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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURMOUNT

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Astrology, 440:apart from that Hierarchy - mankind cannot today surmount or properly handle the crisis. ThisAstrology, 475:subjective rhythm which enables a man to surmount the crisis and to capitalize on the opportunity.Discipleship1, 101:this and (by the strength of their own souls) surmount this very present evil, then the evolutionDiscipleship1, 147:the urge to give these ideas to the world will surmount all obstacles. Finally, continue with theDiscipleship2, 584:for an inner surety ever enables a disciple to surmount difficulties. The monotony of life itself,Externalisation, 296:and fixed purpose which will enable mankind to surmount this crisis. From the side of the spiritualExternalisation, 297:stupendous effort to aid mankind at this time to surmount the Dweller on the Threshold and to comeExternalisation, 495:in the scientific field and helped them to surmount the well-nigh insuperable difficulties withExternalisation, 495:the evil group at the head of the Axis Powers to surmount the incidental war fatigue. This broughtFire, 24:eternal Sound, the product of the time that was, surmount the sevenfold display. Within theFire, 673:astral light. It concerns that which He has to surmount and many of the problems which face theFire, 1019:the Son. The difficulty which students have to surmount consists in the true interpretation of theFire, 1175:with it vast opportunity for those who can surmount its problems and withstand its temptations.Fire, 1268:is) enter that door of luminous fire when they surmount the crest of gold which riseth on theHealing, 223:as the will of the man is called into play to surmount danger; the will-to-live, with its adjunct,Hercules, 58:touch the sacred tree," he shouted in his joy, "surmount the guarding dragon; see the fair maidensInitiation, 184:stages is dependent upon his ability to meet and surmount the daily lesser ones. "He that isMeditation, 137:their feet upon the Mount, and enable them to surmount the Cross. And now what methods may beRays, 126:these developed habits enable him to surmount the appeal of those desires which work out in theTelepathy, 55:of the astral plane and succumb to them or [55] surmount them; and can become telepathic to the
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