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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLS

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Astrology, 56:It is interesting to note also that seven of the symbols which express the twelve signs of theAstrology, 82:three crosses on Mount Golgotha were Biblical symbols of these three astrological crosses, theAstrology, 105:and therefore entering the sign, speaking in symbols. [106] If he enters Aries when on the CommonAstrology, 117:- past, present and to come - are the manifested symbols and the eternal guarantees. It is in suchAstrology, 130:upon the Fixed Cross. The Twins in Gemini are symbols of the same basic duality, but the experienceAstrology, 135:and meanings, and not so much with the symbols and the outer happenings such as events and mundaneAstrology, 142:and this is well expressed for us in the symbols of these two signs. The Aquarian is consecrated toAstrology, 146:of which the outer facts are but the illusory symbols. Ponder upon this and keep an open mind. Astrology, 157:three divine centers of expression which are the symbols in the body of the planetary Logos of theAstrology, 175:horse symbolism dominated Atlantean myths and symbols, just as the ram and the lamb are prominentlyAstrology, 200:of this all divine world Saviors are the eternal symbols. This coming process of planetary serviceAstrology, 258:IV. Pisces Duality linked in synthesis. Compare symbols for Gemini and Pisces. The emergence of theAstrology, 305:the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades. These symbols may not here be revealed but indicate theAstrology, 320:several hints of vital importance. One of the symbols of an initiate of a certain degree is that ofAstrology, 321:this sign - the Moon and Neptune - you have the symbols of a close relationship between the MotherAstrology, 359:energy both Gemini and Mercury are the eternal symbols. Astrology, 364:or King Solomon's seal is one of the subjective symbols of this sign, linking it again with theAstrology, 383:the relation, but until men can think in simple symbols and without words and can interpret theseAstrology, 383:and can interpret these hitherto unrecognized symbols correctly, more it is not possible to add. ToAstrology, 389:the "Star of Christ." This is one of the symbols of the sixth initiation and is the innerAstrology, 393:Therefore, we have in this connection three symbols of the light: Taurus - The eye of illuminationAstrology, 426:qualities and material evidences of life are the symbols or outer and visible signs of inner andAstrology, 434:coming from the "middle center." I speak in symbols and for those whose knowledge of cosmicAstrology, 446:and guilty of over-emphasizing certain forms of symbols - is nevertheless a germ or seed of futureAstrology, 480:the Science of Triangles. The astrological symbols for Virgo and Scorpio are triple in nature - theAstrology, 483:the most interesting and informing astrological symbols I have given you and indicates a mostAstrology, 509:Moon "veil" certain planets and are the exoteric symbols for certain esoteric forces. As evolutionAstrology, 525:leaving in fact behind them the memory of symbols of national intent, ideals or corruption. ThisAstrology, 559:Perhaps the simplicity of the following three symbols may serve somewhat to clarify that which IAstrology, 635:Vol. I, 223) Behind this veil... of astrological symbols, there were the occult mysteries ofAstrology, 688:The truth lies hid in their two astrological symbols. In transmutation and planetary geometrizing,Atom, 93:so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dim splendor ever on before InAutobiography, 39:and as they moved they formed great and familiar symbols - the Cross in its various forms, theAutobiography, 260:English. 3. Clairvoyant vision The various symbols in the books (and there are many) have beenBethlehem, 39:so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types [40] Of a dim splendor ever on beforeBethlehem, 51:reality. He looks out at all [51] the myths and symbols of the world; he reads and knows the storyBethlehem, 64:came the signs, and how the [64] meanings and symbols associated with them came into being, is lostBethlehem, 69:the other taking her down into Egypt. These are symbols of the two constellations called theBethlehem, 72:laden with gifts, came to Bethlehem. They are symbols of those disciples in the world today who areBethlehem, 98:that of the Holy Ghost and of fire. In these two symbols much of the story of human development isBethlehem, 98:and an understanding of the significance of the symbols employed would throw much light uponBethlehem, 113:by Otto Karrer, pp. 121, 122. To this the symbols of the devil and of Father Christmas bearBethlehem, 181:Christ are as old as humanity itself. Both are symbols of the eternal sacrifice of God as HeBethlehem, 257:of demarcation between the world of forms or symbols and that of values or of meaning. Into theDestiny, 51:national [51] mottoes and also between the two symbols which are also theirs. The symbol for FranceDestiny, 100:leaving in fact behind them the memory of symbols of national intent, ideals or corruption. ThisDestiny, 131:and abstruse discoveries to a few signs and symbols. The next step is to embody these signs andDestiny, 131:The next step is to embody these signs and symbols into a word or words, thus imparting to themDiscipleship1, 42:- except in so far as all words are inadequate symbols of inner truths. Each group has its innerDiscipleship1, 279:as a divinely organized instrument. Work with symbols will be found of real value to you if youDiscipleship1, 305:nevertheless embodies an existent