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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURMISE

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Astrology, 115:plan and purpose may be vastly different to our surmise which is based upon our formulation of aAstrology, 294:esoteric and hierarchical. It is a correct surmise that the purpose of this solar system is theAstrology, 600:Does that statement mean much to you? I would surmise that it means but little; it is a basicAstrology, 606:brain or mind or focused intention, as you might surmise. It is that synthetic something whichAtom, 50:we are working, it may, therefore, be logical to surmise that the great Intelligence of our planetDiscipleship1, XIV:possible for the esoteric student accurately to surmise what his ray may be. People of all kindsDiscipleship1, 5:I have said "tired," brother of mine, for I surmise that both words are true?) are to be subjectedDiscipleship1, 518:of destiny with clarity; this, as you may well surmise, prevents your being as spiritually usefulDiscipleship1, 761:the six "seed schools" for all philosophical surmise and work. There are not six types of AshramsDiscipleship2, 208:so definitely on its way. There are, as you may surmise (if you have read my instructionsDiscipleship2, 248:is vaster in its implications than you might surmise, for it concerns united group sensitivity orDiscipleship2, 327:threefold lower microcosm. This as you may well surmise, can be among the secrets [328] of theExternalisation, 689:are far more numerous and intricate than you surmise. In summing up, I would say that the presentFire, 173:to be dealt with, and much food for thought, surmise and wise conjecture. All that is here statedHealing, 20:is not the Law of Retribution, as one would surmise as one reads the current books upon theHealing, 226:of which little or practically nothing is known. Surmise and conjecture rule here. Healing, 391:is not that of character building, as some might surmise. I touched upon character and personalHealing, 669:that vast country, as many of her enemies might surmise. Russia is making great mistakes, but theyHealing, 699:given by the patient. This is, as you may surmise, somewhat rare to find. People can, by carefulHealing, 702:of the patient, the healer may proceed upon the surmise that one or both are along the line ofMeditation, 262:Him into a Consciousness past our conceivable surmise. [263] A Master of the Wisdom is He Who canPatanjali, 159:is as yet for the majority only "indicated." We surmise it is there. The work of Raja Yoga is toPatanjali, 159:is to bring forth into full knowledge this vague surmise so that theory becomes fact and that whichPsychology1, xxiv:deeper consideration of what is as yet a veiled surmise. The Aquarian Age will see the fact of thePsychology1, 274:is probably quite different to their ordinary surmise. I write not for the specialists, but for theRays, 97:cursory reading of the Rule leads one to the surmise that one of the most important hints concernsRays, 417:the Law of Freedom. This is not, as you may well surmise, its true name, for in the last analysis,Telepathy, 3:as far as possible. It is, therefore, as you can surmise, a process of stepping down rates of
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