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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SWAY

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Astrology, 86:and eventually substituted for that now holding sway. This new astrology really embodies fiveAstrology, 645:the higher group and the middle group hold sway as these planets are the most occult and sacred inAstrology, 682:analogy between the coming in of the Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certain periods in theAstrology, 692:others the higher group and middle group hold sway as these planets are the most occult and sacredBethlehem, 141:becomes, in time, a "personality," and begins to sway other minds. He exercises a definiteBethlehem, 199:the doctrines of reincarnation and of karma hold sway, a man suffers for his own deeds and sins andBethlehem, 233:can with safety be revealed only when love holds sway over the human consciousness, and where theBethlehem, 246:sentient reactions to environing condition, hold sway over us again. Equally surely, none of us areBethlehem, 253:human kingdom, wherein self-consciousness holds sway, until the higher members of that kingdomBethlehem, 261:in order that the Spirit of God may have full sway. He taught us that death must end, and that theBethlehem, 262:matters that the kingdom and its laws may hold sway earlier than would otherwise be the case. NoDestiny, 111:great world religions have held authoritative sway for a very long time; their peculiar tenets,Discipleship1, 124:us. Finally, "thus the magnetic life again holds sway." This time, however, the magnetism is notDiscipleship1, 363:love aspect of the second ray now have fuller sway. You and F. C. D. have to reverse your lifeDiscipleship1, 521:therefore: Let not the inner tension resume its sway. You might at this point rightly ask: HowDiscipleship1, 521:of fear and of worry do not resume their ancient sway and that old emotional reactions are notDiscipleship1, 609:The illusion that glamor no longer can hold sway over you. Constant watchfulness will be necessary.Discipleship1, 748:energies which [748] (when given full and proper sway) enable the group to carry out the Master'sDiscipleship2, 505:is to give the second ray personality fuller sway, and thus balance the first ray ability toEducation, One of:is known; Hierarchy, where the Love of God holds sway; Humanity, embodying the Intelligence aspectExternalisation, 46:so that the psyche or soul can have full sway; physical, as the result of the inner psychologicalExternalisation, 72:the planetary center where the Love of God holds sway, as it swings into one of its major cyclicExternalisation, 361:between the Center where the Will of God holds sway, the Center where the Love of God rules and theExternalisation, 380:of mass opinion is recognized and the need to sway the mass mind, either bending it to the will ofExternalisation, 462:can function [462] fully and until 1949 hold sway over the minds of men, if the people of the worldExternalisation, 513:eventuate - when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood -Externalisation, 637:the spirit of man; but the people under the sway of this evil influence and the scheming of theseExternalisation, 672:values for those which have hitherto held sway. The guarantee of this is the developingFire, 64:controls the physical body, and its desires hold sway in the majority of cases; it demonstrates inFire, 65:On each plane one of these Brothers holds sway, and the three elder Brothers (for always the threeFire, 174:of the Ego. That wherein the Monadic Ray holds sway. The first period is by far the longest, andFire, 175:The second period, wherein the egoic ray holds sway, is not so long comparatively; it covers theFire, 177:the ray upon which the ego can be found holds sway. This ray is simply a direct reflection of theFire, 178:the period in which the sixth triangle holds sway. It marks the period of achievement, ofFire, 201:for taste is the great sense that begins to hold sway during the discriminating process that takesFire, 219:relative attainment, one of the laws comes into sway, - first the law of matter, then the law ofFire, 253:a Heavenly Man. The Law of Attraction has full sway. The Law of Economy is transcended. The denseFire, 366:analogy between the coming in of the Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certain periods in theFire, 417:48 is He, again, who holds spiritual sway over the initiated Adepts throughout the wholeFire, 426:it is simply the third. The third Ray holds sway all the time, for the second Ray only came intoFire, 426:came into power in the second round. It holds sway simultaneously with the second Ray until the endFire, 472:of the present karma, which will be sure to sway the balance of your life for good or for evil inFire, 569:the physical. The Law of Magnetic Control holds sway paramountly on the buddhic plane, and in theFire, 573:law, Magnetic Control, for instance, holds sway on the fourth subplane of each plane, in the fourthFire, 596:manipulates, that geometrizes and