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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLIC

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Astrology, 13:is that the influence of the moon is purely symbolic in nature and in effect and is simply theAstrology, 20:spoken of in the Old Commentary in the following symbolic phrases: "Amid the whirling forces, IAstrology, 54:the planet on which we live) and pour into the symbolic "twelve houses" through their medium. It isAstrology, 104:is properly investigated and grasped and their symbolic significances interpreted. For instance, itAstrology, 112:by the orthodox planets. The greater zodiac is symbolic of the soul and the lesser of theAstrology, 132:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations The same symbolic mode of interpretation must govern alsoAstrology, 142:the entire human body. It is, therefore, symbolic of the task of the liberated Aquarian whoAstrology, 146:is the Sun, whose power is lessened. What is the symbolic significance of this? It consists in theAstrology, 152:in one moment of time, this it does." This is a symbolic way of expressing the united activity ofAstrology, 158:today to climb Mount Everest is amazingly symbolic, and it is being watched with much interest byAstrology, 170:usurp the place of a spiritual attitude, yet the symbolic meaning is eternally true. When the manAstrology, 212:Zodiacal Constellations In connection with the symbolic connection between Mars and the blood,Astrology, 225:and finally take its place. Such are the symbolic and esoteric significances. The Moon is hereAstrology, 275:the constellation Cancer is outstandingly symbolic. It precedes Leo, the sign of individuality andAstrology, 291:of awareness. If the inner meanings of the outer symbolic forms of existence were registered by anAstrology, 294:source of physical consciousness (exoteric and symbolic of the personality), of soul awarenessAstrology, 303:that the term "permanent atom" is essentially symbolic and that what we call the permanent atom isAstrology, 317:water signs give us, therefore, a brief and symbolic [318] history of man's growth and trueAstrology, 330:A study of the above thoughts will reveal the symbolic story of the irradiation of matter, of theAstrology, 342:needed struggle. This makes Cancer a place of symbolic imprisonment and emphasizes the pains andAstrology, 366:Gemini to the physical form, for it is so truly symbolic of the processes of divine unfoldment andAstrology, 378:the wholeness of the individual physical life is symbolic of the outer body of humanity, viewingAstrology, 382:man the five-pointed star! In these four simple symbolic forms lies the whole history of the fourthAstrology, 384:deals with sex and that which must work out into symbolic expression upon the physical plane. TheseAstrology, 385:and failed to lift it up into the realm of symbolic mystery. Men have sought through physicalAstrology, 392:The Christ, kneeling beside the rock (symbolic of the depths of the mineral kingdom and of theAstrology, 399:technically called "in detriment") is purely symbolic of the effects of energy as it impinges uponAstrology, 473:Aquarius. The influence of this triangle finds symbolic expression in the life of theAstrology, 596:I would have you study Tabulation X, for it is a symbolic form, embodying what I seek to convey. IAstrology, 626:Ray II 1. Gemini This is the great symbolic constellation of the Two Brothers, expressing theAstrology, 627:[627] 2. Virgo is the constellation which is symbolic of the second stage of the relation betweenAstrology, 633:now be carried to fruition." Under the same symbolic teaching, we could say that the followingAutobiography, 260:the most ancient manuscripts are ideographic and symbolic, and - when sufficient stimulation isBethlehem, 8:and have come frequently to be regarded as symbolic in their nature. Yet behind symbol and mythBethlehem, 25:Then that which was within could be put into symbolic form for the teaching of the "little ones,"Bethlehem, 30:of physical living will be known to be only symbolic of inner conditions and happenings. Then weBethlehem, 51:is travelling and journeying - a process symbolic of an inner condition of search and movementBethlehem, 59:" - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 332. In the symbolic language of esotericism, a cave isBethlehem, 60:place in a river, in the plains around Jordan - symbolic perhaps of Christ's mission to live andBethlehem, 73:the time of the new birth, gifts which will be symbolic of achievement. These three offered to theBethlehem, 81:is possible but not probable; it is not simply a symbolic expression of some ultimate goal - lyingBethlehem, 98:ancient mystery teaching. A close study of this symbolic rendering of a basic truth would greatlyBethlehem, 99:the purification by fire. The Jordan baptism is symbolic of the purification of the conscience inBethlehem, 99:the universal symbolism of religion, is ever symbolic of the mind nature. This baptism by fire isBethlehem, 156:He staged, for the benefit of humanity, a symbolic event as well as a definite experience for whichBethlehem, 185:up in Himself and brought to a conclusion the symbolic presentation of God's eternal sacrifice uponBethlehem, 231:of the Apostles, and "ascended into Heaven" - a symbolic phrase which can mean very little to anyDestiny, 34:but the Jewish people have never recognized the symbolic mission with which their race wasDestiny, 52:with an international implication which will be symbolic of the coming new age technique ofDestiny, 118:physical levels and this is in its nature deeply symbolic of racial unfoldment. These levelsDestiny, 119:and