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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNTHESIS

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Meditation, 221:the synonym of perfection. Another point of synthesis is the fact that through the dominance ofMeditation, 228:Triad to the Monad. The causal body acts as a synthesis of these colors in the life of theMeditation, 234:in vibration. You will see, therefore, how synthesis is achieved at the end of a greaterMeditation, 251:of other students. They will approach a point of synthesis, and the Probationary Path will then beMeditation, 261:means of the five senses, has learnt [261] that synthesis exists and has merged those five sensesMeditation, 284:their guide and servant. See you therefore the synthesis of it? First the strenuous one-pointednessMeditation, 287:service, and so blend the three rays. Always synthesis must be attained, but always the fundamentalMeditation, 329:principle. The study of color and of sound. Synthesis The study of spirit-matter-mind. Study ofMeditation, 353:ceaseless destructive and formative power; the synthesis of the many forms of electrical phenomena.Patanjali, 8:terminology, the Transfiguration). A later synthesis is then effected between the united third andPatanjali, 17:as an organ of vision, a sixth sense, and the synthesis of all the five other senses. Result:Patanjali, 80:of the mouth) to the five rays forming the synthesis governed by the Mahachohan (director of thePatanjali, 128:and sense of personality, relate to man, the synthesis upon the physical plane, that desire hasPatanjali, 231:abstraction or withdrawal is briefly: The synthesis of the senses by the sixth sense, the mind.Patanjali, 251:[251] of the Sanskrit term "sanyama." It is the synthesis of the three stages of the meditationPatanjali, 336:Ether. II. Monadic Mind Akasha. I. Logoic Synthesis. It will be apparent, however, that one givesPatanjali, 357:heard the voice of the silence.' " The wonderful synthesis of the teaching is nowhere more apparentPatanjali, 380:that are practised by [380] initiates, being the synthesis and sublimation of the realizationsPatanjali, 412:beings fall, for the seventh is but the [412] synthesis of them all and inclusive, not exclusive.Problems, 23:experiment and experience. That great nation (a synthesis of East and West) must learn to ruleProblems, 53:It is a process whereby unity or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the futureProblems, 142:Today we should have the churches presenting a synthesis of these two ideas which have been summedPsychology1, 11:be so drawn together and fused into an adequate synthesis, and if they (in their individual andPsychology1, 19:are brought together into a synthesis in the manifested universe and in man incarnate, and thePsychology1, 19:and in man incarnate, and the result of this synthesis is sevenfold, producing seven types ofPsychology1, 22:- life-quality-appearance - and their result or synthesis which we call Consciousness. Always,Psychology1, 27:of all lives, qualities and appearances, - the synthesis of the seven rays or emanations of thePsychology1, 31:between spirit and matter. That man, being a synthesis (and the only complete synthesis, except thePsychology1, 31:man, being a synthesis (and the only complete synthesis, except the Macrocosmic Deity), registers aPsychology1, 34:endless diversity of forms hides a subjective synthesis. Man can therefore eventually see,Psychology1, 3+4:expression wherein there is: A sense of divine synthesis, of which our bodily [35] "well-being" isPsychology1, 36:Emanation. Cause. Source. Spirit. [36] The synthesis of all these in manifestation we call God, thePsychology1, 36:and purpose (in varying degree), so does that synthesis of all forms or appearances, within thatPsychology1, 39:relationship, resulting in an eventual synthesis of appearance and quality, and then of quality andPsychology1, 55:of brotherhood, of absolute unity, of universal synthesis and divine coherence in manifestation.Psychology1, 56:have attracted attention, and the underlying synthesis has been overlooked or disregarded. Yet allPsychology1, 57:fact of the unity of consciousness and of the synthesis of life. Thus we have three things to bearPsychology1, 57:things to bear in mind as we read and study: The synthesis of life - spirit. The unity ofPsychology1, 59:convey an idea of order, of plan, of universal synthesis, of the integration and incorporation ofPsychology1, 61:upon this ultimate destiny. The human soul is a synthesis of material energy, qualified byPsychology1, 69:the two are one. Quality - the power to produce synthesis on the physical plane. Produce thePsychology1, 70:which the form is powerless to hide, - the inner synthesis, the all-embracing prism, that point ofPsychology1, 71:Now he passes on his way to achieve the greater synthesis. The Lord of the fourth ray has manyPsychology1, 72:sounds. Thus all are seen as one. Quality - the synthesis of true beauty. Psychology1, 87:will constitute the majority, finding their synthesis on ray one. This is a great mystery and notPsychology1, 94:the nature and being of man only in the synthesis of all of them and in the acceptance of thePsychology1, 127:on the love or blue aspect. This - as the synthesis - manifests as indigo. This matter of the raysPsychology1, 150:speculation has portrayed it to be. Life is the synthesis of all activity - an activity which is aPsychology1, 158:the expression of the creative purpose, and the synthesis of life, quality and appearance.Psychology1, 162:The four rays of attribute, which find their synthesis