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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOL

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Rays, 52:by the force of its outgoing vibration. Using a symbol to make my meaning clear, it is like "aRays, 54:group the OM can be portrayed in the following symbol as expressing the material M nature whereasRays, 54:whereas the second group can be portrayed by the symbol m expressive of the soul enveloped inRays, 59:its horror and its joy. I mean just that. The symbol or first expression of this (for all in theRays, 59:of this (for all in the three worlds is but the symbol of an inner reality) is the driving urge toRays, 69:replica of this fundamental triangle and of this symbol of energy, with its inflow andRays, 70:of the Lord Buddha is the outer demonstration or symbol of the emergence of this Science ofRays, 71:the Hierarchy, in the second. The door is only a symbol of separation; it divides one place fromRays, 82:and functions on the plane of mind, of which the symbol is fire. That is the most elementary andRays, 106:One the divine Hermaphrodite is the concrete symbol - the union in one of the pairs of opposites,Rays, 119:Of this the dual activity of the mind is a symbol, acting as it does as the common sense and soRays, 172:is the only tangible though unsatisfactory symbol of this life-sharing process which takes placeRays, 177:"eye to eye." At the fifth initiation no [177] symbol or light substance separates or protects him,Rays, 177:order and under the evolutionary Law. The symbol which expresses the door of evolution is theRays, 177:man - is the waxing and the waning moon - the symbol of growing desire and of the dying out ofRays, 177:desire and of the dying out of desire. The symbol of the world of meaning is Light - the lightRays, 178:events and bestowing revelation. The [178] symbol of the world of mediation is the revolving Cross,Rays, 178:of mediation is the revolving Cross, whilst the symbol of the world of purpose is a twofold one:Rays, 180:the "eye within the Triangle" - a most familiar symbol to many today. They are the expression, inRays, 206:again a dangerous parallel to propose for - as a symbol - it lacks any true analogy. The SevenRays, 233:of the recognition will be the appearing of a symbol in the aura of the group - of the entireRays, 233:the group - of the entire group. This will be a symbol projected by the Hierarchy, specifically byRays, 233:Hierarchy, specifically by the Christ. What that symbol will be it is not for me to say. It is notRays, 263:soul ray. The Sound heard of which the OM is a symbol. This is the first letter of the sevenfoldRays, 282:within his sphere of influence. Here is the symbol of the Master, from a specific point ofRays, 283:made somewhat clearer by means of the following symbol. The Master has now penetrated into anotherRays, 285:following sequence of words, embodying ideas: Symbol, Meaning, Significance, Light, regarding lightRays, 285:emanating creative energy - the organizer of the symbol, the revealer of the meaning, the potencyRays, 296:truth - of which the Christ today is the symbol and exponent. Neophytes and aspirants haveRays, 314:He was in the Temple of Solomon, ever a symbol of the causal body of the soul, and He was thereforeRays, 328:I will say will be somewhat "blind" or veiled in symbol; much that I could say (if words existed ofRays, 353:fluid. Of this type of energy water is the symbol, and this is one reason why this secondRays, 353:All are localized and concentrated in that symbol of progress, the "door of initiation." It shouldRays, 355:to keep this fourfold picture and this threefold symbol clearly distinguished in their minds, forRays, 355:with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus - a symbol of the essential dualism of spirit andRays, 426:cosmic Indentifications Hierarchy The sixth Symbol A green dragon issuing from the center of aRays, 427:[427] Hierarchy The third and fourth Symbol A funeral pyre, four torches, and a fivefold starRays, 427:The fifth Method Prismatic identification Symbol A colored cross with a star at the center andRays, 427:motion and rhythmic dancing upon the square Symbol Two wheels of electric fire, revolving around anRays, 427:and the imprisonment of polar magnetism Symbol Five balls of fire enclosed within a sphere. SphereRays, 450:gaining experience and sustenance. The spider symbol is often used in the ancient occult books andRays, 456:energy might be symbolized thus: In this simple symbol you have a picture of the disciple's taskRays, 470:and the initiate by or unity. Note that the symbol of duality for undeveloped humanity is in whichRays, 471:called formless. It is this which is the true symbol of alignment, involving as it does the senseRays, 515:the embodied will of the Lodge, itself a symbol of the Will and Purpose of the Most High. TheRays, 516:second ray is enunciated. Of this Word, the dual symbol Sxprulxs takes form in the mind of theRays, 516:It is complete sight and of this the Masonic symbol of the "Eye of God," the "All-Seeing Eye," isRays, 516:which at this point registers power; it is the symbol (the form aspect) and the power (the SpiritRays, 524:to divinity. It is difficult to give you a symbol