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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURELY

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Astrology, 237:and the growth of unselfishness (and these surely are the goal, subjective and oft unrealized, ofAstrology, 260:Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius, and this is surely the guarantee [261] that the birth of theAstrology, 360:which will place the soul within the form surely in the place of power, swinging the earlierAstrology, 686:and not the receivers, for to be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeed so, but theAtom, 24:civilizations pass on and increase, it should surely become possible to trace the same threefoldAtom, 27:intelligent understanding. Our first aim should surely be self-realization through the practice ofAtom, 28:the primary childhood stage of selfishness (and surely that should lie behind us), not only shouldAtom, 41:and co-adaptation... [41] "But, if things be so, surely we are face to face with a marvelous andAtom, 44:the Heavenly Man. By the "body of Christ" he surely means all those units of the human family whoAtom, 45:stage of consciousness which we call human. Surely, then, the human atom may equally be supposed toAtom, 45:which we call God, or the solar Logos. Surely this teaching is logical and practical. The oldAtom, 50:situations which are distressing to the atoms. Surely it may be logical to suppose that the mysteryAtom, 67:of it all, and what will prove to be the goal? Surely it is the development of quality, theAtom, 67:or the soul, the evolution of intelligence. Surely it is the gradual demonstration of the basicAtom, 83:the purpose of the intellect, or of knowledge? Surely its purpose is to adapt the material form toAtom, 83:need and requirements of the indwelling spirit, surely it is to enable the thinker within the bodyAtom, 83:and for some definite purpose; and surely it exists [84] in order that the central energizing unitAtom, 106:family. The realization of this, therefore, will surely lead us all to be patient with our brothersAtom, 157:or rather their subjective relationship, must surely have some basis in fact, or we would not haveAutobiography, 3:of life. That is disaster. That is evil. That, surely, is what hell must mean. The awfulness ofAutobiography, 22:the mental approach and the power to know. Surely spiritual instinct must precede spiritualAutobiography, 22:person always precede intellectual perception. Surely vision must come before the mode to make theAutobiography, 22:mode to make the vision a reality is mastered. Surely questioning and a blind feeling after GodAutobiography, 63:did a man attempt to be rude. However, I would surely have hated to see one of my own girls in aAutobiography, 84:I was saved and that I wouldn't be sent there. Surely, if it existed, it should be talked aboutAutobiography, 91:minutes in 1903 is of importance to me. There surely are occasional lives that stand out in theAutobiography, 145:you ever known a nice Jew?" I replied that I surely had and that some of my closest friends wereAutobiography, 151:happened and as I am a rather powerful thinker I surely could have materialized something if it hadAutobiography, 287:the Christian teaching of the Kingdom of God surely refers. If this premise is true, then theBethlehem, 13:messengers from God. These proved facts should surely evoke from us the recognition that thoughBethlehem, 20:new incoming rays, energies and influences must surely be destined to produce equal effects, notBethlehem, 68:with bread. In this subtle implication there surely comes to us a guarantee that as He came beforeBethlehem, 74:of humanity, never before so acute as now, must surely be laid at the feet of Christ. We haveBethlehem, 93:of all forms and of that which the forms reveal, surely as our equipment develops and our mechanismBethlehem, 95:not human. Members of the kingdom of God will surely embody the heritage of four kingdoms, as manBethlehem, 95:the divine. The result of this realization must surely be, under the evolutionary scheme, theBethlehem, 102:implications before His eyes, and this must surely have been the reason why He was driven into theBethlehem, 112:philosophers the "pairs of opposites," and surely it is the manner in which man handles these twoBethlehem, 115:and ignore His divinity. Therein they are surely in error. Others emphasize His divinity and regardBethlehem, 117:the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures. But surely, He was not referring back only to the ancientBethlehem, 122:will automatically take care of itself? One surely will be so regarded. If one feels, as do manyBethlehem, 129:words would never have been fulfiled, as they surely will be at some date, perhaps not so distantBethlehem, 130:and one God Who was bringing, slowly indeed but surely, that kingdom into being. His mission was toBethlehem, 152:the race, unseen and unrevealed, but slowly and surely emerging. At the present hour a large numberBethlehem, 156:A certain familiarity with God's nature must surely precede the revelation of Himself which He canBethlehem, 169:survive. Upon what is this general trend based? Surely upon our universal relation to Deity andBethlehem, 176:the spiritual aspirant is often very real. It is surely evident, if one approaches the subjectBethlehem, 179:and by the multitude of witnesses the fact is surely established. The one who knows cannot doubt. Bethlehem, 196:different attitudes of mind and judgment, and surely different punitive approaches. As our sense ofBethlehem, 203:ourselves as sinners and transgressors, we surely come under