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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURGEON

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Discipleship1, 232:of surgery, and the soul is a most efficient surgeon) and the disappearance of ancientHealing, 26:wise skill of the physical plane physician or surgeon, as - for him - the physical body is but anHealing, 40:healer, and also be a trained medical man or surgeon. Much of the healing now done is worse thanHealing, 110:of spiritual vision. The ideal physician and surgeon is the man who is also a metaphysician; to theHealing, 253:improvement. When the work of the doctor and the surgeon in relation to the physical body isHealing, 273:(when in the hands of a sound and reputable surgeon) can and frequently does produce a cure or aHealing, 480:is admitted by the orthodox physician, the surgeon, the psychologist and the priest, then all willHealing, 557:collaboration with the orthodox physician or surgeon, then tremendous changes will be broughtHealing, 632:to call in divine aid to set bones which the surgeon is well equipped to do, or to clear upHealing, 652:closely with the patient's physician or surgeon dealing with the case; he will supply the technicalHealing, 675:another factor: that of the doctor, physician or surgeon who is physically responsible for thePsychology1, 208:the first-rate engineer, the great operating surgeon. As a statesman, the fifth ray man would bePsychology1, 208:on his subject. In healing, he is the perfect surgeon, and his best cures will be through surgeryPsychology2, 550:prone and which are well known to the physician, surgeon and psychologist. Those which are the
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