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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNCHRONOUS

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Destiny, 82:both countries, and they have, in many ways, a synchronous vibration. There is however little ofDiscipleship2, 106:Another factor productive of group unity and synchronous precision in working is the completeExternalisation, 11:entrance of a new tenant along the line of a synchronous vibration through the entrance in theFire, 639:the lower three are negative to the higher four. Synchronous vibration, inherent in negativeFire, 996:awaits the spark electric, seeking vibration synchronous from that which lies beneath. And yet itGlamour, 81:if those purposes are identical in objective and synchronous in time. You would then discover thatInitiation, 194:lifted, and the disciple passing through. Only synchronous vibration to that which lies the otherMagic, 347:is exceedingly potent. All good aspirations and synchronous high vibrations are stimulated and,Magic, 623:many are in the meantime attracted by [623] synchronous idealism, and gather around the server.Patanjali, 219:bringing of the physical body into a vibration synchronous with that of the etheric [220] body.Patanjali, 293:reveals the love of God, through meditation a synchronous unfoldment takes place within the head.Psychology2, 451:exist, the result is necessarily a synchronous response, and this (equally necessarily) producesPsychology2, 729:aspect of consciousness has been interpreted as synchronous and similar to the law of love byRays, 8:sounded by the form elemental, of matter with a synchronous vibration. This will tend to increase
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