which could clarify this matter in your mind. ButRays, 527:entrance to the passage through the Pyramid (the symbol of the Spiritual Triad in this case.Rays, 561:it is therefore visually portrayed under the symbol of the Cross. I have here indicated to you,Rays, 561:you, therefore, that the Cross is strictly the symbol of Aryan unfoldment. The symbol of oldRays, 561:is strictly the symbol of Aryan unfoldment. The symbol of old Atlantis was a line, indicating theRays, 561:Will of God will gradually become dominant. Its symbol cannot yet be revealed. There will then comeRays, 571:of [571] which the word "bread" is but a symbol. This period started in the year 1825 and willRays, 571:become the "house of plenty." Bread - as the symbol of material human need - will eventually beRays, 581:in the "watery realm" of the astral plane. The symbol of that plane has ever been water - fluid,Rays, 581:is also closely related to this plane and to the symbol of water; it fixed in the humanRays, 581:sea of emotions." Aquarius is also known by the symbol of water, for Aquarius is theRays, 590:- if you care to use its correspondence as a symbol of its nature. It is volatile, easilyRays, 604:it was impulsed from the mental plane. The symbol of fire was this time involved, instead of water,Rays, 623:been reached (of which the United Nations is a symbol) which will eventually prove to be the agentRays, 635:been (could he but usefully remember it) the symbol of humanity - evolving, seeking, restless,Rays, 635:materialistic, separative and greedy. He is the symbol of the mass consciousness, presenting thisRays, 635:thus upon the Jewish conflict because it is the symbol of all past conflicts in human history,Rays, 640:human relations among men. The Jewish race is a symbol of humanity in its mass sense; in theRays, 669:that of which physical sex is only the symbol, becomes apparent. Instead of male and female, thereRays, 674:that of purification. Water has ever been the symbol of that which purifies; it is also the symbolRays, 674:symbol of that which purifies; it is also the symbol of the astral plane, with its instability, itsRays, 692:the Christian faith - is in reality a cosmic symbol, long antedating the Christian era. It is oneRays, 695:from the Fixed Cross to the Mount of Ascension, symbol of transition, through initiation. Rays, 698:- using the spinal channel as the pathway or the symbol of the antahkarana - will pour into it fromRays, 699:not the case, except in a lesser degree and as symbol of future experience. In the same way, theRays, 707:will see some of the significances behind the symbol and will make interpretations according to theReappearance, 20:adherents in every land. The Buddha is the symbol of enlightenment and there is everywhere today aReappearance, 27:now replaced by that of the twelve apostles, the symbol of service and sacrifice. He was also inReappearance, 27:was also in the Temple of Solomon, which is the symbol [28] of the perfect life of the soul, justReappearance, 28:just as the Tabernacle in the wilderness is the symbol of the imperfect ephemeral life of theReappearance, 75:this potency and glory, Christ has ever been the symbol. During the [76] present period ofReappearance, 79:runs consistently through all four Gospels; the symbol of the Fish is the astrological symbol forReappearance, 79:the symbol of the Fish is the astrological symbol for the sign Pisces, and has been for untoldReappearance, 80:Prior to His "disappearance," He referred to the symbol of the Aquarian Age and to the task HeReappearance, 80:did and the Last Supper took place. The ancient symbol for the sign Aquarius (into which our Sun isReappearance, 81:calf, that, the Jewish dispensation used the symbol of the scapegoat or ram in the age of Aries,Reappearance, 97:has ever been the hitherto unrecognized symbol. The word "carpenter" is significant of building, ofReappearance, 106:fell down and worshipped the golden calf, the symbol of Taurus, the Bull; this was the precedingReappearance, 169:to visible activity will be the sign and the symbol. Secondly, the critical activity which isSoul, 142:on the physical plane are the outer concretized symbol. The perversions of sex magic so widelyTelepathy, 23:the sun, of which the heart is, as you know, the symbol. It shines alike upon the good and the bad;Telepathy, 27:to the idea, impression, thought-form, symbol, words, etc., which are being swept into the area ofTelepathy, 29:is mainly occupied with the clarity of his symbol, with the word or thought, and not with theTelepathy, 29:attention must be paid to the clarity of the symbol. Thirdly, let the receivers think with love andTelepathy, 29:violent and strong desire and effort to see the symbol and to contact the mind of the sender. TheTelepathy, 65:and of which the etheric body is the symbol. It is also rendering man sensitive to ideas as theTelepathy, 91:lotus" - that twelve-petalled lotus which is the symbol and expression of the potency of theTelepathy, 155:mind. There is within the human body a wonderful symbol of distinction between the higher ethericTelepathy, 183:conscious imagination and by means of the innate symbol-making faculty which all men possess, the
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