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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SWUNG

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Astrology, 104:in Aries. The life of God which in this sign is "swung into activity" eventually achievesAstrology, 212:(for the blood is the life in this sense) to be swung into the conflict, leaving no side of humanAstrology, 581:is, however, a plus, a something else, which swung the tide of victory on to the side of theDiscipleship1, 409:(which is, however, often an inaccurate mind) is swung into intense interest with great facility;Discipleship1, 773:mountain top of initiation and from there has swung out beyond space and time; he has lost allDiscipleship2, 234:can be adequately met and the great mass of men swung accurately into line with evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 501:at a time of crisis such as the present, is swung into one unified activity. From that point ofExternalisation, 174:for through them millions can be reached and swung into the desired activity. To those of you whoExternalisation, 244:he is part. Eventually humanity itself is thus swung - again as an integral unit - into the serviceFire, 424:bearing ever in mind that: Each of them has swung into power during earlier world cycles. One ofFire, 1035:Later, as the momentum is increased, the man is swung more definitely into relation with theHealing, 215:and by karma; thus all the bodily energies are swung into correct spiritual activity. With theIntellect, 206:our minds to range the world at will, or to be swung into activity by our feelings and emotions, orIntellect, 212:the thought apparatus, in the higher brain, is swung into an organized activity. The man acquires aMagic, 107:the powers of the vibrating etheric body have swung even the lowest center into line with thePatanjali, 406:impulses. In these words, the whole concept is swung out of the realm of the particular into theProblems, 14:have been over much earlier. Had all the nations swung into action when Japan first went intoPsychology2, 38:pairs of opposites, he took his stand, and as he swung pendent between them, fleeting glimpses ofPsychology2, 38:fleeting glimpses of the goal shone forth. He swung in mid-heaven. He sought to swing into thatPsychology2, 38:stood the door upon the higher Way. But ever he swung between the pairs of opposites. He spoke atPsychology2, 180:and all aspirants and all disciples can be swung into a synthetic recognition of power and ofPsychology2, 377:are stimulated, the disciple is often for a time swung off the center into a maelstrom of magicalPsychology2, 383:and existence. Again you will note that we have swung back to our three major themes: Soul control,Psychology2, 443:governed by sixth ray energy, can be rapidly swung into fanatical orientations and is easilyPsychology2, 728:peace societies could at least temporarily be swung into an allied and paralleling activity. TheRays, 444:and magnetic units, or grouped energies, swung into each other's field of influence. This happensRays, 606:the spirit aspect of the duality; it has not yet swung, even in intention, completely over, but theTelepathy, 44:to cyclic rhythm, or in times of emergency, are swung into this type of activity. For instance, one
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