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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLIC

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Psychology2, 314:unit", "permanent atom", etc., [314] are simply symbolic ways of expressing a difficult truth. ThePsychology2, 320:such expressions can be found, having in them symbolic quality and which are not to be interpretedPsychology2, 322:the monad. A few students may get the symbolic significance of the process, if they grasp the factPsychology2, 325:is impossible to avoid the use of some form of symbolic rendering of words. So long, however, asPsychology2, 325:however, as the student remembers that they are symbolic, there is no real danger of a basicPsychology2, 329:the ages, have familiarized us with the many symbolic ways of dealing with these matters. Upon themPsychology2, 340:until such time as the personality forces (symbolic of divine multiplicity) are subdued or "broughtPsychology2, 356:possible to do more than put these ideas into symbolic form, leaving these mysteries of the soul toPsychology2, 378:abstruse and couched in language quite symbolic. We were there dealing with the relationship ofPsychology2, 389:of color, and the recognition of the use of symbolic forms in order to express quality and meaning.Psychology2, 437:unhappiness, dire conflict, and the eventual and symbolic "death of the personality." Here again IPsychology2, 474:have persisted in the desire life of many; the symbolic forms employed down the ages in the attemptPsychology2, 506:of the world aspirants. Those dreams which are symbolic presentations of teaching received in thePsychology2, 507:or mysteriously applied interpretation or symbolic elucidation than do the current activities andPsychology2, 509:by the Soul. This type of dream is a symbolic performance by the soul for the purpose of givingPsychology2, 509:man, on the physical plane. These dramatic or symbolic dreams are becoming increasingly numerous inPsychology2, 601:all couch their desire and longing in the same symbolic forms - marriage with the Beloved, life inPsychology2, 604:who registers that vision in terms only of symbolic forms, of sexual longing, of agonizingPsychology2, 734:touching the forehead and the heart are simply symbolic of the lifting of heart and life andPsychology2, 735:be a statement of fact, or it may be simply a symbolic and allegorical way of helping us to graspRays, 6:recognition. This can be expressed in several symbolic ways, all of them dealing with the same oneRays, 32:cold, but produces the needed "heat," which is a symbolic word used in many of the world ScripturesRays, 33:love) can reveal the significance of these symbolic words and the occult paradoxes which confrontRays, 44:detail, may prevail. Out of the fire. This is a symbolic way of indicating that the personalityRays, 53:and of life and consciousness. This lost Word, symbolic of the loss in the three worlds (typifiedRays, 63:of these demands. I can only give you certain symbolic phrases which, intuitively interpreted, willRays, 69:planetary Life. This is the higher expression (symbolic, if you like) of the six-pointed star,Rays, 69:in the man who knows he is divine. This symbolic revelation is to be seen in the lifting up of theRays, 71:at a point of tension; then he utters his cry (symbolic of a voiceless expression) and this cryRays, 116:to pass through the needle's eye. There is a symbolic utterance in the Old Commentary which throwsRays, 149:resultant arithmetic into the simplicity of the symbolic formulas as used in the higherRays, 197:condition passes through the terrific tests, symbolic of a certain high stage upon the Path. [198] Rays, 199:veils upon the etheric plane are only the lower symbolic correspondences to certain great areas ofRays, 217:dealing and the work of the crucifixion as a symbolic expression of the fourth initiation. TheRays, 224:for you to differentiate between what is symbolic and what may be factual. The secrets ofRays, 227:reality the third eye (which is after all only a symbolic phrase), but the [228] ability to useRays, 237:which are the agents of the Black Lodge is symbolic and also symptomatic of the progress of theRays, 238:shall record an era of world peace which will be symbolic of the state of the human spirit. MenRays, 240:express the underlying significance to you in symbolic language. The energy, emanating fromRays, 246:sense to you and is dismissed as a piece of symbolic writing, used by me in order to convey theRays, 270:of Activity. This, in its turn, has a small symbolic triangle of its own, to which I would callRays, 282:that the circle with the point at the center is symbolic of the perfected man. He is rounded out;Rays, 325:be possible, and others say that they are simply symbolic modes of indicating some finalRays, 334:an act of sacrificial service, but it is also a symbolic gesture. The Hierarchy incarnates on EarthRays, 347:to you that the use of the word "door" is purely symbolic; the interpretation given to the word byRays, 402:some very ancient phrases, and is perhaps less symbolic than it may appear. It is in connectionRays, 423:the more abstruse teaching (more veiled and more symbolic than this) you will find certainRays, 442:it is concerned with a pictorial and symbolic sensitivity which expresses interpretively theRays, 443:higher than with the soul, and to bring into symbolic form that of which he becomes aware throughRays, 450:I have endeavored to express this in terms, symbolic if you will, which will convey a general ideaRays, 461:use of the One Life. This is but a picture or a symbolic use of words in order to express theRays, 514:first ray, which looks (when presented in its symbolic written form) something like this -Rays, 531:(with its ability to reduce realization into symbolic form) and thus transmitted to the brain, butRays, 531:that they cannot be reduced to symbols or to symbolic happenings; they are formless and remain inRays, 531:the details of ceremonious happenings. This symbolic representation will hold good for the third,Rays, 531:registered as factual ceremonials on earth or as symbolic visualizations on the mental plane. It isRays, 532:1 - The Birth. Initiation 2 - The Baptism. Symbolic Representation, based on spiritualRays, 532:full fellowship with the Hierarchy; that the symbolic representation indicates to the disciple theRays, 533:teaching. The initiations, covered by the term symbolic representation, find their first hint inRays, 556:I shall not be able to avoid a measure of symbolic approach and I am forced to use words which willRays, 560:that you remember always that they are only symbolic in nature and constitute attempts to indicateRays, 636:the Jewish problem. More I will not say; the symbolic nature of this basic world problem and itsRays, 658:that the use of the word "planting" is purely symbolic. Each phase brings the original divineRays, 687:There is no need for me to enter into the symbolic details anent this initiation. The whole themeRays, 693:as the individual is concerned - is necessarily symbolic and figurative in its teaching. As far asRays, 693:is concerned, however, the application is not symbolic. It is far more factual. From the angle ofRays, 700:today and on the physical plane, is therefore symbolic in nature, pointing to the time when theRays, 701:attained freedom are [701] not the result of a symbolic ceremony, but are the result of lives ofRays, 701:now works from "above downwards." This is only a symbolic mode of speech. Like his great Master,Reappearance, 45:in every department of human thinking. The symbolic prophecies found in all the world ScripturesReappearance, 100:legend says, the Buddha will render Christ. In symbolic form, the legend runs that when the BuddhaReappearance, 104:[104] the form of a pictorial and world drama (symbolic in nature) the concept of a greatReappearance, 107:the same sense that He was; He told them in many symbolic ways who and what He was and assured themReappearance, 124:longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolic statement, but will be regarded as aReappearance, 126:or presentations, contains little else except symbolic details about the Mysteries which are (asTelepathy, 32:During the first or form stage one may use what symbolic forms one likes to embody the word, forTelepathy, 163:a network of triangles. Necessarily this is a symbolic way of speaking. In the Book of RevelationsTelepathy, 165:in the lotus." You have therefore the following symbolic presentation of the lotus, and you wouldTelepathy, 170:These methods of expression are, however, only symbolic phrases, and to that extent are true;
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