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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURFACE

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Healing, 660:knowledge of the true healer is to bring to the surface (in an acute form) the evil (disease)Healing, 663:be drawn. Imperfection has been drawn to the surface; the evils to be eliminated are known toHealing, 663:the imperfections which have been drawn to the surface have been cured or driven back to their ownHercules, 143:bring slimy fragments of the subconscious to the surface, and expose them to the light of wisdom.Hercules, 145:the unsavory data of repressed impulses to the surface, it is true, but often stops at that point.Hercules, 205:reality remains unchanged behind the changing surface of material events. The very need of the hourInitiation, 130:a human being. Many of the places on the earth's surface, for instance, which are famed for theirInitiation, 207:have gathered concerning the inner round. On the surface, the expression "the eye which looks outIntellect, 37:are now perhaps ready to penetrate beneath the surface and to carry their search within the outerIntellect, 96:he begins to read spiritually, to see below the surface and so contact the idea which gave birth toIntellect, 161:towards higher centers of consciousness. His surface intelligence, purified from the domination ofMagic, 129:of all underlying motives. As seen on the surface, many apparently diverse principles emerge andMagic, 130:in their inner life by the upheavals on the surface. Could you but see it, the unrest andMagic, 187:which should be eliminated and to bring to the surface all the hidden weaknesses. That this has toMagic, 302:deep seated in the subconscious rise to the surface frequently and cause a [303] condition of fearMagic, 355:triumph of good? Will he be overwhelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of Love whichMagic, 575:hidden in these words than is apparent on the surface. In one of the old books, available for theMagic, 589:towards betterment. All has been brought to the surface, and the result seems appalling andMagic, 589:and uncontrollable to those who only see the surface. But underneath, the deep river of purity andMagic, 619:race as a whole. It is steadily coming to the surface owing to the growing strength of the AquarianMeditation, 188:various hosts in the bowels of the earth, on the surface of the earth, and in the air above theMeditation, 338:limpid and clear, of a quality mirrorlike, of surface even, a limpid reflector, - one thatPatanjali, 68:or psychic powers. It is achieved through a surface sensibility of the entire "body of feeling,"Patanjali, 211:nature) he contacts. He seeks to see below the surface and to touch the divine idea. This is theProblems, 76:individuals among the union leaders came to the surface of the movement. Some of the employers, whoPsychology1, xxv:and we must endeavor to penetrate beneath the surface meaning to the esoteric structure of truth.Psychology1, 29:alphabetical forms, so (lingering just below the surface of our manifested world) lie divinePsychology1, 101:forms. Flowers and trees that once covered the surface of our planet have now entirely disappearedPsychology1, 137:developed, when men have learnt to see below the surface and have cultivated true vision, then wePsychology1, 242:kingdom, inherent within the soil, to the surface. It constitutes the energy of externalization.Psychology1, 270:may seem so widely dissimilar that on the surface there may appear no point of resemblance; yetPsychology2, 55:(which have worked their way through to the surface in the process of manifesting) to their newerPsychology2, 488:attitude of the neophyte or mystic brings to the surface all his subconscious "wish life." This, asPsychology2, 488:hidden in his nature but can be brought to the surface through group stimulation. He thus recoversPsychology2, 494:idealistic nature; these, as they came to the surface and were remembered and recorded, began toPsychology2, 497:by teaching him to evoke and bring to the surface of his consciousness forgotten episodes and hisPsychology2, 497:the depths of his dream life, will bring to the surface not only those things which are undesirablePsychology2, 502:His unexpressed longings are "brought to the surface" by the psychologist. He is told that thesePsychology2, 516:range point of view - is the bringing to the surface of the deeply hidden and submerged massPsychology2, 632:assume prominence, to come to the forefront or surface in some department of world activity. TheyRays, 26:are not the simple ones which appear upon the surface. The words of these rules would seem to beRays, 26:they are not what they appear to be on the surface - trite truisms and spiritual platitudes; butRays, 32:an unalterably staunch loyalty, underlying the surface of the outer life. The Master's influence,Rays, 48:to the intuition far more than appears upon the surface, and that is rich enough. Each of theseRays, 87:aeons in humanity as a whole and brought to the surface and precipitated into violent activity by aRays, 135:be. Everything is being rapidly brought to the surface - the good and the bad, the desirable andRays, 148:the united breath and the unified rhythm. On the surface, this rule appears to be one of surprisingRays, 245:in nature steadily bringing the unknown to the surface, altering the nature of the flora and theRays, 452:of the subconscious nature to penetrate to the surface of consciousness as a reflex activity in theRays, 582:or of submergence"; he can now "walk on the surface of the sea and with safety proceed onwardRays, 584:spiritual tendencies of mankind to the surface and made these two initiations possible; it is theRays, 707:with the deliberate intent of bringing to the surface of their brain consciousness who and whatRays, 742:will be forced to make. More will come to the surface as we study present-day happenings from theReappearance, 19:what happens in some remote area of the earth's surface is a matter of general interest within aReappearance, 34:Christ Himself does not sound it forth. On the surface, the beauty and the strength of thisReappearance, 180:that it is wholesome for all this to come to the surface and for us all to know about it. It isSoul, 70:the center of a man lies in his Being or at the surface, then it must be practically possible toSoul, 150:Him to sink as soon as His feet touched the surface of the sea, was due to a prodigious amount of
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