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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SYNTHESIS

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Rays, 130:can convey to the enlightened person a sense of synthesis, of purposeful planning and of planetaryRays, 134:and goal may be presented to humanity; the synthesis of the chain of hierarchical Existences - fromRays, 141:which the terms "isolated unity" and "universal synthesis" give only faint and inadequate clues. ToRays, 146:order that you might grasp some measure of the synthesis underlying the entire planetary life; inRays, 163:the bodies in the three, worlds. Thus, the great synthesis emerges, and destruction, death, andRays, 163:is this aspect of the Law of Life (or the Law of Synthesis as it is called in certain largerRays, 168:by a conscious use of the will which is divine synthesis in action; also, the group referred to isRays, 170:them in order to convey to you a sense of the synthesis of the whole scheme and a recognition ofRays, 172:becomes definite realization, then the realm of synthesis is entered. For that type of realization,Rays, 173:has exactly the same quality. Oneness, unity, synthesis and identification exist today as wordRays, 176:action. The dualities are then resolved in synthesis and, again for the first time, the initiateRays, 194:divine qualities. This first aspect is seen as synthesis, as the Communion of Saints, and asRays, 194:the realization of humanity. Law, Love, Union or Synthesis - all these great energies have seepedRays, 194:determined will-to-law, will-to-love and will-to-synthesis. Mankind was thereby aided to moveRays, 216:development; it was the principle of intelligent synthesis, holding the life principle intact andRays, 241:in time and space) and revelation which is the synthesis of the divine expressive purpose. This isRays, 247:six. Only by attempting to grasp the whole inner synthesis will we arrive at the merest hint of theRays, 247:yet are one. Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis, of unity and fusion; let the threefoldRays, 248:terms: Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis. (This is the law which governs the thinkingRays, 257:love, will and intelligence are functioning in synthesis. Here we find a relation to the spiritualRays, 258:active Appearance which will, under the Law of Synthesis, indicate That which the three greatRays, 262:This thought holds the clue to the Law of Synthesis, of unity and of fusion as given in Rule XIIIRays, 264:as follows: Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis, of unity and fusion. The Law ofRays, 264:of Synthesis, of unity and fusion. The Law of Synthesis, as you know, is the law of spiritualRays, 264:I have given much and hinted more. Of the Law of Synthesis, I can tell you but little. It is theRays, 264:preparatory to an understanding of the Law of Synthesis, and under the Law of Synthesis the worldsRays, 264:of the Law of Synthesis, and under the Law of Synthesis the worlds of illusion and glamor areRays, 264:present in time and space. The Law of Synthesis has reference to this relationship and to theRays, 264:spirit is matter at its highest." It is of this synthesis that the group must learn; it is thisRays, 264:distinction (for there is a distinction) between synthesis, unity and fusion must in due time beRays, 266:all these paths. This can only be done through synthesis. This Law of Synthesis "works through theRays, 266:can only be done through synthesis. This Law of Synthesis "works through the Seven which yet areRays, 266:but subordinates that law unto the Law of Synthesis; which breathes forth the many Breaths and yetRays, 266:paraphrase an ancient definition of the Law of Synthesis, I have said all that I can upon theRays, 276:need to learn to think in terms of group synthesis. This implies the achieving by them of deepenedRays, 276:divine purpose - a response made possible by the synthesis of purpose and of spiritual relationshipRays, 290:and - focusing through the Christ - the synthesis which is beginning to be formed between theRays, 290:human history. The recognition of this emerging synthesis between Will and Love produced a definiteRays, 300:fact. The reason for this is that life is loving synthesis in action, and of that there is littleRays, 300:based on realized unity and leading to expressed synthesis, is still absent. The vision of it is,Rays, 300:proportions in the eyes of mankind, a real synthesis will follow. Therefore the call goes out atRays, 300:kingdom, through its major power (a quality of synthesis, could you but realize it), is gatheringRays, 301:They, therefore, are demonstrating oneness and synthesis in such a simple way that men everywhereRays, 310:brings about. It is definitely under the Law of Synthesis, a law of the monadic sphere of life, andRays, 311:arrangements at present unknown to man. The synthesis of this picture will be apparent if carefullyRays, 334:of synthetic expression (called by us the Law of Synthesis, the law governing the first divineRays, 340:will not be possible for you to comprehend the synthesis which governs the four final initiations,Rays, 372:enumerated above, eventually produce a synthesis which will consummate upon the cosmic mentalRays, 375:ray, and is an aspect or quality of the Law of Synthesis. It was this magnetic power of the firstRays, 394:All this