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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SWINGS

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Astrology, 229:or - as it is sometimes expressed - man swings between the pairs of opposites. Hence the importanceAstrology, 254:that right orientation is achieved and humanity swings into the correct rhythm of progress. I wouldDiscipleship1, 119:and its solution are as follows: "The magnet swings, and swinging, fails to touch the pleadingDiscipleship1, 119:the pleading hands, held forth for help. It swings in heaven high, held by the soul - serene andDiscipleship1, 254:of harmony through conflict - it also swings into action another second ray attribute, thus aidingDiscipleship1, 313:heart of love, the key is turned. The door swings open wide." "With hasty feet the one who hastensDiscipleship2, 205:service to be rendered. Gradually the neophyte swings into the rhythm of the Ashram, and graduallyDiscipleship2, 211:Law of Attraction - the motivating energy which swings the Law of Evolution into activity in theDiscipleship2, 390:the easiest. There is also the compromise which swings decision (and [391] decision is alwaysExternalisation, 72:center where the Love of God holds sway, as it swings into one of its major cyclic approaches toFire, 279:of other atoms. These it either attracts and swings into its own field of operation, or it repulsesFire, 353:of some great Self which colors the life and swings into intelligent cooperation all the lesserFire, 426:it begins gradually to obscure as the first Ray swings into influence again. Remember,Fire, 685:the heart impulses of the Heavenly Man, and thus swings into objectivity those Monads (energized byFire, 786:mantram is the result. The energy thus generated swings into activity a multitude of little livesFire, 1035:sheaths, thus giving them coherence, and ever swings them into closer relation to himself. Later,Fire, 1121:is regarded as a lower rhythm. Thus He gradually swings the entire lower form-substance into HisGlamour, 26:essentially the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through the subjectiveGlamour, 26:The Dweller on the Threshold, always present, swings however into activity only on the Path ofGlamour, 79:with gloom and depression as the disciple swings back and forth between the dualities. ThisGlamour, 147:of the other. Like frequently repudiates and swings away from like, and the Germans and the JewsHealing, 336:of the kundalini fire. This, when taking place, swings the entire nervous system into a specialHercules, 82:of ideas and of potential capacities in Virgo, swings violently from one extreme to the other inInitiation, 122:own planetary scheme, the earth, but also there swings into the radius of his apprehension thatIntellect, 58:first entirely objective in its orientation, and swings into activity through impacts coming to itMagic, 198:heart center is awakened and the throat center swings into creative work, a definite relation isMagic, 220:ruler, controller of his own destinies, and swings the lower energies into forms and activitiesMagic, 242:wherein the part of the world in which we live swings out into the clear light of the sun, andMagic, 342:of the pairs of opposites. When the pendulum swings - as it must and does - towards that which weMagic, 394:or psychic nature), and by vitality which swings the physical vehicle into line with purpose andPatanjali, 385:is the will-to-be and desire for existence that swings outward into the light both the cosmicPsychology1, 57:He grasps that purpose little by little as he swings consciously into the rhythm of the sum totalPsychology1, 261:building of forms of expression. Therefore it swings now into activity and pours through thisPsychology1, 359:magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advanced humanity.Psychology2, 222:side, it leads to a blended cooperation which swings each unit of energy in every form, in all itsPsychology2, 361:met. This is a very different matter and [361] swings into activity a very different psychology.Psychology2, 388:or one-pointed focus of imaginative dreaming swings the astral body into complete subordination toPsychology2, 389:to note that it is the very rare man indeed who swings into the field of so-called black magic.Psychology2, 473:essentially the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through the subjectivePsychology2, 512:the etheric body; mass impetus or contact which swings the unit into line with mass intention andPsychology2, 574:a center of energy which is so potent that it swings the man into a state of consciousness which isPsychology2, 602:over and he later (and probably in another life) swings into a frankly agnostic state of mind,Psychology2, 603:and his emotional obsession. The ajna center swings into activity before there is any trueRays, 13:mankind is so terribly aware at this time. This swings into immediate conflict the past and theRays, 244:we shall later see - when the fourth ray again swings into full objective activity - a recurrenceRays, 766:heart of love, that key is turned. The door swings wide open. With hasty feet the one who hastensTelepathy, 28:of the throat center, when transmitting. This swings etheric force into activity when engaged in
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