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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUPPRESSION

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Discipleship2, 577:upon the wings of love. Learn to transmute. Suppression is more easy but transmutation is moreExternalisation, 192:- irrespective of race, color or creed - on the suppression of crime and selfishness through rightExternalisation, 230:terror, through dictatorial government, by the suppression of liberty of conscience, and by theExternalisation, 239:distinguishes the democracies, and the cruel suppression of all liberty of thought and personalExternalisation, 475:impact because of her national selfishness, her suppression of the lower classes, her exaltation ofHealing, 60:said right emotional control; inhibition and the suppression of the desire impulses by the force ofHealing, 78:This is partly due to the agelong habits of suppression and of inhibition which the race, as aHealing, 193:and are based upon a process of scientific suppression, plus a refusal to recognize existentHealing, 215:and without recourse to either inhibition or suppression, but by bringing [216] about right controlHealing, 239:and its consequent radiation, but also the suppression imposed by the mind upon any activity of aHealing, 239:to the sex organs, has been the well-intentioned suppression of the sex life, and of all thoughtHealing, 239:resort to a process of direct inhibition and suppression. That suppression makes of the solarHealing, 239:of direct inhibition and suppression. That suppression makes of the solar plexus center a greatHealing, 348:When this is the case, desire will not require suppression, because the power of the focusedHealing, 348:consequently be no furious desire to suppress. Suppression is an effort by the man focused in theHealing, 348:to achieve some mental consciousness, but no suppression takes place really, nor is the willHealing, 561:Constant introspection, all forms of morbid suppression and a too drastically enforced silenceHealing, 662:and cruelty and (above all else) its suppression of the rights of the individual citizen to certainHercules, 51:teachers is that where inhibition and a drastic suppression is imposed upon the organism, theInitiation, 196:particularly interesting, as it demonstrates the suppression of the lower sound and creative forceMagic, 83:the masses of the people are suffering from suppression and from the effects of inhibition. SciencePatanjali, 164:of yoga (that science which deals with the "suppression of the activities [165] of the thinkingPatanjali, 182:IV. Right control of the life-force. Pranayama. Suppression of the breath. Regulation of thePatanjali, 182:This refers to the control, regulation and suppression of the vital airs, the breath and the forcesPsychology2, 516:are learning a needed (and sometimes enforced) suppression, control of speech and other restrainingRays, 209:from responsibility; for others, it connotes suppression and entails such hard labor that theRays, 214:physical plane. The retention of speech and the suppression of words, if they are the result of aRays, 214:of substitution, and not by a violent process of suppression. The initiate learns to keep hisRays, 745:totalitarian methods of cruelty, spying, murder, suppression and the lack of freedom. What they are
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