should give you some idea of the synthesis which expresses itself through the threeRays, 395:Hierarchy. Again you can see the same unfolding synthesis - a synthesis which originates in thatRays, 395:you can see the same unfolding synthesis - a synthesis which originates in that focal point ofRays, 395:the nine initiations wherein another synthesis, interlocking with the synthesis of the Will, willRays, 395:wherein another synthesis, interlocking with the synthesis of the Will, will appear. Rays, 404:goes on, demonstrating anew the essential synthesis underlying all life - human, planetary,Rays, 404:the Law of Magnetic Work, and the cosmic Law of Synthesis are three aspects of one Law for which,Rays, 406:Identities is projected, producing that synthesis of effort which is distinctive of the cooperativeRays, 407:They have developed in Themselves a perfected synthesis of the two energies of atma-buddhi, or ofRays, 407:They are active love-wisdom or a complete synthesis of active intelligence, active love and activeRays, 417:law of which the three cosmic laws - the Laws of Synthesis, of Attraction and of Economy - are onlyRays, 417:becoming aware of the significance of the Law of Synthesis and are reacting to its impact. LaterRays, 436:though leading in its turn to a still greater synthesis and higher integration. The dual life whichRays, 441:becoming increasingly aware of the spiritual synthesis underlying the united Ashrams. He thusRays, 445:the lower three are the reflection. It is a synthesis of the energy of Life itself (whichRays, 451:and the head and heart centers, thus producing a synthesis between consciousness, the soul and theRays, 472:these dualities in himself into a conscious synthesis. The attempt to convey his state of mind, inRays, 508:as does the second ray, but by the Law of Synthesis, by a fiat of the will, based on a clearlyRays, 533:connection. It demonstrates the underlying solar synthesis which was the fundamental platform IRays, 533:to begin to develop the esoteric sense of synthesis. These three grades of appreciation or ofRays, 561:untold ages ahead) there will appear a creative synthesis of all these three Rays of Aspect. ThenRays, 563:seven ray energies, so that a great and dynamic synthesis is present which - at the time when theRays, 584:potent purificatory energies and its quality of synthesis and universality) which will make the newRays, 588:why and how our planetary life is one immense synthesis of ordered activity. The ray energies,Rays, 598:abstract mind. You will here note the wonderful synthesis of the spiritual work. When this work isRays, 598:which is new in consciousness, for the basic synthesis and fundamental relationship always existsRays, 609:of the Council at Shamballa. A planned synthesis thus appears, producing [610] immutability,Rays, 624:[624] it will be long before there is any basic synthesis or harmony. There lies her problem, andRays, 625:of harmony. The basic and subjective synthesis of the Germanic race must not be confused with theRays, 642:by the four Rays of Attribute working in synthesis with the three Rays of Aspect (and workingRays, 645:rays and of the twenty-one forces. It is this synthesis which is revealed at the fifth initiationRays, 646:manifesting whole; the reason for this coherent synthesis is the evolutionary effort to work outRays, 655:between Their great Leader and the Avatar of Synthesis. Christ Himself took this initiation someRays, 655:that it is closely related to the will-to-synthesis; this will enable the Christ to break down theRays, 657:planetary Logos has likewise - under the Law of Synthesis - to carry forward a specific project inRays, 657:hard for the human mind to appreciate this basic synthesis and this relationship which existsRays, 657:- the Earth and all that is therein. But that synthesis exists and is the relating factor betweenRays, 664:the world of thought and has brought us to a synthesis of the senses; these senses were developedRays, 703:to revelation. The factor of the Will, producing synthesis. The factor of the Purpose,Rays, 708:the three essential energies and without their synthesis in the disciple's mind or in one of theRays, 716:appears. It is the energy which brings about synthesis, which holds all things within the circle ofRays, 716:the production of unity and the attainment of synthesis in all human relations than ever before,Rays, 717:therein in order to bring about a planetary synthesis and an integrated system whereby a tremendousRays, 734:the direction of the Solar Logos. The Avatar of Synthesis, Who is working in cooperation with theRays, 734:time; the constructive work of the Avatar of Synthesis will be apparent to you in the name He isRays, 735:relate them to each other so that a [735] new synthesis and alignment will be present upon theRays, 735:you a sense of planetary integrity and of solar synthesis, and present to you a closer spiritualRays, 752:cleavages is a practical matter. The Spirit of Synthesis, working through the great first rayRays, 752:the great first ray Avatar (the Avatar of Synthesis) is closer to the Earth than ever before, andRays, 752:can therefore be more easily fostered and a new synthesis attained among men. Before, however,Rays, 752:among men. Before, however, integration and synthesis are possible, this first ray energy must work
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