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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLS

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Intellect, 114:in their widest connotation and totality are but symbols of life - what that Life itself may beIntellect, 115:capacity to get at the thought lying behind all symbols and forms increases. He is no longer takenMagic, 18:are three aspects of man's organism which are symbols, and symbols only, of the three aspects ofMagic, 18:aspects of man's organism which are symbols, and symbols only, of the three aspects of being. 1.Magic, 76:in the Commentary, through the means of a few symbols and a cryptic text. These old Scriptures areMagic, 76:a symbolic word in gold superimposed over three symbols in black, rose and green. Thus are theMagic, 126:love can be trusted with the knowledge, the symbols and the formulas which are necessary to theMagic, 176:of Correspondences [176] and through the use of symbols (which they see through mentalMagic, 257:and more complexity. Finally, resort is had to symbols and the cosmic plan is grasped through theMagic, 310:which the cravings above indicated are but the symbols) and of liberation. Let us deal with theMagic, 329:they speak the same language, learn by the same symbols, tread the same path, have rejected theMagic, 381:to be taught what they [381] were by means of symbols and methods which to us would be crude,Magic, 386:It goes as follows. The translation of the symbols in which it was written necessitates the loss ofMagic, 400:terminologies differ, their interpretations of symbols [401] and scriptures vary, or their wordsMagic, 470:of some mantric phrases, and of some basic symbols, and must in no way be considered to be anythingMagic, 478:word will not be needed either, for men will use symbols of light and color to supplement throughMagic, 497:of this man's head and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy, desire in form, coherenceMagic, 497:of this the heart and the blood are the exoteric symbols. Moving indicates the integration andMagic, 497:of this the stomach, pancreas and liver are the symbols. Magic, 523:be grasped in a clearer fashion. I talk now in symbols; I manipulate words in order to create aMagic, 529:in the human family and - again speaking in symbols - finds himself part of the center of light andMagic, 553:our consideration of Rule XIII. Certainly these symbols emerging from the remote past constituteMagic, 575:whereby certain keys are turned. Viewing them as symbols of acquisitiveness it must be rememberedMagic, 575:desire. In spiritual man, the hands are still symbols of acquisitiveness but he only grasps thatMeditation, 323:having tables whereon will be found various symbols and a few of the fundamental books on symbolsMeditation, 323:symbols and a few of the fundamental books on symbols and some large parchments whereon the cosmicMeditation, 323:and some large parchments whereon the cosmic symbols will be portrayed. The color of this shrinePatanjali, 28:here. This symbol (as is the case with all symbols) has seven meanings; two are of use in thisPatanjali, 45:of aspirants and they are portrayed under three symbols: The intense group are depicted as goats,Patanjali, 68:produces the seeing of colors, of geometrical symbols, fourth dimensional sight, and those dreamsPatanjali, 80:found within a comparatively small area) are the symbols in physical matter of the three greatPatanjali, 125:to interpret the ideas lying back of specific symbols, and he has to look for the specific impulsePatanjali, 190:or astral plane. It deals with the reading of symbols or geometrical forms ensouling an idea orPatanjali, 210:more literally be translated as "the reading of symbols produces contact with the soul." A symbolPatanjali, 245:all animated forms. These may take the form of symbols or of words. In one of the Puranas the ideaPatanjali, 265:the guarantee that at some future date all the symbols will achieve the fruition of their mission.Patanjali, 311:feminine and receptive. Those two words are but symbols of the two great impulses underlying thePatanjali, 336:understanding of the nature of the planes, their symbols and substance, it becomes apparent thatProblems, 126:teaching, as well as the significance of the symbols, is usually correct, though again, symbolismProblems, 177:visas should be discontinued because they are symbols of the great heresy of separateness. The menPsychology1, 24:speak in parables and use the language of word symbols. Let me point out also that all statementsPsychology1, 47:a final exit. Words such as these are synthetic symbols, conveying a cosmic story in terms ofPsychology1, 57:experience. Let us, talking necessarily in symbols, consider the universal Soul, or thePsychology1, 67:can do here is to put into words certain ancient symbols, and so emphasize the process (adopted byPsychology1, 75:of the destroyers is impelled from above. The symbols of these two ways are the sword and thePsychology1, 159:concept (which is ever the work of the worker in symbols), we might say that Ray I embodies thePsychology1, 228:is imprisoned or unexpressed power. Speaking in symbols, a volcano in eruption is a mild expressionPsychology1, 340:be, can eventually be reduced to formulas and to symbols. [341] Reaction to environment, sensitivePsychology1, 368:of Masons than the inner spiritual meaning. The symbols and the system of allegories have beenPsychology1, 383:national