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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURMOUNTING

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Astrology, 473:him to be victorious." A man may succeed in surmounting the testing conditions and in emergingBethlehem, 262:understanding of the problem of death, with the surmounting of the process of dying, and theDiscipleship1, 765:theory of perfect health; it is a question of a surmounting energy-emphasis which negates theDiscipleship2, 675:and give his whole attention to their surmounting (which in this case means changing them) and he,Externalisation, 290:to pass beyond so-called natural law. This surmounting of limitation is ever taking place and thisFire, 121:astral plane. The past solar system saw the surmounting of the three lowest cosmic physical planesFire, 122:principle. The present solar system will see the surmounting of the three next cosmic physicalFire, 168:and consummation seen in the gorgeous center surmounting and enveloping them all. There are alsoFire, 894:finally we find at the summit of the column, and surmounting all, that small organ called theGlamour, 66:same time comforted, so many. This signified the surmounting of the final synthetic illusion. WhenHealing, 384:attitudes which those seeking healing, the surmounting of disease and the cure of bodily ills, mustHercules, 6:In each of the signs we shall find him surmounting his natural tendencies, controlling andInitiation, 183:It will be found in attention to duty, in the surmounting of tests and trials, and in that innerMagic, 385:the power of [385] thought, the problem of surmounting these distinctions and differences is wellMeditation, 187:of the Rod of Initiation. This Rod, through its surmounting diamond, focuses the three fires in theMeditation, 258:is perfect love and wisdom; the steps are the surmounting of subplane after subplane on all theRays, 203:in preparation for the major initiations, so the surmounting of the conditions presented by the
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