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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SURROUNDINGS

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Astrology, 310:the mind. The man is not then conditioned by his surroundings or life events but rules them withAtom, 123:beginning to have a definite effect upon his surroundings. He is turning his attention from his ownAtom, 145:performing every action, becoming aware of his surroundings, and working out a definite line ofAutobiography, 84:I was carried away with my subject; I forgot my surroundings in the thought of hell. Suddenly atAutobiography, 128:days the noise, the smells and the unfamiliar surroundings and the long walks to the factory andAutobiography, 222:enormous amount of knowledge of the town and its surroundings, its occupants and its history. WeBethlehem, 78:they could indeed make an impression on their surroundings and manifest divinely, if they had aBethlehem, 120:for which we crave, and those physical surroundings and conditions which we want. We are sons ofBethlehem, 170:Christ-like men and women in our normal everyday surroundings. What, therefore, is the gift thatBethlehem, 205:suffering to those we have in our immediate surroundings, or to the group with which we may beDiscipleship1, 122:came into incarnation in restricted and limited surroundings so that there might be no dominantDiscipleship1, 149:are excessively sensitive to impacts from those surroundings, both from the mass and fromDiscipleship1, 239:effect between yourself, your group and your surroundings. This you know well and it is distressingDiscipleship1, 386:individual effect makes itself felt in a man's surroundings. My message, therefore, to you is toDiscipleship1, 492:aspects of daily living - money, health, surroundings and people's personalities. This condition isDiscipleship1, 520:leads you to devote yourself to your personality surroundings and to the conditions whichDiscipleship1, 534:is of such a kind that it makes no impact on his surroundings and his associates. It, therefore,Discipleship2, 227:intention to serve and to spread love in your surroundings and realize that in so far as you can doDiscipleship2, 489:aperture of escape, or the recognition of your surroundings, plus the elimination of all surpriseDiscipleship2, 562:upon the physical vehicle and upon his physical surroundings. Note, I did not say neglect ofDiscipleship2, 751:of the familiar, of the family and of your surroundings. Education, 84:attitude of the youth of the world to their surroundings and foster, from the earliest days, theExternalisation, 516:and love. The violent vibrations of our surroundings must be stilled by a strong counter vibrationFire, 186:as those organs whereby man becomes aware of his surroundings. We should perhaps express them notFire, 193:wielded by man in the way of molding himself and surroundings, sound or speech is the mostFire, 219:wielded by man in the way of molding himself and surroundings, sound or speech is the mostFire, 795:it as a decaying body on earth has upon its surroundings. It is occultly "offensive." This will beFire, 856:the response of the indwelling Entity to its surroundings. It deals [857] with the utilization ofFire, 1003:which releases the elemental builders from their surroundings, and forces them to cohere within theGlamour, 129:not overcome by the battle and the fever of your surroundings within your chosen field of service.Healing, 111:found in many factors; they can be found in the surroundings, for a number of diseases areHealing, 388:of harmonious relations with the patient's surroundings, with family and friends, and theHealing, 392:of birth. At birth, the soul finds itself in new surroundings and immersed in a body which is atHealing, 394:of those we love and the form of our familiar surroundings and environment. Yet this type of loveHealing, 439:entity within that body, the master of his surroundings, the director of his possessions and theIntellect, 221:eyes and remove himself from undesirable psychic surroundings. Magic, 109:they know, rather than feel; some react to their surroundings mentally rather than emotionally.Magic, 143:agent used by man in moulding himself and his surroundings. Thought, speech and the resultantMagic, 222:own aura in the emotional sense from that of his surroundings and much time is expended in learningMagic, 263:his key, it results in dissonance in his surroundings and subsequent discord. Therefore - under theMagic, 274:a child of necessity. It draws its life from its surroundings. Streaming into our solar system fromMagic, 282:in himself and the corresponding factors in his surroundings. We live in a world of forms. TheseMagic, 322:about a steady radiation which will affect the surroundings exactly in proportion to the extent ofMagic, 636:(which must vary for each individual), and those surroundings, if possible, which will enable themMeditation, 337:reflector. It takes color and movement from its surroundings. It receives the impress of everyPatanjali, 146:his circumstances and dealing with his surroundings in the three worlds in order that this type ofPatanjali, 154:are needed before he becomes aware of his surroundings and later intelligently appreciates them.Patanjali, 187:of one's obligations (or karma) in the place, surroundings and environment where fate has put one.Patanjali, 247:attention; his physical body, his emotions, surroundings, and all sounds and sights are lost sightPatanjali, 323:organs [323] whereby man becomes aware of his surroundings. In the animal these five senses exist,Patanjali, 367:the entire circuit of the whole world with its surroundings of ocean and sky, the innermost part ofProblems, 9:a desire for better material circumstances and surroundings; today, this urge expresses itself in aProblems, 57:attitude of the youth of the world to their surroundings and foster, from their earliest days, thePsychology1, 94:our power to become aware of and to react to our surroundings find its source in the body-nature,Psychology1, 158:will enable the phenomenal unit to react to its surroundings and thus fulfil its destiny as aPsychology1, 284:is affected by his time and age, his nature and surroundings. They alter also according to thePsychology1, 323:to live as far as possible harmoniously in his surroundings. In this there is really good motive,Psychology1, 323:man who is struggling to adapt himself to his surroundings, to his group relations andPsychology2, 139:in that Group will work in his own particular surroundings according to his ray and type. ThatPsychology2, 260:their life objectives. They thus condition their surroundings by the beauty, the power, or thePsychology2, 352:of the little person. They integrate their surroundings into an instrument for their will and movePsychology2, 437:other forms, his inability to tune in on his surroundings. Lack of understanding, of rightPsychology2, 438:but only succeeds in producing inharmonic in his surroundings. These tendencies, when allowed toPsychology2, 558:acting, conscious of his audience and his [558] surroundings, and demonstrating to his fullestPsychology2, 604:and his mind preoccupied elsewhere) and with his surroundings and environing responsibilities, soRays, 102:entity within that body, the master of his surroundings, the director of his possessions, and theTelepathy, 55:worlds which are present within the aspirant's surroundings but to which he remains as yetTelepathy, 98:and individual and, though it may affect a man's surroundings, is not directed as are the other
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