has done its magical work, then you have the symbolic representation of the control by the soulDestiny, 150:initiation are entering the long silence of that symbolic thirty years wherein they too will growDestiny, 152:of [152] each other in spite of the symbolic diversity of tongues. They had a touch of prevision,Destiny, 152:understanding and the diversity of languages - symbolic of differing traditions, cultures,Discipleship1, 33:their work. [33] The emergence - as yet only in symbolic indication - of the fifth or spiritualDiscipleship1, 42:It is a statement of fact and is not the least symbolic in its terminology - except in so far asDiscipleship1, 93:therefore, revealed in any way. The few possible symbolic hints and meanings have been investigatedDiscipleship1, 94:task to put into modern language and into symbolic forms these hitherto unwritten rules. Much thatDiscipleship1, 230:If you prefer, you can use the following six symbolic sentences which I have chosen for you. I haveDiscipleship1, 305:you, and any word connected with the registered symbolic form which may emerge in yourDiscipleship1, 359:At your noon meditation repeat the same symbolic work but this time with a yellow lotus. At sunsetDiscipleship1, 384:significance of all events and look upon them as symbolic indications of spiritual, mental, orDiscipleship1, 385:portal and what interpretation you give to this symbolic work is for you to discover. You may ask:Discipleship1, 402:life of your environment, in a curiously symbolic manner. Ponder on this. You will be able toDiscipleship1, 510:tower and steadfast stand. The tower is only symbolic but, if you grasp the essential underlyingDiscipleship1, 542:then on the following fifth ray seed thoughts or symbolic phrases, endeavoring to see them visuallyDiscipleship1, 544:and - after a rapid alignment - take one of the symbolic phrases and reflect deeply upon it. ThenDiscipleship1, 673:the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of a thought-form of theDiscipleship1, 687:of the problem. Let me explain. The vision is a symbolic way of experiencing revelation. TheDiscipleship1, 712:the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. The using of a thought-form ofDiscipleship1, 722:of purification, as has thitherto been the symbolic imparted truth; he will impart the fire whichDiscipleship1, 727:These must be intelligently corrected. In the symbolic charts which the guiding disciple presentsDiscipleship1, 732:They are as you know: A dream experience. A symbolic teaching. The thought-form of a Master. ADiscipleship1, 733:for those thought-forms exist; they do receive symbolic teachings upon the astral plane or in theDiscipleship1, 733:- these dreams and visions, these episodes of symbolic teaching, these contacts with thought-formsDiscipleship1, 746:interpreted and truly expressed. The same symbolic inferences are also to be seen in the BrahminDiscipleship1, 758:the inner Ashram. Next came the seventy who were symbolic of the Ashram as a whole and, finally,Discipleship1, 758:Bear in mind, however, that these figures are symbolic and not factual. The number of disciples inDiscipleship2, 10:of significance" carry a note, a vibration and a symbolic aspect which conveys to the trained mindDiscipleship2, 18:These hints I will convey to you in the ancient symbolic formulas which will require much deepDiscipleship2, 53:the circle of the group and with me. This is symbolic of the recognition of the world need of love,Discipleship2, 54:with the Hierarchy. This was intended to be symbolic of humanity's future contact. The three daysDiscipleship2, 57:of the full moon, you were asked to go through a symbolic performance in the realm of the creativeDiscipleship2, 57:It will be obvious to you that in this symbolic ritual there is typified, first of all the Path,Discipleship2, 58:give you a new and more intelligent grasp of the symbolic significances of the work we are nowDiscipleship2, 115:I am here choosing my words with care for their symbolic import. Stage II: Next, the deliberateDiscipleship2, 121:to the head, we have a [121] pictorial and symbolic presentation within the life experience of theDiscipleship2, 121:points within the solar plexus itself. These are symbolic also of the personality-soulDiscipleship2, 121:clarify the mind of the aspirant because it is symbolic again of the immediate present problem ofDiscipleship2, 124:the radiation of love. All the above is purely symbolic but carried out as a [125] visualizationDiscipleship2, 126:and there contacting me. I will give you another symbolic process which will follow five stages:Discipleship2, 128:the group life. It is simply in the nature of a symbolic happening - a symbol of your progress,Discipleship2, 128:negligible as such to groups like this. But the symbolic usefulness is great and has a definiteDiscipleship2, 142:view the work of their disciples from this symbolic angle. The disciple who reaps the benefit ofDiscipleship2, 173:where evil dwells." This is (needless to say) a symbolic way of expressing the idea of renderingDiscipleship2, 179:center. This is in reality a reflection or a symbolic activity [180] (within the physical man, orDiscipleship2, 181:reaction, but to [181] recognize also the symbolic import of what you are doing. Those of you alsoDiscipleship2, 193:cross is only correctly appropriated by (or is symbolic of) the man who has built (or is in processDiscipleship2, 194:is good to bear in mind, for eventually all this symbolic picturing will give place to reality. TheDiscipleship2, 246:I The Formulas There are six ancient formulas or symbolic forms which are to be found in the
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