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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPERSEDED

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Rays, 82:out, the state of consciousness or awareness is superseded when the higher initiations are takenRays, 98:power which had hitherto led him forward is now superseded by a radiating stimulating potency; thisRays, 99:have been achieved and are eventually superseded by something for which we have as yet no term andRays, 107:learning that that too must be transcended and superseded by intelligent love (only truly possibleRays, 109:the first. We shall have individual selfishness superseded by group selfishness, which will beRays, 239:the individual approach to the Hierarchy been superseded by a group approach, but it is now foundRays, 249:from that has been completely controlled and superseded; response to indicated group activity takesRays, 257:and the work of the coming Avatar, will be superseded by One for Whom both Shamballa and theRays, 468:on the substructure. Knowledge-wisdom must be superseded by intuitive [469] understanding; this is,Rays, 481:the antahkarana is built, and the mental unit is superseded by the manasic permanent atom, and theRays, 551:last two thousand years are now being rapidly superseded by energies coming from Aquarius. TheseRays, 572:art. Devotion to objects will eventually be superseded by the creation of that which will moreRays, 608:in man the sense of discriminative choice, is superseded by crises of decision - not decision basedRays, 618:Christ's proposed activity when conflict will be superseded by harmony; this is due to the factRays, 709:ray, until the fifth initiation when it will be superseded by the energy of the Monad. This willRays, 709:Triad, and later that (in its turn) will be superseded by the direct energy of the Monad itself;Reappearance, 131:of personal desire and of emotional love will be superseded by a living energy which can be sensedSoul, 69:sufficed up to the present, but is likely to be superseded by that of "dynamism," owing to theSoul, 145:its predecessors, so it may hereafter itself be superseded by some more perfect hypothesis, perhapsTelepathy, 35:or developing, then this triple instrument is superseded by the intuitional receptivity of the soulTelepathy, 66:the second aspect in manifestation (later to be superseded), called for, and developed, the
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