mottoes and also between the two symbols which are esoterically theirs. The symbol forPsychology2this treatise on psychology, we are talking in symbols. This is necessarily so, for we are dealingPsychology2, 51:the third and the fifth. When (speaking again in symbols) a soul, functioning under divine impulse,Psychology2, 70:inspiration) and the dense physical body are symbols on the external plane. How is this bridgingPsychology2, 173:the three Crosses on Mount Golgotha are also symbols. Libra governs this law, and certain forcesPsychology2, 193:except in so far as all words are inadequate symbols of inner truths. Each group has its innerPsychology2, 233:led to the formation of our huge modern cities - symbols of a coming higher civilization which wePsychology2, 238:forgotten in the forms built up in time; and the symbols of the teachings of those Sons of God WhoPsychology2, 345:through the use of most abstract and complicated symbols, requiring careful analysis andPsychology2, 425:for we have no adequate terms, and in which word-symbols mean but little. Just as the discovery ofPsychology2, 475:the three, scientific, racial nomenclatures as symbols of these stages: The Lemurian consciousnessPsychology2, 505:becomes aware of those basic patterns, forms and symbols which are the blue prints of thePsychology2, 505:of God's Plan. They are also the great symbols of man's unfolding consciousness. For instance, thePsychology2, 505:the square, the Cross, the pentagon and similar symbols are simply the recognition of a connectionPsychology2, 506:purposes, there are, therefore, twenty-one basic symbols which, in geometrical form, embody thePsychology2, 506:that there are fourteen more to come. The symbols which are already evolved are deeply ingrained inPsychology2, 506:use of the cross in its many diverse forms. Two symbols are at this time taking form as the basisPsychology2, 531:as the "heavenly bridegroom" and many such symbols and phrases. In the Song of Solomon, you find aPsychology2, 566:see that which is hidden, such as the number of symbols on a playing card which is laying facePsychology2, 598:contacting the ideal and of visioning the many symbols that veil the soul, which [599] portrayPsychology2, 601:used the same terminology and employed the same symbols to express that which they sense, and toRays, 12:disciple can know about them is their word symbols and their much deleted effects - if I may useRays, 55:as follows: You must remember that these symbols are an attempt on my part to translate ancientRays, 63:lower aspect of the personality (I am talking in symbols), that this flowering forth should takeRays, 67:and gives some instructions in terse phrases and symbols on the Science of Invocation and EvocationRays, 117:ahead. But this I give not. I give only three symbols, which are: TheRays, 178:the Sun. Remember that when we talk and think in symbols, we are placing something betweenRays, 205:manifestation. Intermediate between these two symbols of will and love, united in manifestationRays, 245:Will, Plan and Purpose. All these words are symbols evolved by man in his attempt to grasp logicRays, 246:the unconveyable. Yet I am not here writing in symbols, but am making an exact statement [247] ofRays, 256:that we are speaking and thinking in terms of symbols) in the planetary brain, find their feebleRays, 257:have been and are today only the dim distant symbols. They preserve this concept of the GreatRays, 270:star, so familiar among the many occult symbols. From the Law of Analogy, another exceedinglyRays, 283:To express the true meaning I have no words or symbols. In this line of approach throughRays, 286:ask you also to bear in mind that the world of symbols is that of the personal life, of theRays, 287:also the love conveyed through the medium of symbols. The application of soul energy to the affairsRays, 287:of meaning, and from thence into the world of symbols. What I say will therefore have moreRays, 303:that it is not his task to reveal the world of symbols. The five senses and the mind principle areRays, 328:between the lines and correctly interpret my symbols, hints and references. To many what I will sayRays, 415:is not on the Sirian line but - to speak in symbols, not too deeply veiled - Lucifer, Son of theRays, 440:spiritual endeavor which is free from forms and symbols or the veils which hide the basic truth andRays, 445:inspiration) and the dense physical body are symbols on the external plane. How is this bridgingRays, 449:and unifications are matters of form, [449] symbols in speech, and are used to express events andRays, 471:opposites, forming later the antahkarana. These symbols, simple as they are, embody and convey vastRays, 510:I am here doing two things - speaking to you in symbols. There is, literally speaking, no up orRays, 531:of such a nature that they cannot be reduced to symbols or to symbolic happenings; they areRays, 531:on the mental plane, through the medium of symbols and not through the details of ceremoniousRays, 532:this entrance to the bridge (I am speaking in symbols) [533] reveals the existence of the cosmicRays, 539:steps still further. I am not here speaking in symbols. Each initiation dims the light alreadyRays, 570:"infancy of the Christ-Child" (again speaking in symbols), the material aspect is triumphant.Rays, 584:the Baptism Initiation; bread and water are the symbols of these first two initiations; both are
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