fact) two symbols which I seek to have you contact as a trainingDiscipleship1, 308:Each symbol is different. Endeavor to see these symbols by definitely [309] linking up with andDiscipleship1, 318:when you have finished the work of building the symbols, and have sounded the O. M. three times,Discipleship1, 361:Your intuition is awake; your power to interpret symbols is unusual; your grasp of the syntheticDiscipleship1, 386:and less personally attractive. I speak in symbols and ask for understanding. Ponder on this, myDiscipleship1, 678:It goes as follows. The translation of the symbols in which it was written necessitates the loss ofDiscipleship1, 708:deep sense of insecurity as to the formulas and symbols of the lower concrete mind and so prepareDiscipleship1, 746:disciples and knowers, then we shall see these symbols, called the "rights and prerogatives of theDiscipleship1, 764:are purely academic and constitute simply word symbols of an inevitable evolutionary process. TheyDiscipleship2, 110:your hand in mine (if I may speak thus to you in symbols) and go forward with me to greaterDiscipleship2, 128:to remember that from one point of view these symbols are related to the antahkarana, that lineDiscipleship2, 175:Ashram and dedication to the Master, tinder two symbols: the soul and the central Point in theDiscipleship2, 191:was portrayed by the two crosses: To these two symbols of the life of the disciple I seek at thisDiscipleship2, 193:but is in reality a state of awareness. These symbols are true and living forms, created throughDiscipleship2, 246:is undergone. They are in the form sometimes of symbols and sometimes of words, and are amongst theDiscipleship2, 249:is to carbon. Upon these sheets are words, symbols, and symbolic forms. These, when related to eachDiscipleship2, 250:Formula One. The comprehension of the words and symbols produces two reactions in the consciousnessDiscipleship2, 250:the circle and the point are the natural symbols. This applies equally to the atom, to man, to theDiscipleship2, 267:the form of words and sometimes in the form of symbols. These serve to develop the "initiateDiscipleship2, 272:These curious and ancient sets of phrases or symbols are endowed with power, owing to the potencyDiscipleship2, 273:behind the "flags of all nations." Flags are symbols of the devotion of a people to their nationalDiscipleship2, 283:before the difficulty of putting these ancient symbols or symbolic writings into such form thatDiscipleship2, 297:(of which north, south, east and west are symbols) there are specific techniques, but today I mayDiscipleship2, 305:here remind you that these formulas are not symbols of what already is, but are [306] indicatoryDiscipleship2, 306:and one which you should bear in mind. They are symbols of the future and not of the past; they areDiscipleship2, 312:what has been revealed to him in terms and symbols which will convey significance to theDiscipleship2, 344:play; it must be remembered that these words, symbols and forms have relation (a progressiveDiscipleship2, 359:transfer into words what were originally word symbols or ideographs: "When the stream of directionDiscipleship2, 363:to the world of meaning and are the esoteric symbols to be found behind all exoteric [364] forms.Discipleship2, 386:The "halls of initiation" (to speak again in symbols) in which the initiate demonstrates hisDiscipleship2, 409:in nature. The gates (and I am still speaking in symbols) are already opening and soon will standDiscipleship2, 416:inclusive. It will be more easily interpreted by symbols than by words or by formulated sentences.Discipleship2, 427:will need here to discriminate carefully between symbols and facts; more, I need not here indicate.Discipleship2, 438:matters, even if they sound to you to be but symbols and parables; they will aid you to gain a moreDiscipleship2, 554:waters of the astral plane, thus producing the symbols of mist and fog which are ever caused by theDiscipleship2, 632:position. I will give you the esoteric names and symbols of this differentiation: Discipleship2, 635:You will discover, my brother, under these symbols the lesson which I am seeking to convey to you.Discipleship2, 636:"room of withdrawal." Again I speak to you in symbols. You are nearly sixty years old, my brother.Discipleship2, 721:of the group) your interpretation of these symbols. Speak truth through them and fear notDiscipleship2, 743:be focused, via the head center. Speaking in symbols which you easily understand, "the lightedEducation, 20:mind and hence the appearance of the world of symbols which fill our united lives with interest,Education, 32:and unifications are matters of form, [32] symbols in speech, and are used to express events andEducation, 62:and physical phenomena of every kind are simply symbols of what is occurring in the inner worlds,Education, 111:had menaced the life of humanity (speaking in symbols) and an operation was made in order toExternalisation, 8:and we then call it telepathy, and the seeing of symbols, for all visioning of geometrical forms isExternalisation, 110:in ancient monuments, in the science of symbols, in the racial myths, and in inherited andExternalisation, 280:of evil and wicked objectives. I speak in symbols but my meaning will be clear. One point you needExternalisation, 405:penetrated into the world of meaning which all symbols veil. These truths are part of all that theExternalisation, 471:eternal in the heavens" - are occupied with the symbols and not with the reality. Now they mustExternalisation, 561:centers in the individual man's etheric body are symbols; their unified relation keeps the man
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