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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURROUND

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Bethlehem, 143:and recreation. The awe and mystery which surround that great unveiling have set their seal on allDiscipleship1, 155:of the obscuration brought about by those who surround and well nigh smother you as they cling toDiscipleship1, 401:demands of the many clamoring personalities who surround you have slowed the pace. You might,Discipleship1, 476:which are sent to you from your soul or which surround you as a part of the group aura. Reflect onDiscipleship1, 478:you to break through the limitations which surround you. There is a measure of freedom possible forDiscipleship1, 525:upon the physical plane. The thought-forms which surround you drain you of vital force and yet,Discipleship1, 706:physical plane. But disciples and aspirants can surround them with a guarding wall of light andDiscipleship2, 492:too. The wishes, coming from my heart for you, surround you. Externalisation, 120:nature; man began to be acquisitive and to surround himself with that which he wanted. The lines ofExternalisation, 272:fact. That His radiation will reach forth and surround His disciples, struggling in the conflictFire, 883:streams of whirling energy, which immediately surround the "jewel in the lotus." Each of theseFire, 953:indefinite masses of kama-manasic matter which surround practically every unit of the human family,Fire, 954:of half-vitalized indefinite thought forms which surround our planet, thus permitting the entry ofGlamour, 32:which each human [32] being initiates ever surround him and through this mist and fog he looks outGlamour, 85:These sweep a man into wrong activity and surround him with a whirlpool of effects and ofMagic, 143:we speak; we use words; we multiply sounds; and surround ourselves with form worlds of our ownMagic, 484:dense wall of such thought-forms which entirely surround him or constitute his mental aura, andMagic, 589:it been that now the filth and impurities which surround the world soul and which keep humanityMeditation, 132:the disciple in a thick cloud of darkness, to surround him with an impenetrable night and fogMeditation, 324:for the four Maharajas. A square wall will surround the whole, enclosing a garden which will be thePatanjali, 396:are therefore without known beginning. They surround him on all sides, the stream of their activityProblems, 72:know the meaning of God-ordained work; they surround themselves with beauty, luxury and possessionsProblems, 80:have it; the tentacles of the business world surround them; they too must work and earn thePsychology2, 467:causes which are producing the outer forms which surround us (including our own) and whichPsychology2, 590:the frequent use of the color yellow. He should surround himself with that color, for it serves toReappearance, 23:words but part of the general setting which will surround the period of Christ's reappearance; it
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