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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPERVENE

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Astrology, 291:of the form by soul energy would naturally supervene and a shattering of the lower expression wouldAstrology, 547:worn-out ideas and ideals must necessarily supervene; crystallized old forms must dissolve andDiscipleship1, 112:ajna center. Should headache or tension supervene, stop the work for a day or two and then resume.Discipleship1, 407:you know well. Upon this, the heart quality must supervene. More I will give you later, but theDiscipleship1, 520:the light of the soul and clear, prompt action supervene with good results. The advice which youDiscipleship1, 554:it is vitally necessary that there should always supervene in your case a time for quiet reflectionFire, 187:from the standpoint of man in the three worlds - supervene the two subplanes of synthesis,Healing, 79:apparent to you that real difficulty is bound to supervene. This difficulty will take three forms:Healing, 111:present cycle, disease and death will inevitably supervene. This is not mental error, or failure toHealing, 540:vital body, then the healer knows that death may supervene and his way is this much clearer,Magic, 613:knowledge, difficulty and mistakes are bound to supervene. It is also the stage of distortion andMeditation, 212:by all of synthesis, the solar night will supervene. Hence the color corresponds to what the skyPsychology2, 143:so that an era of peace and leisure can supervene. You will note that I do not say "willPsychology2, 143:supervene. You will note that I do not say "will supervene", for not even the Christ Himself canPsychology2, 464:and nervous difficulties will inevitably supervene. Again, let me remind you that the reason forPsychology2, 500:no rest and forms of sleeplessness are apt to supervene. Nature wills that all forms of life shouldRays, 745:out a different state of affairs will gradually supervene and a true Communism (in the spiritual
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