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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLIZES

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Astrology, 179:and Pisces marking the two extremes. The Crab symbolizes imprisonment (the hard shell and the rocksAstrology, 213:upon the life aspect which the blood veils and symbolizes. It is the creed of a crucified and deadAstrology, 260:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Virgo symbolizes depths, darkness, quiet and warmth; it isAstrology, 300:whilst Uranus (which is also veiled by the Sun) symbolizes the effect of the soul upon theAstrology, 582:Here, in this second initiation which symbolizes the conquest of desire - He passes on into theAstrology, 632:1. Cancer This is the constellation which symbolizes the will of the mass, which conditions massBethlehem, 73:to the service of God and of man. Frankincense symbolizes the emotional nature, with itsBethlehem, 100:means discrimination. We have seen that water symbolizes the emotional nature, and that theBethlehem, 100:factor with most people. The first initiation symbolizes the dedication of the physical body andBethlehem, 107:interpretation of its essential teachings, it symbolizes the form of the kingdom of God. But thisBethlehem, 112:These names embody opposing ideas. Each of them symbolizes one of the two major problems with whichDiscipleship2, 178:which is not easy for you to do, but which symbolizes both the vertical and the horizontal life ofDiscipleship2, 192:who need help. The long limb of the triple cross symbolizes to the disciple that he must go downDiscipleship2, 193:line from the point of radiant spiritual focus symbolizes the Path from the highest point attainedDiscipleship2, 634:can pass up and down the corridor at will, which symbolizes to him the, as yet, undeveloped phaseEducation, 15:it with the needed outer appearance. Writing symbolizes the method whereby the process is carriedFire, 1155:[1155] 23 The rising and setting of the Sun symbolizes manifestation and obscuration. - S. D., II,Fire, 1166:from or in the lotus, is the same. The lotus symbolizes a world-system, and Brahma dwells thereinGlamour, 188:a dramatic and arresting life of service and symbolizes in His life-events certain basic truthsHealing, 154:important aspects of the physical nature, and it symbolizes [155] the third aspect of intelligenceHealing, 155:of the throat and of the head. Just as the head symbolizes the essentially dualistic nature of theHealing, 155:of the manifested God, so the throat center symbolizes the triple nature of the divine expression.Hercules, 35:for intellectual activity. The white horse symbolizes the illumined mind of the spiritual man, andHercules, 47:Love and Intelligence, and Orion, therefore, symbolizes the spirit. The name Orion literally meansHercules, 48:out their own salvation. just as Orion [48] symbolizes the spirit aspect, so Eridanus concernsHercules, 76:of the three principles of divinity. Aegle symbolizes the glory of the life and the splendor of theHercules, 85:as it travels along the path of evolution. It symbolizes the limitations of all physicalHercules, 106:form and the utilization of the personality; it symbolizes God in nature, whether cosmically orHercules, 106:certain of the ancient Masonic rituals, and symbolizes the drinking of that which we have ourselvesHercules, 107:out two cups, for there is ever the cup which symbolizes the cup of experience, the cup of penalty.Hercules, 108:self to the whole. Therefore, the Nemean lion symbolizes the powerful personality running wild andHercules, 111:these, the pituitary body, with its two lobes, symbolizes the cave with two openings, one of whichHercules, 119:ways", because as the Holy Mother principle she symbolizes matter and also is the custodian of theHercules, 153:and this is the reddest star in the heavens; it symbolizes that red of desire that underlies everyHercules, 173:This shows no sense of proportion. This sign symbolizes the third initiation, the first of theHercules, 173:of the physical body. James, the deceiver, symbolizes the emotional nature, the source of allHercules, 173:emotional nature, the source of all glamor. John symbolizes the mind, the name meaning, "The LordHercules, 223:cross of daily crucifixion and of difficulty and symbolizes the incarnation period of growth andMagic, 199:two-petalled lotus begins to vibrate. It symbolizes the work of at-one-ing the soul and the body,Magic, 199:be remembered also that the word 'petal' only symbolizes an expression of force and its apparentMagic, 358:in mind whilst pondering upon them that water symbolizes sentiency or astral reaction, and fire isMagic, 440:Sagittarius governs human evolution, for it symbolizes progress towards a conscious goal. LeoPsychology1, 76:on this fifth plane, which is peculiarly His, He symbolizes the three aspects in a way achieved byPsychology2, 48:This phrase, expressed by a painted symbol, symbolizes complete unity between the outer and theRays, 530:position in relation to it. This realization he symbolizes to himself - successively and on anTelepathy, 156:reverse is not the case to the same extent. This symbolizes the potency and essentiality of the
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