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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SUSTAINS

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Astrology, 351:and thus controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is. Gemini is, therefore, connectedDiscipleship1, 460:light which life confers, this life which light sustains. I see this golden light transform theDiscipleship1, 559:love which light confers, this love which life sustains. I see the love of life divine pour throughDiscipleship2, 208:correspondence of the Nirmanakayas. This group sustains and cooperates with the planetary Logos inHealing, 79:the whole outer man; it is the framework which sustains the whole; it is that upon which the outerHealing, 304:them understanding. He knew not then that love sustains." The effects of this ray force are mostHealing, 585:which calls into manifestation a form, which sustains it in being and constantly demonstrates itsHealing, 679:planet. He animates the planet with His life; He sustains the planet and all that is in or on itPsychology1, 374:as it produces the cohesion within all forms and sustains all form life during the cycle ofPsychology2, 293:of quality. It is the factor which produces and sustains the instrument of appearance, the physicalPsychology2, 355:thee, so look to me. I am the One who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up. Look unto me withRays, 183:with the supervisory work of the Hierarchy as it sustains the work of the [184] soul to be foundSoul, 82:in all existing things, which creates, sustains, preserves, and receives back into itself again allSoul, 100:great cosmic power (Shakti) which created and sustains the universe." - Rele, Vasant G., The
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