the category of those whose lives showBethlehem, 208:theologians would give to His message must surely have been a part of [209] the prevision, asBethlehem, 209:towards that life. But the abundant life is surely not a life to be lived hereafter, in someBethlehem, 222:it most naturally a physical connotation; but it surely had a deeper meaning, and must haveBethlehem, 227:repudiated the idea. Individual salvation is surely selfish in its interest and its origin. We mustBethlehem, 245:men most miserable." (I Cor., XV, 19.) We are surely on our way towards something of value andBethlehem, 245:What in each of us warrants persistence? Surely none of us seek to see the physical bodyBethlehem, 246:the gift of immortality. Nor are we desirous, surely, of seeing the same psychic nature, with itsBethlehem, 246:condition, hold sway over us again. Equally surely, none of us are pleased to contemplate the oldBethlehem, 246:for Christ whilst we remain unsaved; there is surely none for us who seek to follow in HisBethlehem, 247:environment in which we live and move has in it surely nothing to warrant its endless perpetuation.Bethlehem, 251:tendency to death inherent in the natural man. Surely, then, we can say that immortality consistsBethlehem, 263:recognition, and in that recognition [263] may surely lie the way out for man. Are we divine? ThatBethlehem, 276:there is a divine discontent which must surely have a basis in some natural inheritance which isBethlehem, 277:had been perfectly satisfied. There is surely no real basis for this belief. If God is not capableDestiny, 57:life. The incoming seventh [57] Ray of Order is surely, even if slowly, imposing order and a newDiscipleship1, 21:you, my brothers, are only suggestions but it is surely the part of wisdom to follow them as longDiscipleship1, 58:wisdom and unchanging sincerity. This must surely be apparent to you. In the group work in whichDiscipleship1, 125:could but recognize it. You know who I am and surely, therefore, the recognition for which youDiscipleship1, 125:the immediate urgency to train workers and it is surely needless with a group such as this. YouDiscipleship1, 141:time, your strength and your heart which will surely come.... For you this year the emphasis mustDiscipleship1, 143:will not get it from excessive sleep and this is surely proved to you, for you sleep much and yetDiscipleship1, 167:be seen. Teach this. The sense of comradeship is surely known by each and all of you but needs theDiscipleship1, 216:in no way change your outer activities but will surely produce a deepened relation to yourDiscipleship1, 225:release the soul to union with the One. Surely it might be said that he whom I and you and allDiscipleship1, 250:to see you all freed for fuller service is surely in a different category. May I, therefore, speakDiscipleship1, 310:range of contacts must come slowly. But it must surely come and will, if your intention and thoughtDiscipleship1, 332:defined. The building of the antahkarana - more surely and more definitely - is the solution forDiscipleship1, 410:before breakfast, but many people cannot. Yet surely, if your essentials are right, you couldDiscipleship1, 597:and unfoldment on the Path of Discipleship is surely possible. The two suggestions which I seek toDiscipleship1, 692:and serve is possible. The time will, therefore, surely come when you will, as individuals and asDiscipleship1, 696:from the outer group of aspirants? It must surely be apparent to you that a Master, in forming hisDiscipleship1, 715:the mind assumes its rightful place. The Path is surely laid." Discipleship2, 25:to aid the group in this particular way, it is surely not too much to ask that I receive reciprocalDiscipleship2, 44:members of the New Group of World Servers (and surely you are that!) must be given to the liftingDiscipleship2, 117:of place and activity is being gently yet surely held, then sound the Sacred Word, OM, very softlyDiscipleship2, 296:the Kingdom of Souls or of God. This, as you can surely appreciate, will produce fundamentalDiscipleship2, 461:undeviatingly towards your goal. But it must surely be apparent to you that if the focus of allDiscipleship2, 522:also been sorely tested in the emotional nature; surely, my beloved brother, you know by this timeDiscipleship2, 689:then move onward into greater light and a more surely realized Love. With devotion andDiscipleship2, 700:enterprise when again you return to incarnation. Surely you would like to re-enter physical planeEducation, 45:field of education united action is essential. Surely a basic unity of objectives should govern theEducation, 45:exception are facts and can not be denied. Surely, however, the lessons of the evils which theyEducation, 85:history, literature and art and of religion will surely be studied from the angle of their effortEducation, 86:will be found. Finally, education should surely present the hypothesis of the soul in man as theEducation, 90:we can speak of it, desire it and plan for it is surely the guarantee that it is not impossible.Education, 91:way of living. Cooperative goodwill is surely the first idea to be presented to the masses andEducation, 103:strive and, if necessary, fight. It is therefore surely apparent that behind all the surfaceExternalisation, 113:self-directed, aspiring men. This must surely be apparent to you and may serve to answer theExternalisation, 187:On the basis of these distinctions, it is surely apparent that God is on the side of the alliedExternalisation, 192:upon a world of diversified religions. It is surely to foster the best elements in any national
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