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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SWEEP

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Psychology2, 232:nor the consummation of God's thought. The sweep of this instinct to synthesis underlies allPsychology2, 307:and the dynamic life of the soul is beginning to sweep the center of the lotus into activity. ThePsychology2, 366:ahead of this fourth kingdom in the great sweep of the divine manifestation. It is valuable also toPsychology2, 554:the energies - concentrated in the ajna center - sweep down into the solar plexus or into thePsychology2, 592:the lines of force will then be seen. The great sweep of the energies will be apparent, the pointPsychology2, 641:futile to stem the tide which seems about to sweep humanity over the brink of disaster. This factorPsychology2, 697:The group stimulation and the united effort sweep the entire group to an intensity of realizationPsychology2, 703:may have been led to expect some great onward sweep, some clear time of reaping, or someRays, 8:the magnitude of the task before the Ego and sweep into increasing dominance the lower man. TheRays, 132:There is still the broad confining sweep of the purpose and the life-intent of the planetary Logos,Soul, 57:from the tiniest grain of sand to the widest sweep of starry heaven, from an African savage to aTelepathy, 26:through right thought. Let the love of the soul sweep through all like a regenerating force. 2. The
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