that holds sway over the form side, governing the elementalFire, 772:lower manifestation and experience has no more sway, and only conscious purpose is left. Then, andFire, 777:others the higher group and middle group hold sway as these planets are the most occult and sacredFire, 783:no definite form. "The Pitris of the Chaos" hold sway, and are characterized by excessive energy,Fire, 1149:but certain other forces begin to hold sway which might here be touched upon. The factors governingFire, 1174:the process of initiation, and it has only held sway since the Door of Initiation was opened inFire, 1174:some of whom will achieve slowly and under the sway of the basic Law of Evolution. It does notGlamour, 72:own astral body and the glamors which affect and sway and submerge him. His problem upon the mentalGlamour, 75:lessened. Illusion in many forms may still hold sway but the glamor of materiality will be gone. ItGlamour, 169:between the Center where the Will of God holds sway, the Center where the Love of God rules, andHealing, 178:self-preservation and survival no longer hold sway. This constitutes a triplicity of ideas whichHealing, 196:to a [196] tangible environment yet holds sway in the West. The idea of these nerves being theHealing, 224:and many customary reactions which today hold sway will vanish, and types and qualities andHealing, 249:the soul within the form will have fuller sway and greater beauty of expression and usefulness inInitiation, 82:drink, and licentiousness must no longer hold sway. The physical elemental will no longer find itsInitiation, 189:he is on the ray of the Planetary Logos holding sway upon the earth. Later again as his evolutionMagic, 240:of false teaching will increasingly hold sway but the term of the delusion will be shorter than theMagic, 278:center of endeavor. Let these three laws hold sway, the law of synthetic limitation, of vibratoryMagic, 320:detached thyself, for none have the right to sway a brother's mind. The only right there is, willMagic, 341:down to the groups of tiny lives that hold sway in the vehicles of man. This needs emphasis.Magic, 394:with purpose and desire. Power to influence, sway, guide and hold others within the range ofMagic, 613:cycle of time in which the great illusion holds sway can therefore be judged, from the aboveMeditationrace, - those who emotionally and intellectually sway mankind, - can be seen working; then theMeditation, 41:of organization, rule and order under the sway of the incoming force, that of the ray of the MasterMeditation, 166:and when the higher mind holds greater sway, these occult mantrams - rightly imparted and rightlyMeditation, 332:desires, the concerns of the personality sway them. The emotional body is the focal point for thePatanjali, 103:is the second aspect known; only as tamas holds sway is the lowest aspect known. There is anPatanjali, 165:of men imprisoned in the three worlds no longer sway or affect him; and the myriad thought formsPatanjali, 234:away, and the perceiving consciousness has full sway. 10. Through the cultivation of this habit ofPatanjali, 258:away, and the perceiving consciousness has full sway. If the student will look at any of thePsychology2, 109:work and the urgency of the need are realized, sway Them to cooperation. It is essential that thePsychology2, 177:of initiation, then this law begins to sway him and he learns to obey it instinctively, intuitivelyPsychology2, 251:in time and space the pairs of opposites hold sway and that they are used by the Masters to weavePsychology2, 695:race to impress the public consciousness, and so sway public opinion. Thus humanity can be moreRays, 23:the Higher Three where the Will of God holds sway; let Transfiguration follow Transformation andRays, 105:between the worlds in which these two hold sway and in which the aspirants and initiates of allRays, 136:will factually, externally and in reality hold sway on earth, working in all the kingdoms of natureRays, 219:at the heart of the jewel is not permitted full sway. It is blocked and intercepted by groupRays, 247:the Higher Three where the Will of God holds sway; let Transfiguration follow Transformation, andRays, 249:the Higher Three where the Will of God holds sway. Let Transfiguration follow Transformation andRays, 267:and that is why the words "the will of God holds sway" occur in this rule. It is Their supreme taskRays, 276:Then gradually "the will of God will hold sway," as our injunction expresses it. Paralleling allRays, 507:These four attainments mark the goal for men and sway them all upon the lower point ofRays, 568:the sixth ray which has for so long held sway. When we speak of ray energy we are in realityRays, 628:level, and until a recognized idealism begins to sway the French mind and the mass consciousness,Rays, 655:indicating first ray purpose - has held sway on Earth. Knowledge, the revealing of the Mysteries,Reappearance, 93:and centuries, whereas lesser sons of God sway countries and shorter periods of time. They still
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