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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUSPENDED

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Discipleship1, 290:you no work, and you are regarded as temporarily suspended from the group. I ask naught of you butDiscipleship1, 366:am suggesting to her that she regard herself as suspended from her group endeavor and from myDiscipleship1, 595:instruction that the disciple was temporarily suspended from active work in the group until certainDiscipleship2, 39:in the case of several who have been temporarily suspended from active work in my Ashram. See thatDiscipleship2, 72:Command your forces, stand in the Light, and the suspended mental link will recharge the magneticDiscipleship2, 399:third eye which - for a moment - is temporarily suspended from its task of directing energy uponHercules, 141:hydra with his bare hands, and raised it aloft. Suspended in mid-air, its strength diminished. OnInitiation, 201:the conscious control of the heart, produce suspended animation of the physical body. This is notIntellect, 190:the modifications of the thinking principle are suspended in the degree that they depend onPatanjali, 326:great powers for good in moments when samadhi is suspended." It is of value to the aspirant to knowPsychology1, 106:occult groups and societies is temporarily suspended. The time is relatively so short in which toSoul, 150:is usually sensitive to magnetism, will remain suspended seemingly by air alone, if a magnet is
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