superhuman, within its range of contacts, the truePsychology1, 43:consciousness has transcended even that of the superhuman man, and has become one with the divine.Psychology1, 124:that the superconscious states exist - not the superhuman only - and will also make clear thePsychology1, 136:planet constitutes the response apparatus of a superhuman Life, and that Life responds consciouslyPsychology1, 186:of God as it flows through those forms we call superhuman, and those which are subhuman. Such isPsychology1, 249:consciousness of the three higher kingdoms, the superhuman. The tragedy, the problem and the gloryPsychology1, 261:to all forms in all kingdoms, subhuman or superhuman. One of the first ways in which man isPsychology1, 262:the energies or ray influences from the superhuman kingdoms were focused and the great function ofPsychology1, 376:and divides; it is mental activity (divine and superhuman, as well as human) which produces thePsychology2, 28:Plan for evolutions other than human, both superhuman and subhuman; nor can we grasp the fabric ofPsychology2, 85:have been regarded as magical, impossible and superhuman several centuries ago. The discoveries ofPsychology2, 86:controlling group relations; the powers, called superhuman, are fundamentally the powers whichPsychology2, 91:of those who are beginning to function as superhuman entities. All this has been brought about asPsychology2, 112:kingdoms, and likewise that of the three superhuman kingdoms. Owing to the major part whichPsychology2, 233:really be applied to the designation of the superhuman consciousness. This divine instinct enablesPsychology2, 391:in the five states of consciousness, human and superhuman. This brings the disciple to the periodPsychology2, 696:subhuman kingdoms, and likewise of the three superhuman kingdoms. It is, owing to the major partPsychology2, 716:to other kingdoms in nature (both subhuman and superhuman), and work in preparation for the periodRays, 4:to clarify thought if students remembered that Superhuman entities display spiritual energy.Rays, 4:He manifests through these types of entities. Superhuman lives express sattva, the guna of rhythmRays, 78:expression and experience and of the activity of superhuman Beings. These superhuman [79] BeingsRays, 78:and of the activity of superhuman Beings. These superhuman [79] Beings are the product of pastRays, 243:it) in any of the subhuman kingdoms, nor in the superhuman kingdoms, any more than it was found inRays, 245:acting as the medium for ideas from the superhuman kingdoms, and then influencing and swinging intoRays, 283:His realm of contacts - human, subhuman and superhuman - is also clear. Within the ring-pass-notRays, 310:a point outside the five worlds of human and superhuman evolution, just as the destruction of form
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