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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLIZED

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Astrology, 25:passing - as a soul - around the zodiac. This is symbolized as the revolution of the sun around theAstrology, 41:stand for a recurrent cycle of that first type symbolized by the number 8. The formulae for theseAstrology, 116:the life and light of the Monad, its source (symbolized by the words "the Father's home"), andAstrology, 147:so stands free, distributing energy and life, symbolized by the two wavy lines. It is interestingAstrology, 168:of the great opposites, spirit and matter, is symbolized for us in the personality situation ofAstrology, 194:In that sign the highest function of matter is symbolized. The four signs - Aries, Leo, Scorpio andAstrology, 300:produces a potent effect upon the personality, symbolized for us here by the astral body, whilstAstrology, 310:no planet falls. The power of the mind, as symbolized by Uranus, is lessened, for it is not theAstrology, 429:center. The sacral center. The physical body - symbolized by the organs of reproduction. Let meAstrology, 474:The influences of these seven constellations is symbolized by three triangles and a final synthesisAstrology, 607:that we are in reality dealing with universals, symbolized for us in the huge aggregate ofAstrology, 670:(S.D. Vol. II, 675) "The Trinity is symbolized by the sun: The central spiritual sun-God theAstrology, 671:Self, the highest, the one and the universal was symbolized on 'the plane of mortals by the Sun,Bethlehem, 67:(besides the constellation Virgo) which are symbolized by women. There is Cassiopeia, the WomanBethlehem, 68:Jesus, and Mary, we have the divine Triplicity symbolized and represented, God the Father, God theBethlehem, 69:four kingdoms of nature can be seen unmistakably symbolized for us. In the rocky structure of theBethlehem, 69:was that of Aries, the Ram or Lamb, and this is symbolized for us in the sheepfolds whichBethlehem, 99:in man, just as Christ and His baptism symbolized for us the divine in man and the purificationBethlehem, 128:mountain - to the power which represented, or symbolized, the triple world of external living. IfBethlehem, 144:and of the Prophets. In the one figure we find symbolized the past of man, with its summation inBethlehem, 153:spirit is matter, therefore in this name we have symbolized the tangible outer form of man,Bethlehem, 183:Star in the East (Sirius), and the Three Kings (symbolized by Orion's belt) was the determiningBethlehem, 184:seen crucified. Down the ages human beings have symbolized the comic Christ immolated upon theBethlehem, 219:From the Cross, alone and in the dark, He symbolized all that was embodied in this tragic andBethlehem, 260:finds in Him its solution, and the future is symbolized in His life and death. Therefore all threeDestiny, 150:people throughout the world from place to place, symbolized in the Gospel story by the journey ofDiscipleship2, 51:to the establishing of a pathway of Approach, symbolized in the ritual I gave you as a golden bandDiscipleship2, 57:a group dedication; and, finally, that humanity (symbolized by the group) and the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 57:(symbolized by the group) and the Hierarchy (symbolized by me) and the subsequent voicing by me ofDiscipleship2, 121:transference of energy from the personality (symbolized by the solar plexus) to the soulDiscipleship2, 121:(symbolized by the solar plexus) to the soul (symbolized by the heart center) and from the soul toDiscipleship2, 121:heart center) and from the soul to the Monad (symbolized by the head center). These correspondencesDiscipleship2, 258:the distinction between his "robe of glory" (symbolized by the [259] partition of his garment byDiscipleship2, 330:grasped. The perfected strength of the Ashram (symbolized by the number 10) becomes available toDiscipleship2, 371:the deeply seated magnetism. Thus is there symbolized the going forth, the coming back and theDiscipleship2, 380:of substance (mental, buddhic and atmic) are all symbolized for us upon the Mount of Crucifixion.Discipleship2, 622:should constantly be at, and is it not what is symbolized, in Roman Catholic Doctrine, by theExternalisation, 170:under impulse from the Spirit or will aspect as symbolized in Shamballa, are fused and blended andExternalisation, 173:is today of supreme importance; this has been symbolized in the union which now exists between twoExternalisation, 258:who lead human beings into light and who are symbolized in the seven Masons who constitute a LodgeExternalisation, 359:all manifestations and every point of crisis are symbolized by the ancient symbol of the pointExternalisation, 508:potent than the other three. You have this idea symbolized in the four castes in India and you willExternalisation, 537:with both Shamballa and Humanity. This was symbolized for us at the Crucifixion when the SaviorExternalisation, 544:difficulty with Judaism still persists and is symbolized for us in the failure to recognize theFire, 160:four directions, its threefold radiation being symbolized by the triangles formed by the fourfoldFire, 172:is conscious of two activities within himself, symbolized by the rotating wheel and the innerFire, 219:out the cosmos from one basic sound substance symbolized as Om, necessarily split itself into aFire, 273:II, 332. II 579, 668. S. D., III, 195 They are symbolized by circles - S. D., II, 582. I They areFire, 884:force is in itself of a threefold nature, as symbolized