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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURELY

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Externalisation, 195:differences and separation. Such a time will surely come. Humanity will master the problem of rightExternalisation, 289:divine spirit in humanity must ever, and most surely does, respond to the divine Appearance. TheExternalisation, 328:already laying the foundations of freedom, more surely and soundly than ever before; groupsExternalisation, 335:and one-pointed effort which must inevitably and surely produce the outer results and attract bothExternalisation, 377:ends and opportunity faces each and all? It is surely that every nation, great and small (with theExternalisation, 380:out here that the value of the individual is surely based on the inherent divinity of the humanExternalisation, 389:in the Eastern, of the Buddha. It is, therefore, surely possible (given this acceptance) to assumeExternalisation, 469:eternally or attain complete annihilation. This surely cannot be so. None of these pictures isExternalisation, 471:and seek Him anew. If they will do so, they will surely find Him and again become His messengers.Externalisation, 485:synthesis and the wonder of this opportunity are surely apparent as we study what is here writtenExternalisation, 503:the time, but hidden and misinterpreted. It is surely easier to swing the masses into step and giveExternalisation, 596:take them back to God. Religion is the name, surely, which we give to the invocative appeal ofExternalisation, 607:will be watched by all, and the prospect must surely, for Him, hold certain horror, must presentExternalisation, 608:carried out on Earth. His major task is surely the establishing of right human relations in everyExternalisation, 609:warrior, omnipotent and irresistible, has surely no basis in fact. That He will ultimately lead HisExternalisation, 611:and visionary, you will do much. It is possible, surely, that the ancient truism, "the mind is theFire, 377:and not the receivers, for to be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeed so, but theFire, 397:manas. We may perhaps ask why this must be so. Surely it is because the abstract mind is the agentFire, 439:He built, and it will necessarily slowly but surely disintegrate, having served its purpose [440]Fire, 474:be full of an increased activity, and slowly but surely, as the decades slip away, man will becomeFire, 640:The time lies far ahead as yet, but it will surely come, when the personnel of these departmentsFire, 904:revealed. As the race becomes clairvoyant, as it surely will in a great degree before the close ofFire, 1055:inherent energy. What is meant by this phrase? Surely that the milliards of atoms which compose theFire, 1241:he treads the cosmic Path which is his choice, surely it is needless for us to try and comprehendGlamour, 29:the Dweller on the Threshold will slowly and surely disintegrate and leave your way, to the door ofGlamour, 39:a future condition and event. The day will surely come, however, when you will stand in fullGlamour, 226:from their own orbit of difficulties. It is surely needless for me to point out that the groupGlamour, 234:time to gain facility in this work, but it is surely obvious that in learning what is an [235]Healing, 11:real idea of what constitutes divinity? It is surely better for us to admit that it is not possibleHealing, 11:other and higher kingdoms in nature which will surely see life more truly and more accurately thanHealing, 247:a point of weakening in the bodily tissue will surely and gradually arise. Disease or deteriorationHealing, 303:Himself, asking response and never getting it. Surely and with certainty the outlines of the formsHealing, 324:taken from the bodies of animals. That is most surely and definitely correct, and some day it willHealing, 436:it with care so that the theme of death can more surely and more sanely take shape in your mind.Healing, 437:will be in a position to prove the accuracy. But surely, brother of mine, it may be more sane andHealing, 637:a cycle of incarnation. This will give you surely a new idea anent disease. Man creates, under soulHealing, 673:can create disturbance. You can realize surely that, if you were entirely free from all emotionalHercules, 4:the aspirant towards life is rapidly changing. Surely it should now be possible to gain such aHercules, 11:to be hypothesis and inference. All that we surely know is that all forms are aspects of energy;Hercules, 19:as a snare and a delusion. But this surely is an error. Knowledge of God is as necessary and asHercules, 37:all disciples. The meaning of the test is now surely plain. Hercules had to begin in the world ofHercules, 52:controlling and mastering it, and then it will surely know its right obligations. It will recognizeHercules, 74:and clairaudient, in due time we shall surely see or hear, if not in truth, yet through the powerHercules, 75:and have endurance and patience, the goal will surely be yours." But Hercules freed himself, as doHercules, 116:into a sacred planet." (Editor's italics.) Surely these words expand our vision, deepen ourHercules, 172:the Christed Jesus "descended into hell". Why? Surely because his all inclusive love covered theHercules, 219:we can get a wide enough retrospect, it should surely be possible to demonstrate the truth of thisHercules, 220:exoteric forms, the influence of the signs is surely substantiated and there is a real foundationInitiation, 61:themselves come out among men, as many of them surely will towards the close of this