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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPERNATURAL

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Atom, 15:less to understand. This is the religious and supernatural point of view, and is based on theAtom, 15:exact opposite of materialism, and brings the supernatural deity, predicated by the religionist,Atom, 15:- the frankly materialistic, the purely supernatural, and the idealistic - you have the three mainAtom, 26:the school of thought which we [26] called the supernatural, and it must be succeeded in time by aBethlehem, 125:That there have been experiences of a divine and supernatural nature the disciple cannot doubt.Bethlehem, 160:figure of Jesus appears to them illuminated by a supernatural light and glory, and a voiceFire, 88:all the time which remain in the domain of the supernatural unless accounted for through the mediumIntellect, 37:and in another world of Being. Even the word "supernatural" has become deeply and profoundlyIntellect, 38:delivered in 1923, has to say about this word "supernatural." He says: "There is, I submit, anIntellect, 38:of Divine Purpose, each higher stage is in turn supernatural to that which precedes it. In thisIntellect, 38:to that which precedes it. In this sense life is supernatural to the inorganic; reflectiveIntellect, 38:reflective comprehension in thought is supernatural to naive unreflective perception; the religiousIntellect, 38:with acknowledgement of Divine Purpose, is supernatural to the ethical attitude in social affairs.Intellect, 38:attitude affords the supreme exemplar of the supernatural. It is distinctive of the spiritual man."Intellect, 128:we are told, comes from the Latin numen, meaning supernatural divine power. It stands for "theIntellect, 178:realities, of transcendental truths and of the supernatural world. These appear, when contacted, toMagic, 327:which control the superhuman realm and the supernatural stage of the evolutionary process. Man willPatanjali, 228:apparent that it can be seen by those who have supernatural vision, as radiations extending allRays, 678:which is natural and objective and that which is supernatural and subjective. Do these ideas makeSoul, 146:must be made in the attempt to disprove the supernatural (if it might be so expressed) and proveTelepathy, 48:the sensitive response of the entire natural and supernatural world to the "One in Whom we [49]
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