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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURROUNDING

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Astrology, 180:case, and in the second to release itself from surrounding world glamor which is revealed when soulAstrology, 294:or the development of sensitive response to surrounding impacts by the one who stands - as the SunAutobiography, 122:he was my friend. I used to go out in the surrounding woods with a wheelbarrow, the childrenAutobiography, 133:into my own affairs and ideas, into the world of surrounding affairs, and into a realm of discoveryAutobiography, 165:lamas and all the natives in the compound were surrounding them and bowing. Through hisAutobiography, 271:[271] his mind. He is simply anxious to meet the surrounding need. Owing to the fact that he is inBethlehem, 59:standing on the crescent moon, with twelve stars surrounding her head. In almost every RomanBethlehem, 70:the shepherds tending their flocks in the fields surrounding the stable-cave where the infant ChildBethlehem, 130:has become radiating, ever giving out to the surrounding world, whether deserving or not, whoseDiscipleship1, 150:my tuition, as now you are. The immediacy of surrounding [151] need and of hierarchical request forDiscipleship1, 196:of your life, and make yourself of value in your surrounding. This is predominantly your lifeDiscipleship1, 361:is not enough withdrawn to meet the need of the surrounding thirsty country. All flows over theDiscipleship1, 406:with your own reactions - both good and bad. Surrounding you, in your own setting and among thoseDiscipleship1, 446:force - regulated or unregulated - may have upon surrounding people, and to the responsive,Discipleship1, 505:not the physiological organ but the etheric area surrounding it and picture it as bathed in pureDiscipleship2, 52:It is, first of all, a diffused light, surrounding the head, discovered later within the head andDiscipleship2, 120:it contacts the periphery of the magnetic field surrounding the heart center. When the two aboveDiscipleship2, 492:all personality applications in the meeting of surrounding need - as far as you can in your ownDiscipleship2, 511:attention from the reality to an imposed glamor surrounding the teacher. I would have you ponder onDiscipleship2, 515:My love ends not and my care of you is all-surrounding. Externalisation, 41:the Hierarchy to free the souls of men from the surrounding glamor and to enable them to achieveExternalisation, 309:activity in every land, response to urgent, surrounding, physical need, and the mobilization ofExternalisation, 509:rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food. Man willExternalisation, 515:is it that you all can do? What is the condition surrounding the aspirants of the world today? WeFire, 22:Five demand the greater Sixth and Seventh. The surrounding beauty meeteth not the need. The innerFire, 71:be made in the wall thus constructed, the surrounding force flows in, and three whorls immediatelyFire, 71:flows in, and three whorls immediately appear, surrounding the "hole" with their triple spiral ofFire, 183:twofold center above the top of the head and surrounding it. Equally so, beyond the above namedFire, 356:that is oft lost sight of in the general fog surrounding this subject. The human and deva units onFire, 507:manifestation) is considered the dense physical. Surrounding these three atoms is the causalFire, 595:stages of love of mate, love of family, love of surrounding associates, to love of one's entireFire, 763:are unfolded, the greater the beauty of the surrounding sphere, and the more refined its coloring.Fire, 763:connecting the points is not demonstrated. The surrounding sphere is colorless and is only to beFire, 781:Light. Having chosen its vehicle, it expanded, surrounding with an akashic aura the human animal,Fire, 883:of force, produces the disintegration of the surrounding form, the shattering of the causal body,Fire, 896:can be seen in connection with the atmosphere surrounding our planet. In it is to be found:Fire, 940:which this sets up they drive into activity the surrounding deva essence in their two groups: ThoseFire, 941:becomes so strong as to make itself felt in the surrounding deva substance, thus awakeningFire, 1236:mystery of electricity," which is the mystery surrounding that process which is responsible for theGlamour, 26:illusion, his astral glamor and the maya surrounding his entire life. Being now an integratedGlamour, 31:seeing life truly or clearly or the conditions surrounding him as they essentially are. When he isGlamour, 32:upon a distorted world. These reactions and the surrounding aura which they constitute blend andGlamour, 70:soul levels) is lost in the [70] depths of a surrounding fog. When at night you look out at someGlamour, 70:itself, work actively and intelligently with the surrounding glamor, following a trail blazed byGlamour, 114:itself with those forms and therefore with the surrounding glamor, and thus failing to achieveGlamour, 116:indicate dilemma, bewilderment, a realization of surrounding glamor, a stage of illusion and aHealing, 5:studied that part of man which lies behind and surrounding the dense physical body. In that way weHealing, 138:around the centers and affect all substances surrounding the centers. The objective before theHealing, 195:All this produces a consequent effect upon the surrounding tissue, substance and organic formsHealing, 201:centers and the distribution of energy to the surrounding