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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYMBOLS

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Rays, 693:the fact that these three crosses are simply symbols of experience in relation to the individualRays, 710:any longer required; they become now only the symbols of a non-existent duality. The soul is noRays, 733:to translate certain brief words and intricate symbols into phrases which you can understand andRays, 753:separativeness. These (to speak again in symbols) are the weights which keep the door of evil openReappearance, 80:of the Christ and share the bread and wine (symbols of nourishment). Preparations for that sharedSoulcity of cells. Its organs are no mere facts, but symbols, perilous and profound. It becomes as aSoul, 122:of those centers. The glands are only outer symbols, the visible, material aspect of a far greaterSoul, 153:so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dim splendor ever on before InTelepathy, 12:the sense of touch and developed through sound, symbols, words and sentences, languages, writing,Telepathy, 12:art, and on again to the stage of higher symbols, vibratory contact, telepathy, inspiration andTelepathy, 53:forward from one plane to another (as the visual symbols of the theosophical literature wouldTelepathy, 106:In this aspect of impression the subject of SYMBOLS must necessarily be involved. All impressionsTelepathy, 106:necessarily be translated and interpreted in symbols, in word forms or in pictorialTelepathy, 106:are, needless to point out, in the nature of symbols) that he is apt to go astray. They are theTelepathy, 173:occultism in the coming New Age. The oriental symbols which are often superimposed upon the
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