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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPPOSEDLY

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Autobiography, 263:the teacher and to the commands of the Master, supposedly transmitted by the teacher, in violationBethlehem, 11:What does it matter if within [11] Christianity, supposedly so different from other faiths, thereBethlehem, 208:and of wine, and of the desertion of those who supposedly loved Him, with His subsequent agony inBethlehem, 214:in connection with the person to whom they were supposedly spoken, or as having a personalDestiny, 9:old nor particularly new, of democracy in which (supposedly but as yet never factually) the peopleDiscipleship1, 55:of a great army of hierarchical workers - with supposedly no personality inclinations, objectives,Fire, 108:trouble in sun stroke and in heat stroke. Though supposedly understood by physicians, they areFire, 721:in the physical etheric body after having supposedly dominated the material aspect, or gained theHealing, 399:inexplicable phenomena [399] of contact with the supposedly dead which have been noted,Rays, 317:the physical resurrection of the Christ after he supposedly died upon the Cross. ResurrectionTelepathy, 102:what they believe and hope "vertical impression" supposedly would convey. They contact with
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