century. AInitiation, 86:is helpful, possibly in the spoken word, but surely in service of some kind. A vision is accordedIntellect, 4:the path of its unfolding consciousness must surely lie in the direction of synthesis. The growthIntellect, 4:the dim outline of a philosophy which must surely dominate human thought for a long period." -Intellect, 27:- Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education Surely there must be something more to the educationalIntellect, 58:Becoming increasingly positive, it slowly and surely begins to dominate the other phenomenalIntellect, 161:this cleansing of the doors of perception, is surely what we might expect to occur as man movesIntellect, 171:phenomenon is most familiar and goes to prove surely that there is a close physical correspondenceIntellect, 234:how one is growing. Those around us will know surely and truly what progress we are making by ourIntellect, 258:life where sex is concerned. It is needless, surely, to add here that the true student ofIntellect, 260:our falling birth rate. Transmutation is not surely the [261] death of an activity or a cessationMagic, 59:His spiritual perception grows slowly and surely as the brain becomes capable of illumination fromMagic, 102:this time some progress in group realization has surely been made, and less interest in theMagic, 204:Their service. This incentive is, in its turn, surely and steadily superseded by a vital love forMagic, 207:of breathing exercises upon the vital body. As surely as eating and drinking build or destroy theMagic, 228:are grasped, it dawns on him slowly and surely that the deciding factor in the struggle is hisMagic, 306:makes it impossible for him to see clearly, walk surely, and cognize Reality. It is part of theMagic, 411:the initial group has uniformly achieved. This surely negates pessimism and demonstrates theMagic, 420:serve the race. Again, a divine son of God can surely function as freely and as effectively when inMagic, 477:lectures and of books, a few clear concepts will surely emerge which will find an echo in theMagic, 499:and the perfectly blind and oft frightened and surely ignorant way in which we usher them out ofMagic, 542:the insect pest, as it is now called, will most surely die out. Three: Another difficulty which IMeditation, 194:as has been again and again demonstrated, surely its united use will be tremendously effective, andProblems, 30:- that of right human relations. Slowly but surely, this educational movement will inevitablyProblems, 38:that the cause of this war is economic; that is surely so but the reason is that we have demandedProblems, 41:preparation. [41] The next urgent problem is surely the psychological rehabilitation of youth. ItProblems, 42:and an expression of their own inner life. It is surely the function of the wealthier and freeProblems, 43:some such united action is also essential. Surely a basic unity of objectives should govern theProblems, 44:exception are facts and cannot be denied. Surely, however, the lessons of the evils which theyProblems, 56:there is much that they can do to help. It is surely the task of the higher education, givingProblems, 58:history, literature and art and of religion will surely be studied from the angle of their effectProblems, 59:will be found. Finally, education should surely present the hypothesis of the soul in man as theProblems, 64:we can speak of it, desire it and plan for it is surely the guarantee that it is not impossible.Problems, 65:way of living. Cooperative goodwill is surely the first idea to be presented to the masses andProblems, 82:in every land. This work is non-spectacular but surely founded on right principles and it is one ofProblems, 87:great sin or heresy of separateness. There is surely no greater sin than this; it is responsibleProblems, 137:which the new and anticipated revelation will surely bring? Can the materialism for which theProblems, 146:experience of divinity. Christ will, therefore, surely come in three ways. He will come as menProblems, 152:to humanity we do not and cannot know. It will surely bring as definite results in the humanProblems, 153:are as basically divine, as sound and as surely on their way to enlightenment as any other group ofProblems, 153:representatives and on their innate divinity as surely as does the salvation of the mass of men.Problems, 162:spiritual invocation. The potency of this is surely apparent. Let us indicate the possibilities ofPsychology1, xviii:personally do not count, but that the group most surely does. Teaching is not given only in orderPsychology1, 9:that the more truly you live as a soul the more surely you will comprehend that which may bePsychology1, 25:Magic is now coming into power and is slowly but surely making His pressure felt. His influence isPsychology1, 182:between the seen and the unseen; a God most surely transcendent, but at the same time mostPsychology1, 326:as it goes on in consciousness, produces (surely and inevitably) corresponding changes in mechanismPsychology1, 390:and the incoming seventh ray is slowly and surely - in spite of appearances - imposing order andPsychology2, 159:which has governed him for ages will slowly and surely give place to the Law of Repulse, whichPsychology2, 168:As yet I cannot see the pattern, but it will surely measure up to my desire.' Loud voices, and aPsychology2, 546:result that the situation is not bettered but surely and steadily made worse. The best mental rulePsychology2, 734:anything) then any intelligent man or woman can surely see that it is going to take the united
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