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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURMOUNTED

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Astrology, 21:of the triumph over death because he has surmounted and overcome desire. This reversal of the way aAstrology, 147:nor water (Capricorn and Pisces); [147] he has surmounted the tests of both the processes ofAstrology, 322:themselves in pleasure or pain. All these are surmounted and eventually the watery life ofAstrology, 436:initiation which must eventually be climbed and surmounted. It signifies, therefore, the greatAstrology, 475:habit of mind, developed in the vehicle; it is surmounted in time only by a certain habit andAstrology, 477:intent of the soul. They evoke confidence when surmounted and produce greatly expanded vision. TheyAstrology, 524:revealed when the present point of crisis is surmounted. Of its nature and its effect, I haveBethlehem, 73:kind through distress and through difficulty surmounted. As we study the meaning of these threeBethlehem, 141:and fixations and considerations Christ had surmounted, and consequently He functioned as anDestiny, 99:revealed when the present point of crisis is surmounted. Of its nature and its effect I have naughtDiscipleship1, 301:testing and difficulties. These they have surmounted and from them they are learning the neededDiscipleship2, 70:circles. These, correctly handled and surmounted, will result in his being an initiate - a veryDiscipleship2, 641:you know. These difficulties, if successfully surmounted, will lead to greatly minimizing otherDiscipleship2, 659:themselves and others. They have learnt much and surmounted much in the crucible of suffering andExternalisation, 473:in all its phases and gradation. They have surmounted the experiences of life; Their great MasterFire, 948:and has produced a condition which must be surmounted before the true occult balancing begins. ItFire, 1020:or of return, they are, as we well know, surmounted; on the middle point of equilibrium, as on ourFire, 1035:he has to use. This rod of the Bodhisattva is surmounted by a diamond which is not as great aFire, 1144:the whole range of possible knowledge is thereby surmounted. To comprehend this law involvesFire, 1179:of our Hierarchy as holding a trident of fire surmounted by five green emeralds. MARS - The SchoolFire, 1221:Capricorn, can be noted. All hard places can be surmounted, and the summit reached by the "DivineFire, 1224:Fires. The Aspirants. 6 or 11 A silver Moon surmounted by an equal armed Cross. Third of the 6thFire, 1258:star at the center, and backed by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word. Quality - cosmicGlamour, 65:form, this illusion has to be met and some day surmounted; it has to be isolated and dispelled byGlamour, 221:no astral plane; the superhuman kingdoms have surmounted it and discovered the secret of itsHealing, 21:means, symbolizing the case with which it can be surmounted by human beings. If they could butHercules, 3:of the goal, once those problems have been surmounted, and must avoid the tiresome reiteration ofHercules, 56:deed. "The second test is passed. The danger is surmounted. Success at this point marks his way."Hercules, 91:(as we have two sheepfolds), whose prows are surmounted by rams' heads, and the stern of one ofInitiation, 24:suffering, have undergone every experience, have surmounted every difficulty, and have won out.Initiation, 184:activity of the true aspirant; the "much" is surmounted and passed, because it is regarded simplyMagic, 78:occult study. How these hindrances may be surmounted. Certain things the aspirant may safelyMagic, 80:Then ensues, consequently, a period that must be surmounted wherein the attention of the Ego isMagic, 161:has been passed; thus mankind has achieved and surmounted much. But the rhythm of the ages isMagic, 605:limitations - of the three worlds have been surmounted and man can function as a free soul in theMeditation, 81:recapitulates in the present life the processes surmounted in the past, and thus lays theMeditation, 131:result of karma, for the disciple has usually surmounted a good deal of that type of karma and isPatanjali, 75:hinder and of the difficulties which must be surmounted. Then comes the application of the will andPsychology2, 428:time a [428] sense of gain and of freedom, when surmounted, overcome and solved. That the power toPsychology2, 447:bridged, the various points of crisis have been surmounted and passed, and the required fusionsRays, 427:star at the center and backed by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word Quality gained CosmicTelepathy, 41:plexus center. But for those Lives Who have surmounted life in the three worlds and Who are not
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