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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUSPECTED

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Discipleship1, 205:Your astral body is, as I dare say you have suspected, upon the sixth Ray of Devotion. This givesDiscipleship1, 225:you for some years now, little as you may have suspected it. It was under my definitely appliedDiscipleship1, 447:the sixth ray. This, I think, you have yourself suspected. This gives you intensity in aspirationDiscipleship1, 549:Ray of Harmony through Conflict, as you may have suspected. This facilitates contact with andDiscipleship1, 610:perchance, you have at moments yourself [610] suspected. I would say to you with emphasis: LoveDiscipleship1, 665:ray is the sixth ray, as you may have often suspected. This will link you closely by similarity ofEducation, 59:is concealed and hidden and which, even though suspected, still remains unknown. The inference isFire, 838:are yet discovered, although they are strongly suspected. We know that such exist and where theyHealing, 204:more than is today grasped, but they have (as is suspected by the orthodox medical science) a mostHealing, 339:be demonstrated as a fact, what has always been suspected and is now generally recognized, that theMagic, 7:those in the first group and which will only be suspected by the more advanced members of theRays, 148:their numbers are even today more than are suspected, and their ranks will be steadily increased in
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