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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURPRISED

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Autobiography, 11:my family and friends would have been greatly surprised had they known my reactions. Have you [12]Autobiography, 34:knew I had a hateful disposition and so was not surprised that life was difficult. There was noAutobiography, 210:out anything about you." I assured him I was not surprised, because I was nobody - just an AmericanDiscipleship1, 26:kinds of glamor and disciples are frequently surprised when they learn what is regarded as glamorDiscipleship1, 111:oriented towards service. You are no doubt surprised that you are the first that I have chosen outDiscipleship1, 138:until I myself suggest a change that you will be surprised at what changes within yourDiscipleship1, 193:simple suggestions, my brother, you will be surprised at the results which will appear in a year'sDiscipleship1, 388:may dynamically pour through you. You may feel surprised at what I am setting you to do, and at myDiscipleship1, 458:of the members have been passing. You would be surprised could you see it all as I see it; it mightDiscipleship2, 71:to meet the test and be used. For, be not surprised my brother, a disciple can meet the test if heDiscipleship2, 487:possible and in all directions, you would be surprised at the result. You could then make the lastDiscipleship2, 651:and when next year closes you may find yourself surprised at the distance you will find you haveDiscipleship2, 658:first ray mind to dissipate. You are perhaps surprised at my use of the word "fanatical" inDiscipleship2, 715:will follow out these instructions, you will be surprised to discover how much easier life will beDiscipleship2, 730:than at any previous time. This has almost surprised me. When I raised the point with a member ofDiscipleship2, 733:life you at present demonstrate; you will be surprised at the results which may eventuate. I amDiscipleship2, 747:and for six months use it every day. You will be surprised what it will do for you. The meditationDiscipleship2, 760:relatively little results; this has somewhat surprised me for, on the side of the Ashram, there hasExternalisation, 130:methods to bring about the desired ends. Be not surprised by my [131] including Russia in thisExternalisation, 695:and group work, and he will be exceedingly surprised at these comments of mine. But - as long as heFire, 1255:and Their places must be taken. Students may be surprised to know that the source of the peculiarIntellect, 220:and tense and tightly locked. They are then surprised when nothing occurs, except fatigue andMeditation, 158:Forms for use in physical healing. You would be surprised how seldom these forms will be required,Rays, 437:help their fellowmen; they are still, however, surprised when told that the first initiation liesReappearance, 19:the disciples of the Christ, and who will not be surprised when this group of Sons of God,
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