in the third ray of aspect, produce thePsychology1, 172:determined to demonstrate the need for economic synthesis, as part of the work of relating thePsychology1, 175:speaking, compared to the gradually emerging synthesis which aims subjectively to kill out greedPsychology1, 175:here is the important point - because the inner synthesis of effort is not emphasized, becausePsychology1, 177:consciousness and so widening his horizon that a synthesis of the tangible and the intangible willPsychology1, 178:government and with the task of producing a new synthesis, and thus the force of all the workersPsychology1, 178:is one directed effort towards the production of synthesis and a great preparatory drive towards aPsychology1, 179:will be distinguished by an aptitude for group synthesis and cooperation, and by new mental powers,Psychology1, 179:manifested forms, and inward into the world of synthesis, of unity and of spirit. There will be aPsychology1, 181:which mould the racial types, and to that synthesis of understanding which will result in aPsychology1, 182:light and life, express divinity, and their synthesis is God. When we know the three as one in ourPsychology1, 193:with the aim of producing an ultimate synthesis in consciousness. Let us not forget that thePsychology1, 195:a coherence, an ordered purpose, a growing synthesis, a Plan, and a Will. To this, science sets itsPsychology1, 222:esoteric writings it is necessary to show the synthesis and the continuity of the whole process ofPsychology1, 229:stones and crystals. The precious jewels are a synthesis of all three, - one of the basic synthesesPsychology1, 234:of our modern sciences. I seek to indicate the synthesis which underlies the whole, and to pointPsychology1, 235:consciousness will be seen, and the prevailing synthesis will be grasped. Psychology1, 242:between form and life, and has brought about the synthesis and the harmony of color in nature. AsPsychology1, 244:had you but the eyes to vision the reality, the synthesis of life would appear to you in all itsPsychology1, 249:form aspect, the greater is the lower unity and synthesis, but at the same time, the greater thePsychology1, 249:again is the higher, yet different, unity and synthesis. Such also is the consciousness of thePsychology1, 250:on this as I wanted you to get a picture of the synthesis of the unfoldment from the inchoate toPsychology1, 280:be seen working out in the present trend towards synthesis in business, in religion and inPsychology1, 282:tendency to fusion, to at-one-ment and to synthesis. All this will be brought about through thePsychology1, 289:the enriching of the world. Where there is this synthesis, the true creative artist begins toPsychology1, 294:to his group. This is the factor of importance. Synthesis, physical purity, decentralization andPsychology1, 320:eventually beauty, creative power in art, and synthesis. This result would not have been possiblePsychology1, 320:we call a man. The human entity is a curious synthesis, on the subjective side of his nature,Psychology1, 321:governed by the Rays of Purpose, of Harmony or Synthesis, and of Knowledge. The emotional naturePsychology1, 321:again we find appearing in man his great gift of synthesis and his prerogative [322] ofPsychology1, 328:in the initiatory work, and produces a further synthesis experienced in the life of the spiritualPsychology1, 337:the pairs of opposites, leading to an eventual synthesis or marriage; it is relationship betweenPsychology1, 356:blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curious synthesis which characterizes average man today,Psychology1, 357:then have the entire race expressing a developed synthesis of intellect-intuition, preparatory toPsychology1, 360:The seventh ray will lead to fusion and synthesis, for its energy is of the type which blendsPsychology1, 362:purpose which will foster the coming religious synthesis. The effect of the sixth ray influence hasPsychology1, 365:It is from the lack of internal harmony and synthesis that those internal difficulties andPsychology1, 368:and three hundred years. The impulse towards synthesis is now too strong to be long delayed. UnderPsychology1, 376:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. These are: The Law of Synthesis, determining the future, certifying thePsychology1, 381:peace and right relations, for harmony and for synthesis. Psychology1, 415:These are twenty-one in number, making in their synthesis the twenty-two methods which are thePsychology1, 421:The four rays of attribute, which find their synthesis in the third ray of aspect, produce thePsychology2, 12:identities in organized group activity and synthesis. This is the predominant task of the New GroupPsychology2, 19:so absorbed into that supreme Reality and Synthesis through Identification that even thePsychology2, 20:the light which streams forth from that larger synthesis, and from the angle of vision of ThosePsychology2, 61:the mechanisms; there is a general synthesis and purpose which defies the powers of man to emulatePsychology2, 69:the lower three are the reflection. It is a synthesis of the [70] energy of Life itself (whichPsychology2, 110:with inter-soul relationship, and with the synthesis underlying the forms. They govern thePsychology2, 143:intuitives and have a capacity for the art of synthesis so that their work most definitely can helpPsychology2, 151:life, from an atom to a solar system. The Law of Synthesis, which will govern man when he hasPsychology2, 198:New Groups New Group of World Servers Love of Synthesis Inclusiveness
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