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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURETY

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Astrology, 223:in this fact lies the hope of the world and the surety of the ultimate solution of the worldAstrology, 517:the sumtotal will appear in a blinding light of surety. At present students cannot see the wood forAutobiography, 48:refusing to answer them, and underneath all the surety and dogmatism, great changes were takingAutobiography, 69:part of it ignorance, and part of it a surety that God would take care of me. Apparently He did, onAutobiography, 123:that if I had held on to my girlhood faith and surety I would not now be in this pickle. The churchAutobiography, 133:in any particular life to attain a measure of surety and usefulness, it will be at that age.Autobiography, 146:with its youthful exuberance, its promising surety, and its juvenile ability to settle allBethlehem, 243:of the Resurrection may provide a greater surety, provided we keep in mind the long continuity ofDestiny, 39:in his own personal mind deductions and the surety that he is obviously right. They do not embodyDiscipleship1, 23:which the Hierarchy can work with greater surety than heretofore. There will (through this andDiscipleship1, 76:appear to be the same thing. You will grasp with surety then what now you dimly sense, and realizeDiscipleship1, 126:in the rightness of your decisions and into a surety that your particular life choices and yourDiscipleship1, 181:desire; joy is the expression of the soul's surety, whilst bliss is the consummation which theDiscipleship1, 366:of you, I have a twofold reason. You have a surety of touch and a freedom from glamor which isDiscipleship1, 503:which can and will animate your life is the surety of the knowledge that humanity and the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 527:are emerging out of a life crisis into greater surety, light, knowledge and usefulness. You haveDiscipleship1, 685:increase with a paralleling certainty and surety. I would have all disciples grasp this clearly andDiscipleship2, 513:realization must become divine wisdom through surety. Vision must give place to intuitive focusedDiscipleship2, 584:much to carry you steadily forward, for an inner surety ever enables a disciple to surmountDiscipleship2, 653:life and to count with greater definiteness and surety upon my presence there and my understandingDiscipleship2, 656:enter into the brightness with confidence and surety. This is the sumtotal of my brief word to youDiscipleship2, 658:during many lives. This tends to give you a surety of opinion, in relation to others, whichDiscipleship2, 696:realize the esoteric values of steadfastness and surety? The rarest compliment was knowingly madeDiscipleship2, 696:stable vibration is the keynote of the universe; surety is the sign of the Knower. These are twoDiscipleship2, 701:higher nature; she sees you differently and her surety along this line is no help to you. I, yourDiscipleship2, 731:therefore face the future with caution but with surety. Your mental body is on the fifth ray andDiscipleship2, 732:distinguish you or when you can advance with surety into the Ashram itself. Any progress that youDiscipleship2, 761:soul with greater confidence; move forward with surety towards the consummation of this life'sGlamour, 97:glamor the man with a sense of achievement, of surety, of power and of destiny. He goes [98] aheadGlamour, 262:[262] become truly the Observer and to know with surety what he is doing; it brings the centers,Healing, 482:crippled their effort by their loudly shouted surety (in a field which is yet experimental), and byHealing, 633:of the physician and of orthodox medicine. Surety of knowledge and experience prevents a similarHercules, 27:of the Gate with over-weening confidence and surety of power. And thus the Labor started and theMagic, 325:carry on the work, who keep the inner calm and surety, who lose sight of the foreground ofMagic, 356:adequate answer. The sense of immortality, the surety of an eternal future, the innate belief inProblems, 134:what that future has in store and there is no surety anywhere. The voice of humanity is demandingProblems, 140:has man's need been greater and never has the surety of revelation been more certain; never has theProblems, 157:it realistic and true) but from the angle of its surety about human immortality and the evidencePsychology2, 171:and his despair. He uttered words of surety and faith in life, and light and God, in love andPsychology2, 556:students in the future to proceed with a greater surety and knowledge. They will thus be morePsychology2, 624:is its stability, its coherency and the surety of its touch on life. The mystic and the occultistPsychology2, 701:has retreated; that the period of contact and of surety has ended; and that nothing remains exceptRays, 616:as each of them, in his own way, points out the surety of Christ's coming and thus implements theRays, 693:dictionary so that you can have a sense [693] of surety). The cross referred to in reference toRays, 758:to the unseen spiritual Center, there is a fixed surety that such a Center exists. Invocation is as
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