by the three protective agencies and theFire, 898:with the sixth scheme and one other. This is symbolized in the three pronged trident which the godFire, 1015:hidden anent the life-giving energy, the centers symbolized to focalize it, and to drive it forth,Fire, 1035:the three major methods of demonstration are symbolized in the Rod of Initiation of Sanat Kumara.Fire, 1093:absorbed finally in the white ray, Divine Unity symbolized by these colors. Fire, 1199:stand for a recurrent cycle of that first type symbolized by the number 8. The formulae for theseFire, 1220:It is this law which brings in the energy, symbolized by the sign Aquarius, and this law is theGlamour, 166:all manifestations and every point of crisis are symbolized by the ancient symbol of a point withinGlamour, 240:reason that Christ stood mute before Pilate who symbolized the human intellect; He knew that noHealing, 15:time as he takes the great initiation which is symbolized for us in the Transfiguration. All alongHealing, 149:nature of manifestation in the three worlds is symbolized. It fuses the creative energies of theHealing, 304:livingness of the creative process. This is symbolized by the promiscuity and the endless movingHealing, 362:can mean: The feminine aspect in manifestation, symbolized for us in many of the world religions asHealing, 363:system and in which period of time Lilith symbolized the World Mother, until Eve took her place. Hercules, 23:upon the Way. We are told that in his person he symbolized the Fixed Cross in the heavens, formedHercules, 23:and this he exemplified in his twelve labors. He symbolized Leo, because he always wore the lion'sHercules, 24:an infant in the cradle, unable to speak, he symbolized the high water mark of his achievement byHercules, 24:the two serpents. Then, at his maturity, he symbolized in himself Aquarius the Man, whose motto isHercules, 35:thought-form making tendency of the mind is here symbolized, embodying the ideas conceived, andHercules, 83:and transmuted, it manifests as intuition (symbolized by the doe). The intermediate stage is thatHercules, 108:thereof." Hercules, the aspirant, the soul, symbolized the lion, the prince, the king, the ruler,Hercules, 138:that has devoured the soul nature until now is symbolized as dying out, for as man achieves balanceHercules, 153:saw in Libra, the crown. So we have personality, symbolized by Ophiuchus, struggling [154] with theHercules, 163:chrysalis there were three aspects of divinity symbolized and working to a pattern, the ChristHercules, 222:interchangeable with Scorpio. They are symbolized again in the four evangelists, and in the fourHercules, 225:the intuition is brought into play, and this is symbolized for us [226] in the capture of theMagic, 48:energy upon the substance of the form. This is symbolized for us, if we could but grasp it, in theMagic, 71:the correspondence to the macrocosm as it is symbolized for us in God, the manifesting light of theMagic, 74:who hesitates so to regard himself). It is also symbolized for us in the relation between theMagic, 98:born. This literally means that when the soul (symbolized as the Solar Orb) the mind, and the lightMagic, 360:and the center at the base of the spine was symbolized by the vegetable [361] kingdom. In thePatanjali, 206:in the life of neophyte, and the process is symbolized for us in the use of the word "conversion"Patanjali, 218:the physical body. In the physical body this is symbolized for us in the necessary inspiration andPatanjali, 312:to completion. This is the great battleground, symbolized so beautifully for us in the human body,Psychology1, 28:that it is a bridging religion. This is symbolized for us by the fact that the Master of all thePsychology1, 253:- fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in the animal power to eat and drink.Psychology1, 428:- fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in the animal power to eat and drink.Psychology2, 8:the synthetic expression of the purpose of God, symbolized through revealed, divine quality andPsychology2, 527:of the spine. Then the great Polar opposites, as symbolized and expressed by the head center (thePsychology2, 735:and upon the necessity to hold the forces there (symbolized by the clasped hands resting upon theRays, 40:such as the cry of the Christ upon the Cross symbolized. His exact words have not been transmittedRays, 86:Will of God. These three energies are faintly symbolized for us in the life of Christ whenRays, 224:the initiation of crucifixion. This necessity is symbolized for us in the close relation whichRays, 237:sweeping away the bad old conditions. This is symbolized for us in the destruction of ancientRays, 273:planetary integration will take place. This is symbolized in man when the three centers in the headRays, 318:of the Christian religion has been death, symbolized for us in the death of the Christ, and muchRays, 353:of them the three aspects of the personality are symbolized. In the first case, they are symbolizedRays, 353:are symbolized. In the first case, they are symbolized by the three apostles who in bewildermentRays, 354:a final liberation. Something universal was also symbolized which had naught to do with theRays, 355:aspirant, moving consciously towards liberation, symbolized for us in the repentant thief. TheRays, 402:of the cosmic astral plane. These forces are symbolized to the manipulating Master by a triangle.Rays, 456:These three points of divine energy might be symbolized thus: In this simple symbol you have a
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