areas of the body is carried forward byHealing, 314:under the ancient law, and so stimulate the area surrounding the cancer (that is, the healthyHealing, 320:potentialities, causing certain effects upon the surrounding field of energy, and producing certainHealing, 369:has the effect of ionizing the atmosphere surrounding the patient. I must point out that to answerHealing, 392:itself or to establish intelligent contact with surrounding conditions for a long period of time.Healing, 460:forces are first of all withdrawn into the surrounding extension of the etheric ring-pass-not,Healing, 494:he is also conscious in the same manner of the surrounding states of consciousness. He may beHealing, 517:fused and blended that two of the inner petals, surrounding the jewel in the lotus, are no longerHealing, 604:"lights up" the point of friction in the surrounding area and - were the healer clairvoyant - wouldHealing, 619:The petals of the lotus, and the area of surrounding energy which constitutes the form of theHealing, 623:human form responds or does not respond to the surrounding world energies. In connection with ourHealing, 649:area, from which it [649] permeates the surrounding part of the body, penetrating both to theInitiation, 6:with the wise adaptation of knowledge to the surrounding need must grow the capacity for discreetInitiation, 7:of light that shines through the darkness of the surrounding ignorance. H. P. Blavatsky, in "TheMagic, 36:all forms register and of that responsiveness to surrounding group conditions which the forms inMagic, 222:are equally in disorder, he blends in with the surrounding chaos to such an extent that it is atMagic, 282:recognize as harmonious or congenial a physical surrounding or environment, for instance. It isMagic, 315:astral life, or sensitive emanations of a man's surrounding family or friends. They affect him farMagic, 316:bodies - group bodies or individual - of those surrounding him. This phrase warrants careful study.Magic, 370:being, of contentment with one's environment or surrounding personalities, or of satisfaction withMagic, 394:of responsibility and the aptitude to regard the surrounding members of the human family asMagic, 614:the spiritual consciousness pierces through the surrounding darkness. It is the interlude betweenMeditation, 33:relationship of that Self to the Hierarchy, to surrounding egos, and to the Spirit. It will beMeditation, 61:that spot, the matter of what you might term the surrounding space, becomes then attuned to aMeditation, 95:If you picture the mental body as an ovoid, surrounding the physical body and extending much beyondMeditation, 117:capacity for service, and his response to any surrounding need. His associated band of servers, theMeditation, 194:vivification of the microcosm will affect the surrounding country and environment. It will causeMeditation, 257:are now standing. We sense beauties and glories surrounding us that as yet we cannot revel in; theyMeditation, 312:his [312] center within himself, independent of surrounding circumstances, and preferably in spiteMeditation, 312:circumstances, and preferably in spite of surrounding circumstances. The center must be found to aProblems, 23:of a definitely cultural effect upon surrounding nations and of a spiritual giving of which theyPsychology1, 124:rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food. Man will inPsychology1, 184:blindness, and so anxious for relief from the surrounding chaos, that they are apt to forget thatPsychology1, 226:the incoming ray) will have, not only upon the surrounding mineral world but on the vegetablePsychology2, 65:sensitivity of the solar plexus center to surrounding group impacts and impressions of an astralPsychology2, 82:gathers material out [82] of the immediately surrounding environment, and imposes on it, throughPsychology2, 128:use, the effect will spread out from the small surrounding family group to the neighborhood. APsychology2, 254:in the dark earth, to penetrate through its surrounding barriers and to emerge into the light, orPsychology2, 423:Cultivation of the power to recognize and meet surrounding need, thus evoking the desire to servePsychology2, 476:critical. He is, therefore, wasting time and surrounding himself continuously with new layers ofPsychology2, 584:impressions, to conditions and to atmospheres, surrounding the psychic. This sensitivity is of aPsychology2, 671:their lack of unity, and the dead weight of the surrounding inertia. The powerful thinker or theRays, 185:was in reality more in the nature of a matrix surrounding a valuable creation, and was essentiallyRays, 493:destroys - at the fourth initiation - the three surrounding expressions. They disappear, and thenRays, 521:Life, and the responsive impact of that "All surrounding Love" upon the lesser vibration. It isRays, 765:and superb. White is its inner heart, red the surrounding flame, and yellow the spreading fire.Reappearance, 19:not be surprised when this group of Sons of God, surrounding their great Leader, the Christ, makesReappearance, 84:the energies from the three points of the surrounding Triangle to humanity. This blended,Reappearance, 158:that Life and the responsive impact of that "All-surrounding Love" upon the lesser vibration. It isTelepathy, 10:tide of his desire, he frequently succeeds in surrounding himself with a wall of inhibited desireTelepathy, 54:and to the "pull" and magnetic effect of the surrounding environment. Step by step, the forms of
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