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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SWEEPING

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Astrology, 161:awareness. This fact is responsible for sweeping into the conflict in a peculiar and pronouncedAstrology, 374:may be driven back (wherever found) before the sweeping onslaught of the Forces of Light. Autobiography, 6:where I am going There'll be no more dusting or sweeping or sewing. Weep not for me, friends,Autobiography, 152:because these misleading doctrines are sweeping the public consciousness and lead eventually toAutobiography, 170:some individual. A strong phase of psychism was sweeping through the society due to the psychicAutobiography, 172:the great Theosophical Movement which is today sweeping the world. This movement is not onlyDiscipleship1, 772:outside the great tide of spiritual force now sweeping in regenerating streams throughout the worldDiscipleship2, 231:they can give again. Attempt to feel true love sweeping through you, and have the fixed intentionDiscipleship2, 744:of understanding. Imagine next that divine flow sweeping through your mind and your astral body andExternalisation, 235:Germany, grinding the peoples of the world and sweeping them into slavery on a scale of serfdom andExternalisation, 358:will bring about, through the medium of its sweeping potency, the devitalization or the removal, asExternalisation, 443:state of that man was worse than the first." The sweeping and cleansing has been going on for fiveExternalisation, 618:- was but the broom of the Father of all, sweeping away obstructions in the path of His returningExternalisation, 695:The searchlight of the Hierarchy is sweeping the planet at this time singling out men and women,Fire, 184:but a reflection of the action of the Logos in sweeping into differentiation the matter of theFire, 598:its wonderful beauty. It is impossible for us, sweeping through on some one Ray, to visualize or inFire, 748:meet His approach. Yet He passeth on His way, sweeping the circle of the spheres, and soundingFire, 1049:tends to offset the higher. Gradually, as the sweeping spirals play their part, the higherGlamour, 88:his dense physical nature. Making a broad and sweeping generalization, it might be said that forGlamour, 165:will bring about, through the medium of its sweeping potency, the revitalization or the removal, asHercules, 180:grow. In consequence, a blighting pestilence was sweeping through the land, wreaking havoc withHercules, 187:your voice when emoting? Because the energy sweeping through you has an effect upon your vocalMagic, 12:is the vitalizing, purifying agency which is sweeping him and all God's creatures on to a gloriousMeditation, 114:Great is the day of opportunity, and in the sweeping onward of this seventh force comes the neededProblems, 31:the entire trend of the evolutionary process is sweeping them on to victory? The firm establishmentProblems, 40:that this spiritual awakening is already sweeping over Europe and that perhaps from that continentPsychology2, 310:discipline his dense physical nature. Making a sweeping generalization, it might be stated that,Psychology2, 389:likewise from the will aspect of the Monad, sweeping the higher [390] mind into activity upon thePsychology2, 723:upon humanity, and this whirlpool of energies is sweeping humanity into a period of definitelyRays, 237:in the minds of men, letting in illumination, sweeping away the bad old conditions. This isReappearance, 112:to channel to us) is a free and flowing current, sweeping away obstructions and barriers, andReappearance, 165:- was but the broom of the Father of all, sweeping away all obstructions in the path of His
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