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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SWAYED

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Astrology, 288:that they are self-conscious when they are only swayed by desire and are oriented towards theAstrology, 437:to come under hierarchical influence and to be swayed consequently by different streams of force toAtom, 114:emotional bodies that are controlled, and not swayed by desire, when we have mental bodies that areAutobiography, 153:that control and once they can no longer be swayed by the appetites of the flesh, they can beBethlehem, 142:of humanity in the scale of being. He is easily swayed by the mass or collective thought, and isDestiny, 87:past, gave Italy her world dominion and which swayed the Italian personality towards the thought ofDiscipleship1, 44:from the heights of their achievement. They swayed hemispheres and centuries, whereas the lesserDiscipleship1, 44:and centuries, whereas the lesser sons of God swayed countries, specific types of mind and lesserDiscipleship1, 639:contribution at this time to your group. Be not swayed by personalities, but take your stand uponDiscipleship2, 395:the stage wherein the disciple can be easily swayed by impulsive, emotional enthusiasm; it is aEducation, 114:felt. In the field of politics, the masses are swayed by their orators, and never more so than nowExternalisation, 128:their thousands to the category of those who are swayed by the Forces of Light and who, therefore,Externalisation, 214:whole of humanity, plus the unthinking masses, swayed by propaganda, controlled by theirExternalisation, 228:free yourselves from the condition where you are swayed by propaganda of a political, national orExternalisation, 379:for the unthinking and the emotional are easily swayed in any direction, and hitherto this has beenFire, 13:They grew and multiplied. In constant flux they swayed. Each ebb of cosmic motion increased theFire, 623:but with a psychic intent, being themselves swayed and actuated according to divine purpose, andFire, 660:to the mental, and thus prove incapable of being swayed by thought currents, and the separativeFire, 841:the act of physical creation, yet they are more swayed by love than by animal instinct as in theGlamour, 8:requires an effort and a determination not to be swayed by personality reactions. To many it is notHealing, 53:at which that majority finds itself. Men are swayed by the impulse of desire of a high or lowHealing, 594:men are still Atlantean in consciousness, being swayed mainly by their emotional natures, theseHealing, 640:can be and frequently is an inchoate force, swayed entirely by desire, and no true personalityHercules, 196:With a shrill, despairing groan, the monster swayed, then fell, nevermore to rise. Toward theIntellect, 100:is so often the case) the victim of his mind, swayed by thoughts and ideas over which he has noMagic, 86:The physical body, the instrument of desire, is swayed and controlled by desire, - desire forMagic, 130:employ the concrete mind; while the masses are swayed entirely by the emotions. The time is comingMagic, 193:which are not theirs. Men and women become swayed by astralism and wander in the vale of illusionMagic, 202:the energies of his nature turn. Perhaps he is swayed strongly by his physical forces and livesMagic, 202:consequently the life of an animal. Or he is swayed by astral energy and lives a potently emotionalMagic, 202:and psychic life. Perhaps - like so many - he is swayed by three types of energy, physical,Magic, 464:level of conscious development where they are swayed by mass ideas, molded unthinkingly byMagic, 631:evil, then the true aspirant refuses to be swayed and goes serenely on his way. In the coming cycleMeditation, 85:intellect. It often marks a period when a man is swayed purely by reason and his emotions do notPatanjali, 216:is either attentive to the egoic impression or swayed by the million voices of earth. It apparentlyPatanjali, 218:independent existence but simply acted as it was swayed and motivated by the etheric body. ThePsychology1, 38:Thoughts become to him so tangible that he is swayed, turned and influenced by them; and to thePsychology1, 180:felt. In the field of politics, the masses are swayed by their orators, and never more so than nowPsychology2, 26:as it expresses itself in the untutored, easily-swayed masses, should be the effort of all whoPsychology2, 264:who go blindly and impotently upon their way, swayed by their lower and dense desire nature, ofPsychology2, 636:them that the large middle class is reached, swayed and organized for political, religious andPsychology2, 640:sometimes by a true love for humanity, sometimes swayed by ambition, or galvanized into violentPsychology2, 670:swing, - inert, helpless, unthinking, easily swayed, regimented and standardized. In every countryRays, 742:not deeds. They are easily led and also easily swayed by imparted fears. The evil in the world andRays, 742:attempted control. These powerful groups are swayed in their turn by the forces of evil - forcesRays, 742:in full concert with the Hierarchy. They are swayed by fear, by a sense of futility and by a tooReappearance, 93:from the heights of Their achievement. They swayed hemispheres and centuries, whereas lesser sonsSoul, 135:and has reached a point where he is no longer swayed by moods and selfishness. Abstraction. A term
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