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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPPORTED

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Autobiography, 18:built and endowed cottage hospital; she supported missionaries in heathen countries and wasAutobiography, 104:courses with him, whilst the money which I had supported both of us and paid all expenses. I foundAutobiography, 198:work and no large donor of any kind. The work is supported by the small subscriptions of the many,Discipleship1, 528:are iron grilles. Above these grilled arches, supported upon short stone beams projecting from theDiscipleship1, 664:This means that you travel not alone, but are supported and sustained and strengthened by yourIntellect, 201:It is a period of transition, and must be supported until such time as the new world begins to makeMeditation, 320:The schools in both their divisions will be supported through the voluntary contributions ofPatanjali, 299:thought. The earth plane is described by him as "supported respectively by solid matter, by water,Problems, 8:this if they can be reached, inspired and supported in their endeavor, both materially andProblems, 176:through its Assembly and Committees, must be supported; there is as yet no other organization toSoul, 20:a far-reaching induction, but a valid induction, supported by a multitude of detailed facts." -Soul, 101:however alone, but all beings are based upon and supported by the heart; and even setting aside the
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